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[ROM ]--CHARITY--Smoked Glass Themed Version 12 !! Gingerbread 2.3.4

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by dew912, May 28, 2011.

  1. dew912

    dew912 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Version 12.7 - Gingerbread 2.3.4 - It's awesome!
    Download link: CHARITY ROM 12.7
    I haven't picked a charity for this version yet, please suggest one

    Quick Feature list:
    ChevyNo1's 1100mhz Low Volt kernel
    Built off Android Open Source Project 2.3.4
    Zipaligned, & Fully Optimized!
    LauncherPro is default launcher
    Music Controls on Lock Screen
    Long press on volume rocker for prev/next track
    Added Silent option to the volume rocker
    Added Silent option to lockscreen jog dials
    Added Reboot option to the power menu
    180 degree rotation; volume rocker matches screen orientation
    Widgets are grouped in the "Choose Widget" Menu
    FLAC support system-wide. Works in Music Player
    Fully enabled & working apps2sd
    Root Access w/ SuperUser
    Busybox Installed & Working
    Lower minimum brightness
    Smoked Glass Widgets (Credit to AdamZ)
    Big library of system sounds
    A ton of bug fixes / other features

    Cyanogen Deskclock
    Browser: Full screen option, option to hide zoom controls, text automatically re-wraps with two finger zoom, incognito mode, user-agent option
    MMS: Option to change message font size
    Camera: Launcher shows Camera & Camcorder
    Cyanogen File Manager
    Motorola Notes Widget, World Clock, & Slideshow widgets
    Elliot Stocker Music App - Gingerbread port, with Video app
    Sound Recorder shows in launcher
    Wired/Wireless tether both tested and work, not included
    Ads are not blocked by default, download AdFree from the market
    HBO Go, Netflix, Watch ESPN all work straight from market

    The ROM is FAST!! Enjoy


    Backing up...
    Google saves your contacts, programs, settings, and bookmarks on the cloud.
    You can double-back up program with Titanium backup, which will also backup application settings
    You can back up text messages with a market app called "SMS Backup & Restore".

    File is in the UPDATE.ZIP format.

    Place the file you downloaded anywhere on the SD Card. Easiest place would be the root directory.
    Chose "Install zip from sdcard" from the main menu
    Select "Chose zip from sdcard"
    Browse to the file (SG11-update.zip) and select it. Confirm the install, let it do it's magic.

    Rename the file you downloaded to update.zip and place it in the root of the SD Card.
    Select Install from the main menu
    Select Allow update.zip Installation
    Select Install /sdcard/update.zip (deprecated)

    Missing any featuers from your other ROMs? Let me know, I'll add it to ours

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  2. mjoshea148

    mjoshea148 Newbie

    Been looking forward to this! Installing now and will report back in a while. Thanks!
  3. Revolagoy

    Revolagoy Lurker

    Great rom. Smooth and fast. I only have a couple of issues, the power control widget doesn't work for me. I can put it on the screen, however, none of the symbols show up. I am getting some LP redraws, so I am going to try the supercharger script.

    Also, my camera doesn't work. Not sure is this is rom related because it stop working with Liquid 1.9. It hasn't worked since. It opens without the options on the right side of the screen (i.e. - zoom, etc.) and when I try to take a picture it forces closes.
  4. dew912

    dew912 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Power widget- toggle wifi in settings menu it should reappear
    Camera-i think its your phone. Pm me
  5. Revolagoy

    Revolagoy Lurker

    Hey dew, thanks for your response. I reloaded the rom after wiping data, cache, format boot and system and toggled the wifi and everything is working fine. I haven't had a fc with lp yet. My camera is even working! I don't think I am going to use the supercharger script.

    Thanks for making such a great rom!
  6. mjoshea148

    mjoshea148 Newbie

    No issues with camera. Only issue I noted so far (and I've seen this in a lot of other Gingerbread ROMs) is that while bluetooth voice dial works, the voice prompt you are supposed to hear isn't there. This is a big deal for me because I use phone mostly in car with car kit. Had something to do w/libaudio policy or such (noob). I know in SS ROM there's apparently an option to switch between this and DSP (which I don't use).

    Is this something that can be fixed?

  7. bigdroiddog

    bigdroiddog Well-Known Member

    I love the speed, fluidity, everything about it so far,I always always been partial to charity roms and they have always run great on my phone. I pulled the OG out of retirement just for this rom as i have moved on to using the Droid X. Now my OG feel faster and more fluid than my X.
  8. mobrienjr

    mobrienjr Android Enthusiast

    this sounds awesome...will monitor a few days to see if any new issues pop up
  9. kandroiddo

    kandroiddo Lurker

    I e-prostrate before you op.

    just got this intsalled. other than what seems to be a couple reboots haven't noticed anything much.

    some noob questions follow..
    1. i thought all that was required potentially was wiping data and cache. what do you mean by 'format boot and system'?

    2. i have this app running.. com.android.vending "alarmservice", on a bare install of this + wired tether, (not sure if it wouldn't have appeared if I didn't install wired tether), anyone know why?

    3. which version of wireless tether was used, i see a few alphas etc. in the code.google... page.

    4. how do I get the (smoked glass) widgets to appear?
  10. dew912

    dew912 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I can fix this, i know what the problem is
  11. dew912

    dew912 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    1 - partition menu in clockworkmod recovery
    2 - vending = market
    3 - i don't use it very often, but i always use their newest alpha i think its v3
    4 - analog clock, power widget, music widget, search widget etc are skinned, just add them as usual; long press on home screen in empty space and select widgets and add the one you want
  12. kandroiddo

    kandroiddo Lurker

    1- i didn't format boot and system. i assume in some cases this provides benefit over simply wiping data and cache? (I followed the stickied instructions, 'painless thorough rom switching in under an hour'.)

    2- yea, I know it's the market app, I don't know why it's continuously running. apparently from some other thread it is instantiated by another program, but I don't know what it is that is doing that.

    3,4- thanks
  13. YankeeDudeL

    YankeeDudeL Android Expert

    If you're looking to donate to a charity, I'm sure the Red Cross and Salvation Army have their hands full right now with all the devastation going on. If you wanted, I know you can donate directly to certain chapters of the Red Cross so that the money goes directly to a certain area, like if you wanted to donate to the chapter that encompasses Joplin MO, for instance.
  14. seripth

    seripth Lurker

    I was wondering if this had the 3G fix that cyanogen posted a few days back?

    Also, I love your ROMs, gonna check this one out tomorrow!
  15. dew912

    dew912 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    yes it does
  16. bigdroiddog

    bigdroiddog Well-Known Member

    If i were looking for a great place to donate I would donate to pet shelters or rescue efforts, here is a very good one a friend started up in Louisiana. This is the website on facebook (PuppyPower Rescue | Facebook), she has paypal set up for donations, i can assure you its 100percent legit, she is a friend of the family and rescues so many dogs and finds good homes for them. I am taking nothing away from Any tornado victims, i just have always been leery of donating to any red cross because big brother always has their hands in the honey pot, i would rather bring money to the people
    cleaning up from the disaster efforts first hand.
  17. YankeeDudeL

    YankeeDudeL Android Expert

    So many good charities, hard to go wrong as long as you know it's legit. So many causes out there, and there will never be enough to supplement them all.
  18. stonecoldxlh

    stonecoldxlh Newbie

    Love this new Rom... I had no problems getting it installed or working.

    Its' smooth, fast and sweet. Great Work. I've also noticed that my phone doesn't get nearly as hot as it used to get with Charity 11. Charity 12 is a great improvement.

    Thanks for the hard work and GREAT Rom.


  19. gqskrub

    gqskrub Lurker

    Merging the power widget onto the taskbar was the most notable feature from cm7. Please you add this! <3
    [Mod] Statusbar PulldownMod - CyanogenMod 7 [Morph] - xda-developers

    [Edit] Just curious, have you tried this with Pete's kernels with the "new" interactive governer?[/edit]
  20. docdl

    docdl Newbie

    Download link doesn't seem to work. Would like to give it a try...
  21. mjoshea148

    mjoshea148 Newbie

    Just tested the link - works fine for me. Are you blocking anything?
  22. docdl

    docdl Newbie

    Weird. I messed with it for about 20 minutes with no success. Works fine now....downloading. Thanks for the test mjoshea148.
  23. seripth

    seripth Lurker

    Sweet. Good to know.
  24. gqskrub

    gqskrub Lurker

    One last request: Circle battery icon with percentage?! :)
  25. Techno Tonis

    Techno Tonis Well-Known Member

    Power bar widget doesn't work on mine....shows up as being a blank bar.

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