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[ROM]Bio-Sense v.2.0[Sense 2.1]New Tweaks & Customs Added

Discussion in 'Archived Threads' started by Diablo67, Mar 31, 2012.

  1. Diablo67

    Diablo67 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter
    Jan 13, 2012

    My Other Work

    Annihilator Rom v.1.0[/URL]
    ELITE Series IV*ELITE Series Resurrected[/URL]
    Team Revolations Rev-Rom v.1.3[/URL]
    Red Line v.1.0.1[/URL]​

    Disclaimer:Once you have downloaded this file to your device,i am not responsible for what happens to your phone,if you follow directions i supply,you will have no trouble.​

    Install Instructions

    1)Download Bio-Sense.zip To Your Desktop
    2)Copy To Your Sd Card
    3)Go To Recovery And Make A Nandroid Of Your Present Rom
    4)Go To Wipe Menu And Wipe,All Data/Factory Reset,Data,Cache,SD Card/.Android_Secure,SD-Ext,System And Delvik Cache
    5)Go To Flash Zip Menu,Then Choose Zip From SD Card
    6)Find Bio-Sense.zip And Install,Reboot After Install And Then Your Golden,Enjoy!​


    Also I Added 6 Sense 2.1 Themes For You To Use If you Dont Like The Theme Already Made For It​

    Whats Inside Bio-Sense v.1.0

    Sense 2.1
    Task Killer
    Init.d Support
    Apps2SD Support
    Beats Audio Hack
    Classic Kernel-SBC v.1(Thanks To Ca1ne[/URL])
    Smurfed-Out Tweaks v.5.0(Thanks To Papa Smurf151[/URL])
    Custom Clock
    Custom Rosie(Dock)
    2.1 Themes
    Apps added​

    Whats Inside Bio-Sense v.2.0


    Photo & Video Quality Raised
    VM Tweaks Added
    Wifi & 3G Tweaks
    Battery Saving Tweaks
    Render UI With GPU
    Decrease Dialing Out Delay
    Improved Scrolling Responsiveness And Increase Overall Touch Responsiveness
    Disable Blackscreen Issue After A Call
    Fixed Some Application Issues
    Force Button Lights On When Screen Is Activated
    Qualcom Tweaks Added
    Other Misc Tweaks
    Ridiculous Speed Improvement
    VM Management Tweaks
    Misc Kernel Tweaks
    Queue Size Mods
    Networking Tweaks
    Governor Tweaks
    MicroSD Card Speed Tweak
    Disabled Sleepers
    Loopy smoothness tweak
    Cron Added:Cron Is A Timer That Activates Every Hour,Day And Week At Specific Times And Runs A Script,It Drops Cache And Wipes It As Well and Makes Your Phone Feel Like It Rebooted Without A Reboot​

    Things Added

    Underworld Sense SBC Kernel v0.2(Underworld Sense Kernel v0.2[/URL])
    Smurfed Out v.6.2(Smurfed-Out Tweaks v.6.2[/URL])
    Customized Dialer
    Changed Wallpaper
    Changed Dropdown Transparency(Easier To Read)
    New Customized Lockscreen(Bio Hazard)
    New Transition Animation(ICS)
    New System Font(Morpheous)​


    Themed HTC Clock Widget Apk
    Themed Rosie Apk
    Changed The Default & Setup Wallpapers
    Implemented Ca1nes SBC Stock Kernel v.1.0
    Implemented Papa Smurfs 5.0 Tweaks(init.d and build.prop)
    Implemented Beats Audio Hack(A Small 40% Sound Improvement)
    Added Black Expresso Theme
    Added Carbon Expresso Theme
    Added Acid Rosie Theme
    Added Carbon Fiber Theme
    Added rEVOlution Theme
    Added Slate Theme
    Added Prop Editor v.0.3
    Added No Frills CPU Control v.1.12
    Added Net Speed Optimizer
    Added Init.d support
    Added Apps2SD Support
    Added task Killer Tweak
    Added OD Tweak App
    Zipalligned All Apps​

    Thanks To The Following

    Team Revolation
    Papa Smurf151

    Splash Screen By iBlowpot(Thanks Brother)


    Bio-Sense v.2.0

    Bio-Sense v.1.0



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