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Root [ROM]Bone Stock & Stock Deodex ROM's Triumph-Now Resets Splash.img!!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by b_randon14, Sep 13, 2011.

  1. rcsrich

    rcsrich Android Expert

    Ah, but does the ROM have a safeguard to keep the phone from committing suicide through self-detonation once it realizes it's been returned to stock and the depression just gets to be too much? :D

    Seriously tho, thanks for making it easier to get the old girl back to stock when it's time to say goodbye to the stormy love-hate relationship that is the life of a MT owner.


  2. magohn

    magohn Android Enthusiast

    Thanks! ;)
  3. b_randon14

    b_randon14 Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Lol no I haven't worked on that one yet lol! You gotta let it decide if its worth the phone living or not to the phone itself. I don't wanna step in if its that unhappy with its stock self lol!!

    No problen guys I like making things easy! There was a time when I was lost in the world that is Android hacking and wished I had people to help me our by making things up (for the most part anyways) your a flash away from a bootable phone!!
  4. mhlsilverdale

    mhlsilverdale Member

    I downloaded "Stock_ROM_SplashImage_b_randon14.zip" from the provided link; It installs stock except the boot animation was not correct. It came up with bluish, white "Android" lettering and a "fiddle" sound.
    While the animation appeared to have the right images (installation directory), the desc.txt was wrong.

    So, I replaced the boot animation file located in this directory "/hidden/data/power-on animation/boot animation.zip" with the correct stock file.

    Upon flashing the modified zip file, the correct animation (and sound) plays at start up and there is (stock) animation and sound on the shutdown (where there was none previously).

    What got me looking at this (I've flashed this ROM several times in the past to reactivate) was I need to send my Triumph back to VM due to USB data connection short and I needed the stock ROM back in its entirety including the boot up animation.

    Note: I was using CWM5504 to flash the ROMS.

    I guess my question is, was this an oversight, intentional or has the file been stepped on?

    Thanks for making it available, comes in handy from time to time.
  5. mushien

    mushien Lurker

    So I'm assuming that since this rom returns things to stock out of the box that HDMI will work again, correct?

    I'm asking because I'm currently deployed (no phone service) and was considering installing the new XBMC onto my Triumph to turn it into a super portable media center, that I can also plug into TV's etc.

    Any reason this wouldn't work, or be a bad idea?
  6. wafflecow

    wafflecow Member

    When I'm trying to apply the update (complete stock triumph rom) from recovery I get the error where the installation is aborted I'm so confused!! I'm also using the latest clockwork you posted in late 2012..
    please help!!

  7. Tokens210

    Tokens210 Android Expert

    Brandon made this and, the newest cwm so I'd wait and see what he has to say

    But if ur downloading it using the phone I'd say try using a PC, also check any checksum numbers to be sure the download is completing

    The zip file should be placed on the top most SD card folder, like if u plug ur phone directly in or if u use a SD reader the first folder it opens

    Also if I do recall correctly Brandon had said that the newest cwm may have trouble with stock nandroid saves or stock files period for a reason I currently can't remember so u may end up having to go with a different cwm version for this

    But again I'd wait to hear from brandon or someone else in the MTDEV team
  8. wafflecow

    wafflecow Member

    thank you for the tips so far i've used cwm, (i chose this older one because it was part of the "100% Stock NANDROID backup, and stock recovery" thread), and the latest from brandon but i'll try the other versions later today and see if i can get this to work while waiting..
  9. BlackFrost

    BlackFrost Newbie

    I know this thread and ROM are old as hell at this point, but I have a question.

    My brother lost his phone (he believes it was stolen) so he is trying to transfer his number back to my old Triumph.

    Is this...possible, at all? I tried using this ROM to flash it back to 100% stock, but for whatever reason this phone *refuses* to believe it doesn't use my old number (which has been ported to another phone!) and Virgin's own website states that the MEID is in use.

    Is there no way at all to fix this?

    Edit: NEVERMIND I got it working. Sorry!
  10. realdreams

    realdreams Member

    Anyone has a backup link for it?

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