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[ROM][ALPHA] Quattrimus ICS

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by tdm, Aug 10, 2012.

  1. tdm

    tdm Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Announcing Quattrimus: ICS for the LG "sniper" family (Marquee, Ignite, etc.)

    This is an alpha ROM. This means:

    1. Some things do not work. See below for more.

    2. If you flash this, you are expected to know how to use ADB and provide debugging information (logcat, dmesg, etc.)

    What works?

    Phone, SMS, Sound, WiFi, Bluetooth.
    Front camera (mostly).
    MMS on Sprint is reported to work, but not on Boost yet.

    What does not work?

    Vibrator, Cameras, GPS.
    Back camera.
    Some people are reporting excessive battery drain.


    Craptorman, Bloodawn, asadullah, and others for helping me out with bringup.

    FreeOptimusProject for their p970 code.
    teamhacksung for their GalaxySL code.

    Many, many others.


    getquattrimus.com [Hosting by Chris Talkington, TalkingtonTech]
    androidrepo.net [Hosting by Jeremy Countryman, HardCore FX Web Design]
    vmroms.com [Hosting by LeslieAnn]

    Current Version: alpha3

    This is a "multi ROM". It will automatically detect your phone model and install the appropriate files.

    Supported models:
    * LS855 (Sprint)
    * LG855 (Boost)
    * AS855 (Ignite / other)
    * VM855 (Virgin Mobile)

    If you are using a mismatched baseband and carrier (eg. Boost firmware on Sprint), you will need to override the automatic detection. To do this, place a file on the phone named /sdcard/.install.prop with the single line "install.model=xx855", where xx855 is your desired model name.

    Code (Text):
    2. adb shell
    3. echo "install.model=LS855" > /sdcard/.install.prop

    Coming soon. Watch http://github.com/thebigq


    I don't accept donations. Please donate to the EFF or one of the hosting providers.


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  2. tdm

    tdm Android Expert
    Thread Starter

  3. tcaudill01

    tcaudill01 Newbie

    Absolutely love this Rom and really appreciate everyone's hard work to make this a reality.
    I can live with the broken parts for now.
    What I can't live with is the battery drain. I've wiped and installed twice and both times I am getting between 20 & 30% per hour drain. Hopefully once they get the CPU throttling under control, this will drop to a livable level.
  4. cjreyes666

    cjreyes666 Well-Known Member

    Same here
  5. realizm

    realizm Well-Known Member

    I personally think the battery is much better. Try changing the governor. Personally I think ondemand is a sh!t governor. It is inconsistent, doesn't scale properly and because of this milks the battery along with poor performance. I personally use Interactive as it provides the best combo of performance and battery life.

    Another tip is the automatic brightness doesn't work in this ROM. At least as far as I've tested. It starts out full on! And the NOVA display itself is notorious for crushing a damn battery regardless of the software on the phone. I have my brightness turned down to about 1/5th or 1/6th of the meter and it works and displays just about the same as the "optimized" setting in auto brightness.

    Another thing, if you're like me you flashed the ROM and played with the phone like a crackhead.

    When I first flashed I played with the damn phone for hours, ending up crouched indian style next to the charger still playing.....It's sorta tough to gauge battery life with the screen on(full brightness) constantly with you playing:p

    Hope this helps:)
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  6. sjc11221

    sjc11221 Newbie

    Is your phone going into Deep Sleep when idle? Use BetterBattery Stats to figure out if something is holding a wakelock. GPS was on mine, and disabling GPS satellites in Location services helped a lot.
  7. Craptorman

    Craptorman Well-Known Member

    @tdm - mms doesn't work on the AS855. Message came up right away that mms has stopped. Appear cm9 doesn't like that there is no user agent etc. If I use the sprint mms.apk it works fine. Also works with the mms.apk file I made for my specific little carrier. Maybe it just needs something there whether its valid or not. Strange.

    Also I found a few minor things in he build.prop but I'll have to get back to you on that, at work and its a busy day. :)

    All else looks good. Installer picked model like it should.

    Thanks again for your work on this project!
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  8. jojocat

    jojocat Newbie

    Another user (SJC11221) noticed the non-functional GPS may be causing a wakelock issue resulting in battery drain.

    You can try to tweak the /etc/gps.conf file and turn off GPS per his post in the old thread.
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  9. wallnutz

    wallnutz Newbie

    i also noticed today in my adventures with ics, that when i place a call, the phone force closes when i hit send. back to the dial pad or contact list, but it does place the call..

    kinda strange to me, but does anyone else experiences this, or have ideas what it could be from..

    update: after reflashing alpha build and placing a call. i didn't experience above, using the same zip and gapps

    @Realizm Another thing, if you're like me you flashed the ROM and played with the phone like a crackhead.

    if i only had the time lol
  10. tcaudill01

    tcaudill01 Newbie

    Thanks for the input. I had already changed the govenor in SetCPU to ondemandX and min/max to 300 - 800. I also used "SIO" for the scheduler. The "Time in State" monitor was showing 99.7% of the time the CPU was at max.
    I had also discovered that auto brightness didn't work so I kept brightness set to around 25-30% when possible.
    On the first install, I was guilty of constantly playing and fiddling with the settings, etc. On the second install, it was a normal business day and I really didn't play with the phone very much.
    I'm going to try jojocat's suggestion with the GPS because I hadn't made any tweaks to it. Hopefully this will help. I'll post my findings

    **UPDATE - Post one hour after GPS mods**

    SetCPU - Time in State
    300 44.48%
    600 5.13
    800 5.04
    1000 45.03

    Definitely an improvement.

    Will post battery consumption as soon as I get charged back to 100% and perform a calibration.

    Okay, cal'd the battery, restarted, unplugged, checked SetCPU to make sure all in place and left it alone. After 40 minutes, already down to 92%. Checked Time in State and got the following.

    SetCPU - Time in State
    300 23.07%
    600 2.84%
    800 0.17%
    1000 73.92%

    Not looking good now.

    It looks like my phone is not going into deep sleep once it comes off the charger. Any thoughts? Disregard and see below.


    Updated to the last alpha with the 2.2 kernel and performance is GREAT!!!!!!!!!

    Battery life is around 5% per hour with all my normal junk running.
    With data off (I really don't need that crap anyway) battery life drops to 2%.

    Both of these values are taken from "SetCpu", this was over several days in each configuration and the phone was actually used during this time.

    Settings are: frequency range 220 - 1000, governor SmartassV2, I/O sio
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  11. wallnutz

    wallnutz Newbie

    using the stock performance tab in settings, with gov set to interactive my phone just peaked all the time. 1300max and 1000 min was the oddest. other gov settings lowered the min, but always stayed pinned at max.

    still massive battery drain at these kinda setting, but man the phone is sharp as a whip!!

    i wish i knew how to post a pic of my settings here :/

    tweaking again with the max set to 900 min to 300 gov on performance. the phone stated cpu was pinned at 300 mhz until it rebooted itself. the phone never reloaded so i did a battery pull. now im back to 1000 mhz
  12. realizm

    realizm Well-Known Member

    Ultimately it's an issue with the kernel and/or the cm9 cpu settings. So none of the govs or cpu settings will work as intended but in my experience it hasn't effected battery life in a negative way at all. I'm sure one of the awesome devs will fix it up soon:D
  13. realizm

    realizm Well-Known Member

    Anyone have a problem with Voice Search? It says I have it installed but it's greyed out on my keyboard and won't seem to function anywhere else...Any ideas?
  14. wallnutz

    wallnutz Newbie

    yea i figured that to. either kernel or rom... but maybe it was me playing and rebooting to see results, is what drained the battery...
  15. wallnutz

    wallnutz Newbie

    works great for me both google search and text to speech
  16. realizm

    realizm Well-Known Member

    I just reflashed gapps, fixed permissions, then reboot, now I'm golden :)
  17. wallnutz

    wallnutz Newbie

    nice!! should bump this as a fix. check bluetooth if you could. that works for me also..
    except "voice dial" when i press the button on the ear piece..
  18. tcaudill01

    tcaudill01 Newbie

    Posted an update to my battery drain issues in post#10.
    Hopefully you smart guys can figure out what's going on.
  19. realizm

    realizm Well-Known Member

    LOL. That's one thing I NEVER use. 3 Androids and I never used BT on any of them. So I'm gonna take your word that it works ;)
  20. wallnutz

    wallnutz Newbie

    lol i really dont either, but just to confirm it works. i dug one up from a draw.
  21. rubble5dubble

    rubble5dubble Newbie

    Lol. Yeah. That was totally me too.
  22. mp3jeep

    mp3jeep Member

    I noticed two little bugs.

    If you set wifi to disable when the phone goes to sleep, sometime when it wakes up it wont reconnect to wifi, you get a msg under wifi settings stating. "Not in range" You have to disable wifi and re enable wifi in order to get it turned back on. This doesn't happen all the time, pretty random.

    If you receive an email (gmail) when the phone is in sleep, the illuminated keys don't light up like they do with txt msg. When you wake up the phone the keys are illuminated at the lock screen but when you unlock the phone the lights on those 4 keys on the bottom don't light up after unlocking. You have to put the phone to sleep and wake it up again to get the keys to light up.

    Pretty minor flaws....
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  23. hujon

    hujon Member

    ive noticed it doesnt stay off when its charging and you turn it off it just reboots then i lose like half my battery life from when i turned it off
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  24. EsOne

    EsOne Lurker

    Turning on wifi hotspot causes reboot into boot loop. Pulling battery fixed it. Just thought I'd share.

    After setting it (wifi turned on) it says "Turning on wifi". This locks wifi as it turns it off and you cannot turn it on manually anymore. Hotspot still says turning on wifi. After about 3 minutes it did the reboot to bootloop.

    Battery does seem to drain faster, but I'm not complaining. lol

    Can't wait to get cameras , GPS, and vibrate working!

    Thanks for your hard work!
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  25. sjc11221

    sjc11221 Newbie

    Check the other thread for an updated kernel by Bloodawn if you haven't already - CPU scaling is working - battery life is much improved. I'm at 85% after 11 hours (overnight + this morning). Running 300/1200 OndemandX, using the built-in CM9 utility, with wifi/bluetooth/GPS disabled
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