Root [ROM][CM10.2][JB4.3.1][JLS36I] Beanstalk Build 4.3.1015 [10/26]


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I am proud to present to you BeanStalk Builds put together by myself. This is a build composed off of the CM10.2 builds and i have added alot of features on top of it. So you get speed, stability, and ultra customization ability. Many of the additional code additions came from slim ROM and also Derteufels build and have been modified to work with my current setup. A huge thanks to Derteufel and the Slim ROM guys for their work and dedication. Also a big thanks to everyone involved with CM as that is the building stone in this project. Thanks to skyliner33v for the bootanimation and upcoming wallpapers!



  • CM based
  • Lockscreen background options (Color fill, Custom image, Transparent)
  • Customizable Lockscreen text color
  • Lockscreen rotation
  • Option to enable all widgets
  • Minimize lockscreen challange
  • Use widget carousel
  • Slider Shortcuts
  • Static Lockscreen shortcuts
  • Lockscreen button actions
  • LCD Density
  • Scroll elasticity options
  • Default App grip option
  • Custom Carrier label
  • Dual Pane options
  • Customizable boot animation (off, default, set your own bootanimation)
  • Custom original BeanStalk Wallpapers by skyliner33v
  • Custom BeanStalk bootanimation by skyliner33v
  • Status bar color and transparency
  • Clock and date options which includes color, location, style
  • Signal Styles which include color and text instead of icons, alternate GB signal layout, hide signal icons
  • Breathing SMS option
  • Battery styles - Includes specific colors and styles. Also includes battery bar
  • Do not disturb option
  • Show notification count
  • Pie controls (need to have lockscreen background set to something other then default to work correctly (dont ask why) )
  • Fully customizable navigation bar - Includes style, layout, color, nav rings, pretty much everything you can think of.
  • Quick settings color settings, tiles per row, Quick pulldown, text color
  • Notification shortcuts, behaviour, drawer style (customizable colors), toggle colors, longpress quicksettings icon to enable/disable toggles
  • Keyboard and input method options which include disable full screen keyboard and auto rotate
  • Kil app back button with customizable timeout values
  • High end graphic effects option
  • option to disable/enable vibrate on expand for notifications alerts
  • Low battery warning customizable options
  • Recents RAM bar fully customizable with color styles
  • Clock widget for LockClock including extra options to fully customize every feature of the lockclock
  • Build.prop MOD options to enable/disable tweaks as preferred
  • Less frequent Notification sounds options
  • CRT screen off/on options to specify how the animation shows
  • Enable/disable wake up on charge option
  • Superuser fully embedded into the build and accessed from settings menu
  • CM Performance options and features
  • About BeanStalk option with links to github source and facebook for beanstalk. Also links to my twitter and donate.
  • insane amount of edits/tweaks/fixes to make this build absolutely fly
  • option to use a fully themable MMS packages. You can access from mms - settings - theme settings
  • Numerous other options hidding throughout the build

  • KSM patches/optimizations
  • FSYNC User control
  • Adj. User Voltages (Table)
  • LOAD_FREQ (4*HZ+61) avoids loadavg more
  • 2048KB readahead
  • SmartassV2 and Lulzactive Gov. (not included yet)
  • Advanced TCP Congestions (not included yet either)


  • Download ROM
  • Download GAPPS: HERE
  • Copy ROM and GAPPS to device
  • Reboot to recovery
  • Coming from different rom, wipe data, cache, and dalvik cache
  • Coming from older beanstalk version, wipe both caches (wipe data for fresh install, optional though)
  • Flash ROM and GAPPS
  • Flash custom kernel if you want to
  • Finally reboot and enjoy!


Kernel Source
Beanstalk ROM Source (Scotthartbti)

Attached are some Screenshots


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BeanStalk 4.3.1015 - 10/27/2013
* Major additions related to telephony from CM
* Few Active Display cleanups/fixes
* Camera optimizations
* Multi-Window (Accessed from recents. Long press app and add to multiview)
* Option to enable Notification Light when screen is on
* Floating Window option
* Fliptile animation
* AOKP Custom system animations
* Battery level around lock ring (Did i list this last time?)
* Remote display framework support
* Density changer overhaul - improvements.
* Switched back to the custom MMS package with tons of customizable theme options. Listed under mms - settings - mms theme settings.
* Fixes and cleanups build wide.
* Thanks again to vaughn for getting another build together.

BeanStalk 4.3.1009 - 10/16/2013
* Fixed call log info issue not responding issue
* Added OTA support for all beanstalk builds that upload to the main account.
- OTA wont be available until the next update since this is the first build with the ota support added.
* Added Thinking bridge traffic meter
* Major Overhaul to privacy guard and layout changes. All credit to slim
* Network color preference options. Thanks carbon
* Keypad shuffler option. for ultra high security.
* add never sleep screen mode
* Added performance profiles
* Merged android-4.3.1_r1 sources
* Add support for FM feature
* More cleanup/fixes for Active Display
* Reverted a bunch of questionable commits. Should be more stable
* Boot animation also looks much better and optimized.

Beanstalk 4.3082 - 9/26/2013
* Fixed proximity sensor always on due to Active Display
* New CM Privacy Guard 2.0
* Misc fixes

BeanStalk 4.3.08 - 9/24/2013
* Active Display, screen off notifications..on screen
* BT code makeover
* Merged in the lastest Android 4.3_r3 source code
* Fixed gapps services fc'ing. Was due to a shady commit.
* Added device partion information (settings - storage - partitions)
* Added back external bluetooth GPS support.
* Added Halo mods.
* Updated busy dialog animation.
* Updated how busy dialog information is shown.
* Rework thumbnail handling
* Notification long press fix
* DockAudio: Route audio via dock for Samsung devices
* Numerous fixes and improvements throughout the build

BeanStalk 4.3.075 - 9/15/2013
* NUMEROUS fixes through the build
* HALO updates
* Optimized/cleaned lockscreen code
* Updated profiles settings
* Added .75 and .25 animation scales
* Couple wifi fixes
* Ported statusbar brightness slider (notification drawer styles) from AOKP rom control
* Statusbar brightness slider (finger slide across statusbar style)
* Updated colorpicker and layout for powerwidget color options
* Removed dithering option
* Added lock before unlock
* Camera/Gallery options from slimrom. Smart control, jpeg quality settings, color effects, etc


Hey Az,
I installed this today. First of all, Thanks for your contribution (I really mean it) Great job!
I am by no means experienced. Saw several apps that I don't know how to select options (Tweaker for eg). I can't comment on battery life yet (too soon to tell) but my question to you is what settings to use (in Android Tweaker for eg) to improve battery life.


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I haven't really messed with that yet cause it felt smooth already, but I might use some of those settings then give you which ones actually do something


Thanks. One more thing that I wanted to know: I come for PAC Rom and I liked the Ribbons, specifically, the Lockscreen Ribbon. I know your ROM has Fixed shortcuts on the lockscreen, but Ribbon allows you to do more (eg, you can dial a specific contact from lockscreen than to just open the contact list). As a feature request, could you please include ribbons in your next release?


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OK I'll try and get ribbons in I like them to, and here are some good settings with the android tweaker app



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Android Expert
Nope, has the xposed app per app dpi though but not pa's

Not sure how xposed does their dpi hacking. I may have to give it a whirl.

Does have this, haven't tried it yet.

Nope. That's just standard dpi hack method. Probably clears the market data, change the dpi, reboot. You should have apps that require the new dpi available. It just takes advantage of the market data locking to whatever the dpi was set to last time it generated its data.

PA hacks a bit of the framework (supposedly, I don't know for sure) in order to force all apps to whatever dpi you're using.


Great Rom! I've been running for a day and so far no problems. Everything I've used so far works and It is has alot of tweaks... very nice! I've tried a few Roms in the past few days and I'll be sticking with this one for now.


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How is bluetooth running with this ROM? Gotta say....went all the way back to Black Plague Gingerbread recently and BT works....but it is GB instead of JB.....


Android Expert
great job on the port az. I had been running beta 4 until flashing this last night and though it's not as smooth as beta 4 it's pretty close. I definitely like it so far and plan on sticking with it unless it becomes unstable. So far I only had one soft reboot right after flashing it last night but since then it's run great.


Hey. Thanks for this ROM. First 10.1 ROM that hasn't been buggy for me. The only problem I'm having is that I can't install apps (from outside the play store or titanium backup)

When I go to install it goes to the permissions screen and I am unable to press the "next" or "install" button. I can press the "cancel" button just fine and it's not the sensor on the screen. Any ideas?


Hey. Thanks for this ROM. First 10.1 ROM that hasn't been buggy for me. The only problem I'm having is that I can't install apps (from outside the play store or titanium backup)

When I go to install it goes to the permissions screen and I am unable to press the "next" or "install" button. I can press the "cancel" button just fine and it's not the sensor on the screen. Any ideas?

I think this issue is related to Halo, if you have it enabled. Disable Halo, install the app, then re-enable Halo.


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I think this issue is related to Halo, if you have it enabled. Disable Halo, install the app, then re-enable Halo.

I think it's more of a general overlay issue. You can get done other apps like twilight (nighttime screen app) that cause the same issue because of the overlay.

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