Root [ROM] 9.12 | Swagged Out Stock v1.9.0.0 | 4.53 | Bloat-Free and Sexy HTC EVO 4G ROM


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I have to say, I posted this because the ROM looked interesting, but I am loving the turn the conversation is taking. :D
Well it's been a bit since I've run a mostly stock ROM, and I do miss my blinky/flashy/pretty bells and whistles...but this one is solid. It's light, quick, and the battery life is excellent. A little more Swag and this thing could be worthy of daily-driver status. :)


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Been my daily for almost 2 weeks now... Hell, I havent even flashed anything else, since I gave this one a shot! Its smooth, fast, stable, and batt life is unmatched IMHO... I actually get better batt from this rom than all the aosp roms I have tried! I think just a lil more swag, and itll b perfect!


i liked this one too but i started missing the 2.1 & 3.0 sense features but i really did like the stability and speed it offered :) who knows i may jump back if i get fed up with unstable betas or ported roms