Root Rom #2 update


Ive had the LG Esteem rooted and flashed with the custom rom number 2 for quite awhile now, but after the last update, i seem to have misplaced my backup, and now I cant reinstall my navigation app.

Im not sure where it even came from, but it was just a little blue triangle deal, and i cant seem to find it in the play store.

I could switch, but that app is like old faithful to me, Only steered me wrong once, and it was my fault.

I wish i could be more specific, but the name of the app on screen was simply "navigation" and once again only showed a blue triangle pointing towards the top of the phone.

Could anyone help me locate the app, or post a link as to where someone else has backed it up?

Thank you all very much.


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Brilliant! I must have accidentally uninstalled the app instead of updating it.. exactly what I wanted..thank you!