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[ROM] Aloysius 2.0 PORT V11 with OC and Friendstream (5/11/10)

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Spencer_Moore, May 16, 2010.

  1. Spencer_Moore

    Spencer_Moore Newbie
    Thread Starter

    This is the official thread by the official Eris chef of this rom. Enjoy everyone!

    This is a straight port of a rom built today by Konikub found here [ROM] Aloysius 2.0.8 (5-11) | FriendStream - v25 KB - GVoice - Color Menu - Helix!! - xda-developers


    I did no real work besides porting the rom for our devices and getting the softtkeys to work.

    I take no credit it for this and I thank


    for dealing with my stupidity and helping me fix the only issue with the port I had. Post all bugs here or PM me same diff. I know Sprint TV is still in their I forgot to take it out. Later releases will not contain it but initial will. Sorry for this.

    First boot takes FOREVER and will not take you through setup. After it all boots up you go into setting to put in account(s) once these are all done I recommend pulling the battery and then starting up again and then it should be good as new.

    Also Eris parts came from Ivan latest .80T I think it's called.

    without further ado HTC Droid Eris ROM Site it's in my directory! no more confusions and this is deffinately the right rom regardless of size

    Disclaimer: I am not responsible if your phone explodes and don't forget to do a NAND backup!!

    V2: Wifi fix

    V3: Rotation fix and I think soft keys now light up!

    V4: Port of new version by Konikub, Hopefully it addresses most if not all previous issues I havent been running it long, but it seems to be working pretty well.

    V4.1 More of a facelift. Wipe neccesary (Sorry guys) :(. It removes LWP and OpenGl in favor of Nav. If i did this right it should fix that issue. Also includes a special treat recommended to me by a someone in the IRC whose name I forgot (sorry), but really is very cool. As always new bugs don't forget to post em. Since it's not defaulted HTC keyboard is available in this rom!

    V5 Port of Konikubs new rom 2.0.3. minor cosmetic changes and i removed live wallpapers and opengl for nav, disabled ota updates and added frameworks reboot app. Removed heroone theme and restored back to standar aloysius theme, but heroone theme should still work. Removed htc keyboard it just caused to many issues. Hope all the other bugs are fixed!

    V6: Port of 2.0.5 Seems to be working great this time I have two versions, one with LWP that does not work with Maps,or at least that is what was reported to me and one without it for those people who need nav. Happy Flashing because this is a full wipe update :) V6 is back up for those having issues with v7. I don't have time to fix the apps, so for those who want their aloysius fix v6 is back up without the pirated app :)

    V9: This rom is a beast. its got friendstream, app2sd (if you can figure that out) It's got a boatload of fixes and is the newest port from Konikub himself. The first boot is very funky, just let it do its thing, but it will boot. No need to flash the boot.img because it's already in their! SHutdown works and so far I have had no notification issues. Favorite rom so far! Good Luck and godbless!

    v10: Essentailly V9 with working Overclock :). Works pretty well for me so far. The first boot is really long and very tedious, but it WILL boot. I promise. To use overclock go to setcpu and use the automatic setting then drag it where you like and you are now OC'ed. Hope everyone enjoys! As always its up in the usual place.

    V11: Alot of graphics changes, Boots faster, OC works wonders, Friendstream works with twitter and facebook now, Changed lockscreen. Flash to find the rest! :). If you want to test out OC speeds use Linpack and post your MFLOP. Mine has been steady around 2.8 to 3. People say they have higher because they are using the highly unstable JIT, or at least unstable from my experience. Sorry for such frequent full wipe updates. Happy flashing!

    As always it is on grdlocks's site

    For those having keyboard issues, flash this -----> AndroidKeyboard (then long hold on the input field and change your text input to this android keyboard)

    NOTE: Only use the roms from grdlock's website. No rapidshare, sendspace, multipupload unless it is in this post!

    TO DISABLE OTA Thanks for pointing out my carelessness

    DO THIS NOW if your not running V11
    adb shell
    mount -o remount,rw -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblock3 /system
    rm /system/etc/security/otacerts.zip

    if you get the # then you win.
    NEW STUFF ON THEMEING Accoriding to Sunder these should work on sprint based roms, like this one.

    I know this probably belongs in themes and apps...but as its pretty much specific to this rom I thought I put the info here....

    Hey guys as relates to add ons, themes task bars, rosies etc...I highly recommend checking out this thread....

    [2.1ONLY] Catalog - xda-developers

    Now just keep in mind to search out things based on the latest Sprint leak when you're flashing mods or themes to your handset(some are based of Eris leaks, legend etc.) also be mindful that mostof these are sense based mods.(but there are still some cool things that will work on this leaned out version of Spencer's port also thats posted in a separate thread.) Id like to thank all the op's over @ heroc for making these available...starting to see some real eris/heroc cross contamination...i like it! And again thanks Spencer for an awesome port v6 with boot control ftw.

    **Always Back Up Before Flashing ANYTHING!!!, I hold no responsibility for bricked handsets, fat girl friends or impotence these mods may cause.***

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  2. cdkee

    cdkee Newbie

    On V11, the dictionary is sort of weird. It syncs with all my facebook friends and when I try to type it always corrects my words to people's names. Got annoying, so I went back to v9, since I don't need OC also. Great ROM though.
  3. cornbreadfarts

    cornbreadfarts Android Enthusiast

    any chance of this rom gettin apps2sd? i like the rom, just wish it had that.
  4. jreed2560

    jreed2560 Android Expert

    Thanks for coming over here, honestly your thread over at xda was the only reason I go over there.
    Spencer_Moore likes this.
  5. Spencer_Moore

    Spencer_Moore Newbie
    Thread Starter

    It is enabled. Format to ext2 then upgrade to ext3. Than reflash and walla apps2sd!
  6. s_wall98

    s_wall98 Newbie

    My phone and my fiance's phone both are running v11
    Prior that V11 both of us had v9 and she has had the following problem on both versions.
    Whenever she gets a call from an unknown number it shows up as one of her facebook contacts...always the same one. V9 used one contact and v11 used another, but they kept with the same one.
    I really don't know where to go with this one. Mine is working fine and just shows up as the number but hers shows up as a facebook contact that isn't even listed in her contacts...and a contact without a phone number given.
    Any ideas
  7. NickDroid86

    NickDroid86 Android Enthusiast

    I downloaded this but its only giving me facebook pop for notifications. Great tom, just wish i could do a2sd with it. Cant figure it out.
  8. NickDroid86

    NickDroid86 Android Enthusiast

    Spencer, your the man. Thanks, but any chance you can wall me through exactly how to do this and what I will see?
  9. A User Name

    A User Name Well-Known Member

    Been rocking this ROM since yesterday and it's awesome! Saw that v12 was out today, and it's working great. I miss the Lock Screen from the previous versions. Also, v12 has a reversed battery and signal bar in the notification bar. Awesome ROM though!
  10. s_wall98

    s_wall98 Newbie

    I can't remember which one it has, I changed mine right away. You can get the nexus version or the vanilla lockscreen by flashing zips though.
    I'll dig around and find them if you're interested.
  11. jreed2560

    jreed2560 Android Expert

    As soon as I'm rooted, .....again, I'll be trying v12 out.
  12. NickDroid86

    NickDroid86 Android Enthusiast

    Where is v12? What are the specs on it?
  13. MJL

    MJL Android Enthusiast

  14. NickDroid86

    NickDroid86 Android Enthusiast

    Love this new version, keep up the great work. It's almost perfect.

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