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Root [ROM] BehradGH Persian Rom Series | Xperia X8 | Based On Official 2.1.1 | Version 3

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by BehradGH, Feb 19, 2011.

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    [ROM] BehradGH Persian Rom Series | Xperia X8 | Based On Official 2.1.1 | Version 3

    Hi Every One. i want to put my rom here


    Rom specifications:

    1. Light, stable and fast ( un useable apps removed from system/app/ ) ( 70 mg ram free for normal users , and 105 mb ram free for pro users with Process manager)
    2. Pre Rooted
    3. Disabled Auto Brightness sensor.
    4. Disabled boot screen.
    5. Special edition of BehradGH Rom Series Theme . ( tanx to Sehul for helping me)
    6. Supporting Arabic/Persian/Farsi completely . even the main language of phone.
    7. No hang no reset while you are working.
    8. xRecovery and JiT pre installed.
    9. There are 2 launchers in rom . ADW Launcher EX and Launcher Pro .
    10 . Smart keyboard pre installed+main keyboard+farsi layout for both.
    11. Easy install by xRecovery.
    12. Set Cpu pre installed for managing cpu to have more battery charges.
    13. Android Task manager ( Its not 4 pro users ==> pro users use Process Manager)
    14. Added RESET button to Phone Options.

    And many Other things that u will find out when u work with it.

    Here is the rom links from media fire server : ( I parted them to 8 files [​IMG] because my speed sucks for upload)

    The password is : BehradGH

    Free File Hosting Made Simple - MediaFire

    download this folder (8 parts) and then extract.

    Here are the screenshots:








    This is version 3 that u r going to install. I will wait for ur opinions

    People I must thanks to :

    ZhidZhu for making xRecovery

    Sony Ericsson for making this Awesome Phone

    My Lovely Friend ===> Mahban Hosseini For Uploading This Rom Into media fire

    Regards ===> BehradGH​



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  2. adc0891

    adc0891 Newbie

    is in Spanish and Catalan? thank you very much for your input.
  3. alpharomeoair

    alpharomeoair Newbie

    is this safe?

    i allready use your rom and its ok, its faster. thanks!
    but the market is old version and is this support app2sd?
    because i install application and my internal memory become lower i have app2sd before i use
    your rom

    sorry for my bad english!
  4. I need to farsi language on my mobile phone samsung nexus s

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