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Root [ROM] Barely BlurredXT Beta 1 - Android 2.1 (10-7-2010)

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Mastermind278, Oct 7, 2010.

  1. Mastermind278

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    Dec 11, 2009

    Barely Blurred for the CliqXT by Mastermind278 (MM278) running Android 2.1

    **Further Discussion of this ROM can be found at Barely BlurredXT (Android 2.1) - BETA 1 (10/7/2010) - Simply Android

    **Make sure to Wipe before installing!!**

    I take no responsibilities if something bad happens to your phone. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!

    **Beta 2**
    Click Here to download
    1. Kernel Modifications to allow A2SD
    2. Installed Darktremor Apps2SD (Click for more Info)
    3. Installed @j_r0dd's GSCript Modification
    4. Updated Market from @adlx
    5. Added "Social Status" Widget

    **Beta 1** Click Here to Download
    1. So this ROM is a modification of Toxigenicpoem's Barely Blurred (Click Here for More Information).
    2. I also used Adlx's kernel modification as the basis for this release. I made a small kernel change to add the Bluetooth fix by Thyme Cypher.
    3. I also was able to get the Volume Rocker working properly (We do not need to use the Widget any longer to change Modes) It will go from Silent/ Vibrate and Volume.
    4. DATA FIX worked out by ADLX and myself
    5. Updated LauncherPro.

    So here is the low down on this rom:

    3G Data
    Trackpad (Extremes only)
    Proximity Sensor

    Camera LED (Sorry no FLASH on the Cliq)
    Notification LED

    Must toggle Speakerphone button in order to hear anything from the phone.

    How to Install
    1. Root the Device - Instructions
    2. Install j_r0dd's Recovery - Instructions
    3. Place ROM ZIP into the root of the SDCARD.
    4. Boot into Recovery (Power + Camera Button)
    5. Nand Backup your stock ROM.
    6. Wipe *all* data (Including Data/Cache/Dalvick)
    7. Install ZIP, pick this ROM.
    **If you want to Install A2SD goto A2SD Instructions Below**
    8. Reboot
    9. Enjoy.

    How to install A2SD
    0. BACKUP YOUR SDCard as when you partition the SDcard everything is erased.
    1. Flash ROM as per above.
    2. Boot into Recovery.
    3. Partition SD Card
    4. Choose Swap = 32MB, Choose 384MB for EXT.
    5. Choose Repair EXT
    6. Reboot.
    7. Wait for everything to load.
    8. Open GScript, load "Enable Apps2SD", let it Reboot.
    9. Open GScript, load "Move Dalvick Cache to SD", let it reboot. ****
    10. Open GScript, load "Fix Permissions"**** ****Not sure of the order of these make a difference.****
    11. Enjoy A2SD.

    Installing Happenings Widget & Social Status Widget
    Do you want the Happenings Widget? If so MotoBlur home has to be installed. This following file contains BlurHome and Happenings Widget as well as Social Status Widget.
    Motoblur Home comes with DroidX icons.
    1. Download the Update file, Click Here
    2. Go into Recovery.
    3. Flash from ZIP, choose the above file.
    4. Enjoy Happenings Widget

    Want to Improve Battery Life?
    1. Boot into Recovery (Power + Camera).
    2. Wipe Battery Stats.
    3. Let the battery fully discharge.
    4. Let it charge Completely! Then use normally.

    I take NO credit for this ROM it was all a collaborative job! Please donate to the true developers!!
    ADLX - Thanks for making the modifications to the .29 Kernel to get it to work as well as all the ideas that we bounced back and forth to get things up and running --> Click Here to Donate
    HandlerExploit - Thanks for helping bring out the .29 Kernel for the Cliq! --> Click here to Buy/Donate
    Toxigenicpoem - Thanks for making Barely Blurred! --> Click here to Buy/Donate


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