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[ROM][Beta][FINAL] CM7 Android For Triumph [Tickerguy Edition, Kernel: mine] 11/19

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by tickerguy, Sep 1, 2011.

  1. Whyzor

    Whyzor Android Expert

    White means it's not able to reach the google servers, try enabling Settings - Sync - Background Data

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  2. lenovot60

    lenovot60 Newbie

    Does anyone have this problem: when you are in a call and another call comes in and you pick it up. After a few seconds, you lose all calls. It has happened over and over again.

    I love the work done by TG and others, but I am getting close to moving on from the Triumph and VM :-(
  3. fototogo

    fototogo Member

    I have had this happen and I have attributed it to my call settings and that my hand or cheek accidentally touched the screen or buttons that ended the calls...Try going into call settings and check incoming call in background and maybe uncheck keep screen awake longer than normal while in-call or vise versa to see if that works...
  4. firefly2004

    firefly2004 Newbie

    Virgin Mobile does not support 3 way calling only call waiting.
  5. thangfish

    thangfish Android Expert

    Yes. Only solution I have found is to ignore second call. Not much of a solution...
  6. tanj92

    tanj92 Lurker

    finally flashed mine last night and i have to say this is amazing!

    put on GO launcher + ICS theme and im good to go :p
  7. tanj92

    tanj92 Lurker

    hmm wifi tethering not working for me? do you guys have security set at open or WPA2 PSK?

    on a device such as ipod touch, theres WPA 2 and WPA 2 Enterprise. I tried both but doesn't work?
  8. tickerguy

    tickerguy Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    It definitely does work with WPA2 / PSK. That's what I checked it against when it was originally built and I had no problem connecting to my Win7 laptop.
  9. tanj92

    tanj92 Lurker

    Thanks ill try it again.

    I was successful with my touchpad so that's all that matters anyways :p

    only thing that still doesn't seem to work for me is GPS.

    maybe it's because im in NYC.
  10. tickerguy

    tickerguy Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Go outside and make sure you have a southern-facing clear sky. Download "GPS Status" from the market, start it. It'll get a lock - it may take a couple of minutes, but it works.

    Unfortunately the actual AGPS protocol does NOT work as the radio code doesn't properly handle it. I shut off the interface intentionally in the code for CM7 as it also had a habit of provoking watchdog resets if it was hammered on enough times, which is very un-cool.
  11. lenovot60

    lenovot60 Newbie

    Tan, how did you get it to work on the touchpad? I have no luck in getting it to work on the TP
  12. Prey521

    Prey521 Android Enthusiast

    Any reason why Facebook notifications don't work in this ROM? I verified all of the notification settings for Facebook but I never get them....interestingly enough, in MIUI the notifications are almost instant. Any ideas? I'm running TheOC 1.5 kernel, if that matters, thanks
  13. Prey521

    Prey521 Android Enthusiast

    Now that I think about it, I don't get my Words or Hanging with Friends notifications either with this ROM, but with MIUI, it works. With CM I always have to remember to go into the app to see if I have any pending moves to make.
  14. mantera

    mantera Android Expert

    The kernel shouldn't have anything to do with that. The base kernel code is basically the same as TG's stock kernel in cm7.

    I don't use the facebook app but I can definitely say that my WordFeud notifications come through fine on cm7. Are you sure you have your "Auto-sync" and Background data enabled in Settings --> Accounts & sync settings?
  15. rubejb

    rubejb Android Enthusiast

    I've noticed this after I first flash a new version of the ROM. I do a Titanium Backup backup of all of my apps, wipe the system and cache in recover, then restore the apps through TB once I'm booted.

    I figure it has something to do with restoring the apps by TB, the settings being set for notifications in the apps, but the system not knowing the settings are set? Just a theory.

    So I go into each app that doesn't seem to be giving me notifications, toggle the notifications off and then right back on, seems to work.
  16. Prey521

    Prey521 Android Enthusiast

    Yeah, all enabled. I compared it to my HP Touchpad which also runs Cyanogen to see if there were any differences, since I get all notifications on it. I'm going to try uninstalling and then reinstalling to see if that helps...maybe somethings got borked during Titanium restores?
  17. mantera

    mantera Android Expert

    Possibly... I haven't wiped /system or done a reset since the later Alpha versions... And before that I was just reinstalling the apk's saved from my backups and/or redownloading the apps from the market. So maybe that's why I've never noticed that happening.
  18. Whyzor

    Whyzor Android Expert

    I just flashed this today on my MT and have it setup to how I like it on my OV :)

    A couple of questions (since I only read the first page of this thread, maybe the rest of the 150+ pages when I have leisure time).

    Is the set CPU freq disabled intentionally in CM settings? I'd like to set maybe 122 - somewhere less than 1 ghz for battery life). I liked using interactive governor actually, it allows a slow min frequency, without locking it when screen is sleeping (which I think smartass v2 does). Here's what I see when I try to change the freq, do I need to flash mantera's kernel in order to change those settings?


    The 2nd screenshot is with my OV running CM7 also from a recent 11/20 IHO-Mirage build. It has 512 RAM like the MT, but has a lot more free. On my MT, in settings - about phone, it shows only 112 MB / 348 MB available. Is there some major component in MT that uses more RAM than the OV?

    BTW, I can confirm wifi tether does work, just tested it using open & WPA2 mode. It just took a long time after my Win7 laptop connected to it actually being able to pass data.

    Would like to take this opportunity to say thanks to Isaac, Tickerguy, Mantera (& others) for giving us CM7. Without it, I'd probably be returning the MT :)
  19. AtticTRON

    AtticTRON Android Enthusiast

    If you would like to change the cpu frequencies on CM7 you need to flash one of the OC kernels.
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  20. Prey521

    Prey521 Android Enthusiast

    That did it...uninstalling and reinstalling resolved the issue with Facebook and Words with Friends. I haven't played any new Hanging with Friends games so I can't say for sure it's working, but I'm willing to bet that it is. Thanks for the help.
  21. tanj92

    tanj92 Lurker

  22. Helgaiden

    Helgaiden Member

    Having terrible battery life need some help. At first, it didnt bother me much because i knew i was in a bad signal area where wifi was preferred (but not available). But now its gotten out of hand. Today i went to work at 7am and got home at 2:30pm with 18% charge left. This seemed rather bothersome, especialyl considering i get full bars and great speed and everything at this job. Good signal is preferred over wifi for battery drain issues right? Thats what i figured. Roughly 11% of battery per hour. Use included intermittent texting, maybe about 10 mins worth of watching youtube, and checking facebook 2 or 3 times. Hardly warrants coming home to a nearly dead battery when only half the day has passed. If i dont carry a charger around with me my phone is usually dead by 2 or 3 pm if im lucky. I have Juice Defender ultimate, set to custom. Left everything alone but turned off managing my WiFi cuz i let Y5 do that instead. This is really really annoying and making me either want to exchange the phone, or return it and buy a Sasmung Exhibit 2 4g for Tmobile no contract (i get great t-mobile service in my region). The screen being smaller and NO development support for the exhibit have me staying with the triumph for now though. What should i do? This is killing me. At my main job i walk around with a cable and charger in my pocket and its rather annoying.

    Also, for the longest time my phone charged fine on my rocketfish car charger. So did my Optimus before this. One day, the triumph stopped charging on that charger. Jiggled the cable where it plugs into the port and it came up. Then it shut off again. Ok, charger bad right? Bought a new charger, rocketfish premium charger (2a charge for faster charging), and it didnt work at all. Except it does work on other phones/devices (like my gf's Nexus S). The micro USB cable i use to charge my Logitech g930 headset worked...now it doesnt. I have a few Samsung micro USB cables that i know work, but wont work with my phone. My HP Touchpad charging cable works great on my phone, and so does the motorola cable it came with. Thats fine. If the phone didnt work with certain cables right out of the box, id understand its pickiness. But for it to work with nearly every cable i plugged into it, then stop and only work with a few select cables doesnt make sense. This also has me wanting to exchange it. Any ideas?

    Im on Tickerguy's CM7 rom of course, B06 i think (right before the haptic feedback fix).
  23. justdoyour

    justdoyour Newbie



    Ok OK. Calm down I'll share...

    1. Brightness on the lowest setting
    2. Power Governor on Conservative in the Cyanogen MOD Performance Settings
    3.Min CPU= 806 MHZ
    4. Max CPU= 1900 MHZ
    5. Juice defender Ultimate = Aggresive
    6. Juice defender Ultimate 50% battery threshold
    7. Juice defender Ultimate Configure APPS

    • Set all apps that need 3G to enable (gmail, pandora, browsers, etc)
    • Set all games and apps that DONT NEED or you dont want to have connectivity to disable
    • Set pandora to enable w/ off so radio stays on when screen is off
    8.Download Battery Calibration and follow the instructions


    1. Delete all the extra non used widgets
    2. Move apps to sd card
    3. Go to airplane mode when you have no signal or your not using the phone
    4. CHARGE WITH THE CORRECT CHARGER YOU ****** (MOTOROLA)!!! My phone charges in at most 1 hour!
    5. TURN SCREEN OFF WHEN YOUR NOT USING IT( Set it to go off automatically) based on preference
    6. Unistall all the extra crappy apps your not using
    7. When your playing a game go into airplane
    8. Turn your wifi off or I recomend having JUICE DEFENDER ULTIMATE control it!
  24. justdoyour

    justdoyour Newbie

    Remember share your results!!!
  25. justdoyour

    justdoyour Newbie

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