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Rogers users

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Mitek, Aug 9, 2010.

  1. Mitek

    Mitek Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Ok so just a question to all users if rogers with x10. What firmware are you guys currently running on? I'm running on 20, while other people have 26. So what about you guys.

  2. clockwork58

    clockwork58 Android Enthusiast

    I'm on Rogers and have 20.
    I check periodically for updates via SEUS updater.
    Checked yesterday, said no update.

    RAND0M1ZER Member

    How did you get 20? I am still on 14.
  4. cwepruk

    cwepruk Well-Known Member

    20 here. No updates anytime recently and I try every day.

    Can I root with 20 since the instructions are for 26? I'm still not 100% confident in the instructions either, but I'd like to delete a lot of the junk on this phone.
  5. BingoRingo

    BingoRingo Android Enthusiast

    I'm on 14 too, and according to the phone's update, I'm up-to-date...

    I got the phone about a week ago.

    And no way for me to run SEUS as I'm on OS X and for some reason I can't install Windows on my mac.
  6. clockwork58

    clockwork58 Android Enthusiast

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  7. Mitek

    Mitek Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Damn same here. Running on 20. As for people on 14, use Update Service, not PC Companion. My friend coudn't update until he tried Update Service.
  8. aodmisery

    aodmisery Well-Known Member

    everyone with x10a should be on 20 only reason people have anything higher than that is if you root your phone.

    RAND0M1ZER Member

    Do I need to backup my settings before updating?
  10. Crash27

    Crash27 Android Enthusiast

    I to am running 20, I had to use the Sony Update Service through the PC to get it.
  11. JDwan

    JDwan Well-Known Member

    It's good practice to do so but it gave me the option to update or install from scratch. I just selected the update option and it kept everything I had on there pre-update. I made a backup beforehand, just in case though. Hope this helps!
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  12. Merolas

    Merolas Android Enthusiast

    I just did an update yesterday and i got the 20.

    You don't have to backup if you update with pc companion, it wont delete anything. but if you do it with SEUS, just backup because it wiped my phone to factory settings (i wanted that anyway)
  13. stocker

    stocker Member

    Sorry, kind of new to this, but what is the preferred method for conducting a "backup"?
  14. saltorio

    saltorio Android Enthusiast

    I rooted and am running 026. It's much faster than even 023 (which was about the same as 020), and seems to have better battery life as well.

    Rogers is dog-slow with releasing firmware updates. I can't understand why we need to be constantly a few firmware updates behind everyone else, other than the Rogers bureaucracy sitting on them. That's the main reason I rooted. I recommend all Rogers users do themselves a favor and do the same.
  15. Mitek

    Mitek Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Yeh your right, **** rogers. I'm sick and tired of there shit, I'm rooting.
  16. JDwan

    JDwan Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I'll probably end up rooting too but I think I'll wait till the bootloader is cracked before I do so. That way when I root, it can be to Froyo. :D
  17. Shakshuka

    Shakshuka Lurker

    Sorry for the silly question..but how do you do "rooting"..I am 20 as well and would like to move up..

  18. Merolas

    Merolas Android Enthusiast

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  19. sparkdroid

    sparkdroid Member

    I am on Rogers and rooted my X10 which had the R*20 firmware using the application in this thread:


    Super simple and nothing was removed. After I could add Barnacle for wifi tether and a screenshot app. Also, installed Titanium Backup just to back up my apps.

    I tried SetCPU and then ditched it as it wasn't really helping much (CPU scaling is pretty well controlled on the OS anyway). However, I didn't go and set a ton of profiles based on certain situations. I just use JuicePlotter and SeePU so I can be aware of what is going on. I have JuiceDefender but it isn't enabled.
  20. cwepruk

    cwepruk Well-Known Member

    I did that 5 second root too, but I still have no clue how to load the 26 firmware. I rear the debranding thread and anything 26 was latin or south America IIRC.

    My phone isn't fast, but it's not slow either, so I'm not too upset. 2.1 should (hopefully) solve any issues with speed/performance.
  21. BingoRingo

    BingoRingo Android Enthusiast

    Indeed there is no 26 firmware for North America, but some people use the Latin America 026 firmware. I'm not sure if it works in Canada so I didn't try installing it.
  22. mmax10

    mmax10 Lurker

    hi all x10ers. well i am enjoying the phone a lot even coming from iphone. one thing that is bugging me now is that in the last couple of days the data useage has gone off the charts. i am talking 44MB in one day where i hardly used it. all the apps are set to manual refresh. there is nothing running (that i can find) that would use data like that. location service is off. GPS is off. EVERYTHING IS OFF!!! but even on the hour drive home from work today it used nearly 4MB. WTF. i am thinking of getting rid of the phone if it is just going to become a headache.

    has any one else had this problem. i am on the ROgers network and there tech support was HOPELESS!!!!!!! oh yea i have a task killer killing all unwanted regular running apps..

    DESPERATE PLEASE HELP,,,,, i dont want to have to pay out for an iphone4!!!!!!
  23. Holger_Danske

    Holger_Danske Member

    Well, I can understand why they don't. Imagine getting 100,000 angry customers ripping your head off because the new patch had an unexpected bug in it. The phone lines would jam. It would be a nightmare...You have just you to worry about. The cell company however has hundreds of thousands to millions...

    Just my thoughts...

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