[ROM] Arkas 564 :- Leviathan

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We have used a midway kernel for a stable release for the newer system

kernel patched to

Added a truckload of governors

minimax :- screen off
Hi I'm installed the entire package to test, and sometimes the device halts without notice when it is at locked mode, 1x each 15 minutes (and burns battery, using a lot)

If I set no frills to 320-600, conservative, It occurs 1x each 2 hours, but it happens anyways.

I'm installed only the kernel + system.rfs from samsung + wifi updated drivers from arkas, the same.

Fruit Ninja is lagging a lot (on Samsung original it lags sometimes).

Android Music Player + AAC+ Music is lagging a lot.
PowerAMp + AAC+ Music is impossible. Even at maximum speed 744.

Perhaps you have another kernel compilations to test? You can send to me if you wanna.


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Makes the two of us
Tiago and flozd have no problem with frequencies below 600 Mhz but are unstable above 748 Mhz
Whereas my phone is unstable below 600 Mhz .But is still stable at 822 Mhz.
It's a device specific error maybe or not .
These days no one complains or reports bugs ,so how am I to know about them.
Even if you clock it to 744 Mhz and keep the governor conservative you will have the performance of 320Mhz .(Sometimes phones cant scale the frequencies properly )
Try 667-320 minimax/Savaged Zen/performance with vr scheduling .If still it lags
do 600-728 performance with deadline scheduling .

If all fails ,revert to .533 kernel which is not and we will try to fix it somehow .
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