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(Rom)(Alpha) MIUI ICS Rom (Port) for Droid 3

Discussion in 'Archived Threads' started by techno-update, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. techno-update

    Thread Starter

    MIUI for Droid 3! This is a port from the Droid 2 version created by beanstown106. Since this is still in Alpha and has problems, please report what doesn't work! Enjoy, and remember this is still in Alpha!

    Like my work? Hit the Thanks Button!

    I am not responsible for what you do to you phone, if you mess it up, don't blame me!




    Pretty much everything that isn't listed under not working.

    Not Working:
    ICS Camera features
    No Camera Video
    HW Codecs
    Can't change lockscreen wallpaper

    It will have a lag on the first boot.
    Download Here!

    Thanks to:
    Hashcode, it was created off his ICS Build here.
    iNsAnEmOd, ported his Bionic MIUI rom to Droid 3 before changing to Droid 2 port.
    Bfitz26, gave me information which helped me build it.
    beanstown106, ported his Droid 2 rom located here.


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