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[ROM][10.07.2011] NuDroid T1D-S [Froyo 2.2.2 Deodexed]

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Arhtard, Sep 14, 2011.

  1. Arhtard

    Arhtard Member
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    FROYO 2.2.2 ROM Deodexed for the LG OPTIMUS T P509

    The current version is T1D-S and is with US English locale.
    This is compatible with AMEND script recoveries.
    Edify script is not supported at this time.
    This was built from the firmware for the Tmobile Optimus T (LG-P509).
    Special thanks to Turducken - for his knowledge, support, and direction

    T1D-S is a black themed version with the stock kernel and Darktremors App2Sd Mod.
    This ROM cannot be overclocked without flashing a different kernel.
    I'm leaving the kernel choice up to you. Links are provided for optional kernels.
    This is Android Froyo Version 2.2.2
    This is for the T-Mobile Optimus T LG-P509
    This is built on software version V10S​


    **Deodexed and tested for bugs
    **Init.d support
    **File system speed tweak (thx Turducken)
    **Patched libsqlite performance tweak (thx Turducken)
    **Wifi Calling is included
    **Files have been zipaligned for performance
    **Reboot and Recovery options added to power menu
    **Changed shutdown animation
    **Cpu set to 245/600 on boot
    **Added script accessible via Terminal to set cpu freqs (once you add a kernel capable of overclocking)
    **Bash shell support
    **Nano text editor installed
    **Removed DriveSmart from settings menu
    **Removed DriveSmart app
    **Removed Privacy menu from settings - prevent accidental factory resets
    **Heapsize was changed to 32m
    **Superuser and Busybox included
    **DarkTremor App2Sd and Dalvik2Sd Mod
    **Custom Boot Animation (blue coin)
    **Themed Settings Menu icons
    **Themed most of the IC Menu icons
    **Themed various app icons
    **Themed status bar and notification bar
    **Removed a few ringtones and added a few


    1. HTC IME Keyboard
    2. AdAway (thx Turducken)
    3. File Expert (has root permission option)
    4. File Expert black theme (u have to apply it)
    5. Adw Launcher 1.3.6 Standalone
    6. Adw Notifier
    7. Sense Clock
    8. Gingerbread Keyboard
    9. Terminal Emulator
    10. Spare Parts
    11. Flashplayer


    1. AppPack
    2. DinnerDash
    3. DoodleJump
    4. DriveSmart
    5. DualClockWidget
    6. Facebook
    7. GenieWidget
    8. Livewallpapers
    9. Maps
    10. Pacman
    11. Protips
    12. Street
    13. Talk
    14. Twitter
    15. Visualization Wallpapers
    16. Web2GoHome
    17. YouTube

    Installation Instructions:

    • Download rom
    • Enter your custom recovery (recommend using THIS ONE thats amend script)
    • Partition sdcard to ext2 512mb 0 swap (this will erase your sdcard contents) **only do this step if using versions T1D-S or U1D-S**
    • Mount sdcard as mass storage in recovery menu
    • Move the rom zip file you downloaded to your sdcard
    • Unmount sdcard as mass storage in recovery menu
    • Wipe everything, I mean everything
    • Flash the rom zip
    • Choose the reboot option
    • Installation complete.

    **reboot will take quite a while the first time, don't panic..


    ROM NuDroid T1D-S - themed - amend script + stock kernel + App2SD Mod = DOWNLOAD HERE

    ROM NuDroid T1-S - themed - amend script + stock kernel = DOWNLOAD HERE

    ROM NuDroid U1D-S - unthemed - amend script + stock kernel + App2SD Mod = DOWNLOAD HERE

    ROM NuDroid U1-S - unthemed - amend script + stock kernel = DOWNLOAD HERE

    Francos overclocking kernel - FOUND HERE - recommended CFS version

    Miks overclocking kernel - FOUND HERE

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Thanks to:
    dsixda at XDA for the Kitchen
    janitux at XDA for instructions on how-to
    crecked at XDA for the firmware download application
    mendozinas at XDA for the UOT Kitchen
    getitnowmarketing for the custom recovery
    turducken for all his help ​

    Visit this link for the UOT Kitchen to cook your own theme for this rom.
    Remember to check the "system files" option for uploading your framework-res.apk, choose amend scripting option, and mdpi option.

    More information on the installed Darktremor App2Sd mod found HERE

    ** Added a script that you can run to set the CPU frequencies without having to use an app.
    ** This script is only needed to be ran once - but - run it again after reboot if you would like to verify changes.
    ** This is done opening Terminal Emulator and typing in "su" then hit enter.
    ** Next you type in "cpuclock" and then hit enter.
    ** Follow on screen prompts and reboot.

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  2. Arhtard

    Arhtard Member
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  3. gpsuf

    gpsuf Lurker

    Hi. Thank you for your hard work on this ROM. I installed it successfully and things are working OK except for the problem with foreign characters. They are not displayed correctly in emails or in Web pages anymore. I am not sure if this is because of the "US English locale" you mentioned at the first post, or is there any settings I need to do to be able to read the characters properly?

    Thanks again for this great ROM.
    Arhtard likes this.
  4. Arhtard

    Arhtard Member
    Thread Starter

    thank you.
    can you tell me which version you are having this trouble with?
    many versions have been released.
    version 2D is the current version as of 10/02/2011.
    updating original post with current version now.
  5. Arhtard

    Arhtard Member
    Thread Starter

    V2D added today:

    refined shutdown animation and sound
    refined update-script
    refined speed tweaks
    added wallpapers and dock icons to /sdcard/Boodoh Extras/
    added wifi power set to 20 - found in /system/init.d/setwifi.sh - editable
    added cpu freq to 245/729 on boot by default
    added script to set cpu freqs to your preference - see notes on use
    added black carrier bar with white text
    removed NoFrillsCpu due to script accessible via terminal to set cpu freqs

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