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[ROM] Arkas 1.6 Tzeentch

Discussion in 'Archived Threads' started by karandpr, Dec 27, 2011.

  1. karandpr

    karandpr Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    It's based on the latest XEO-KPG with heavy themeing and all the required features that maketh a decent everday ROM .It's stable and smooth .

    Features :

    • Px-Mix Kernel
    • Based on Latest XEO-KPG
    • Link2SD

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  2. zeus17

    zeus17 Newbie

  3. karandpr

    karandpr Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Yes it is GB based like all 1.x builds
    It's stable .Now .
    Battery life sucks at 691Mhz .
  4. zeus17

    zeus17 Newbie

    running time on it???
  5. karandpr

    karandpr Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    12 hours with moderate to heavy usage .(6 email syncs , music for 5-6 hours , browsing 40 minutes or so and game of grave defense)
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  6. zeus17

    zeus17 Newbie

    flashing now..hehehe will give feedback later...hehehhe i am sorry if idont post on your blog...for feedback,,,cant access it here on my office...hehehhe
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  7. karandpr

    karandpr Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    No Problems .
    Good to know someone is using This Forum !!
  8. zeus17

    zeus17 Newbie

    i am liking your rom but a bit confused on other things hehehhe
    the boot screen is great..

    a bug i noticed is when screen is locked it acts like an old tv turned off...really not sure if it was meant to be that way
    nice to see rom tool pre installed but i dont really know how to use it,,,
    tried doing the overclock option on there and the other app
    set both to minimum og 600 and max of 720ish

    not sure if i am doing it right thou

    so fas no issues yet with this rom...
    boot time is i recalled 1 minute

    aafter that everything is smooth!

    thanks guys here i will be supporting you in all of your roms...
    this is my first modified rom

    not really sure whta to expect thou

    i didnt do wipe at reboot since i didnt wnat to loose contacts etc,,
    after isntalling i noticed tha there was no link2sd ,,,,

    well i intalled one..gave me a ext2 error,,
  9. zeus17

    zeus17 Newbie

    well been using this rom now ffor i guess a day so here is my short review(feel free to post this on your site)

    here is wht i t hink about this rom

    here are the tweaks that ive did on this rom

    oveclocked my phone with both rom manager and the other app
    used stock setting on goverment and iso(i dont really know what to choose thou that why i sed the ones preset)
    set the max @800 and min at 122
    got a score of 1025 with quadrant benchmark...
    phone is stable at these settings,,
    tried to set it at 825 phone rebooted,,
    safe values where form 610(not sure babd memory)til 800 i guess

    also used rom manager to disable start up apps i disabled a couple of i thik not essential apps like map,gmail,gtalk,etc.

    installed battery saver(the one without the app killer)
    still monitoring battery life thou,,

    i plugged my phone out 1am,now its 2:18 and my battery is at 86 percent,rebooted one in between running at 600mhz playing music in between,switched from 800 down to 600mhz,8 text messages,downloaded ttpod music player over at store via wifi

    gps locks good actually better now,been able to lock to a sat by a minute and 45 seconds
    keeps a good reading on my bike when travelling

    tested data connection and i was able to tether,used my phone for tethering yesterday,not buffing on youtube when tethered to a pc,,heheheh

    sometimes it fc perfrect keyboard,
    deleted samsung keyborad,,,
    deleted allshare
    deleted a couple of apps..

    i had a hack of titanium back up pro,,before flashing..after flashing the patch cant be applied...hehhehehe

    so far so good will be adding observations soon to this rom,...
    but for initial expressions,,
    seems like a good rom

    question thou am i using the rom manager right?
    i also have super manager
    and have it doing auto cleanups at the lowest value,,

    an i using these apps correctly??

    antutus nechmarking app gave me a score of 1025
    cpu frequency 729
    sd card read write/8.6/3.6 respectively
    database io 110
    3d graphics 559
    2d 406
    cpu float point 19
    cpu integger 221
    ram 107

    quadrant gave me a ranking right above galaxy s and below droidx

    anymore tweaks that i can do for my phone to do better?
  10. karandpr

    karandpr Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    The Old TV off is CRT animation (Which some guys requested

    The Quadrant Bench is very low on your phone .

    Stock GB gives 1100ish bench

    On Arkas I expect Nothing Less than 1600.

    Perseus X can touch 2300 sometimes .

    There is major tweaking involved with init.d .
    If there are any tweaks I may add them
  11. zeus17

    zeus17 Newbie

    well the ones score i posted was from antutu,,,

    this was this rom thou...the patched one..
    havent ran benchmark on stock gb thou,,

    how do improve my scores/.????
    what do i need to tweak???
  12. karandpr

    karandpr Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    ANTUTU which is stable benchmark has a consistent 1600-1700 across Arkas .It was 1980-2020 on Arkas 0.6 but it was Froyo and a madcap experiment
  13. zeus17

    zeus17 Newbie

    so much better to reflash to arkas???
    which version???

    hehehhehe hunting better rom...hehhehe...

    pm sent...

    low benchmark scoring...on my device using this rom...
    what causes such??i made no hardware tweaks whatsoever///
  14. zeus17

    zeus17 Newbie

    anbtutu gave me a score of 1609..hehhehe
    redid antutu...
    removed v6 script...
    battery life suck now on 600mhz..
    having a vpn app running on the back ground...

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