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Jun 4, 2010
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Bricked-CM9Kang v3
based on AOSP CM9 #Kangified

What does it give you:
Everything from CM9 + Touchscreen fixes (Dees_Troy27) + KSM (Kernel Samepage Merging) + fixed init.d script autoexecution on bootup (turl)
Bricked v0.35 with KSM support, Default clocks @ 1566/192 ondemand
- OC up to 1914Mhz, Voltage Control via sysfs (SystemTuner, etc), etc, etc.... Look here.

Do you want a fresh install? Wipe data/factory reset & just flash from recovery.
Already on cm9 and don't want to loose your data? Just flash over your current install without wiping (don't forget to reinstall gapps afterwards).

*** v3 ***

repo synced with CM9 (18:00 CET, 27/01/12)
touchscreen fixups by Dees_Troy, ts: lower touch threshold to help with light touches
touchscreen optimization by Dees_Troy, remove unneeded code and optimize filter
disable_dock_switch, fixes touchstone freezes, thanks to nomadman
hq bootanimation, by Kevin1981 from #cyanogenmod-touchpad on freenode
new quicksettings options, optimized for tablets, Gerrit Code Review
External Bluetooth GPS support, http://review.cyanog...m/#change,12095
...and many more stuff from the sync, take a look under settings

I'm going to try this today. I'm interested in the external BT GPS support. :D

Make sure you make a backup in recovery before trying anything like this.
Me too.

Now that 0.6 is out, I'd watch for this to get updated too. :D