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[ROM] CM7 TG-Reloaded (Final: 03-25)

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Whyzor, Dec 23, 2011.

  1. Whyzor

    Whyzor Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Here's an introduction to CyanogenMod 7 for the un-initiated. This ROM is an update to the original CM7 ROM by TickerGuy. A big thank you to Isaacj87 (ikarosdev), TickerGuy, & Mantera for making this possible.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    For even more theme customizations, see the Ultimate Online Theme Kitchen

    Updates since TickerGuy's final CM7 B0.8:

    - Default kernel based on TheOC kernel with overclocking/undervolting options (61 Mhz - 2 Ghz). (Beware of OC risks, it's not overclocked unless you intentionally change settings)
    - Improved UI response without giving up battery life by switching to Interactive governor & SIO scheduler as default (I DO NOT recommend changing these).
    - Rewrote touchscreen driver for smoother & more accurate response
    - Updated Adreno 205 graphics drivers (12 -> 24 FPS in Nenamark2)
    - Fixed wifi & sensor event wakelocks for better battery life.
    - Intentional BT wake_lock added for reliable Bluetooth when enabled.
    - BT & Wifi can now be enabled together without 100% CPU usage.
    - Wifi connects to hidden SSIDs also & scans faster.
    - Improved camcorder video (h264@4/2/0.5 Mbps) & audio (AAC 64kbps @ 44khz) encoding & auto-focusing.
    - Improved light sensor readings for auto-backlight tuning in CM settings.
    - Fixed sluggish accelerometer bug after long uptime since reboot.
    - Extended time for "hold back button to kill app" to 3 seconds to prevent accidental kills.
    - Restored default Android lowmemkiller settings for better multitasking apps (Can still be changed in /etc/init.d/99memory)
    - Disabled DEBUG mode & HDMI service startup since it's not working anyway
    - ICS Roboto font default instead of DroidSans

    Updates from CyanogenMod 7.2 Gingerbread 2.3.7:

    - T9 predictive search for contacts in phone dialpad
    - Customizable carrier label on lockscreen
    - ICS Ring (+blade) lock, rotation & transition animations
    - Bluetooth external GPS dongle support
    - Many other minor fixes & updates such as correct EXIF camera date, options to disable bootup animation, scrolling cache , BT quickconnect, lock volume keys in quiet mode.

    Known Problems (everything else works):

    - HDMI does not work (Keep a Froyo backup if need to use it occasionally)
    - BT or WiFi enabled will prevent deep sleep mode, this is a required hack on custom ROMs (Use built-in Notification bar widget to quickly toggle)
    - Some videos in portrait mode flickers. (Enable CM settings 180 orientation & flip upside down)
    - Volume sometimes low (pausing or restarting audio sometimes helps)

    This ROM is STABLE and has very good battery life when BT & Wifi are off (less than 1%/hr idle when no apps or services are transferring background data). If you encounter any issues, make a NANDroid backup in recovery (DO NOT use the Titanium Backup App, which can cause more problems), then factory-reset & reflash the ROM, try to reproduce the problem BEFORE installing/restoring any Apps. Most problems are due to apps & user settings.

    Download Final Build 2012-03-25
    md5sum checksum: e2fa38f568af393c525cede9f6eaf025
    (I recommend PC download & USB cable transfer onto phone's sdcard for reliability)


    Follow these simple instructions if you've never flashed a ROM on the MT. If upgrading from a previous CM7, need to wipe cache & advanced -> dalvik-cache in recovery mode (it keeps user data). Also wipe BOTH caches if you experience problems. Android Market/Play is not included for legal reasons, you MUST flash gapps.zip RIGHT AFTER flashing this ROM zip for the first time before rebooting, gtalk.zip (Google Talk) is optional. After booting into the ROM, you may remove some of the bloatware, see this thread.

    Special thanks to these people for financial donations: alisonc, Ben F, Brad Z, Brian C, Claude R, Chi Sung R, Chris H, David E, Deconstructed, dsmryder, eapinto, Eddy C, Jahaziel S, Jay G, Joey M, John C, John D, John K, JohnnyRocket, Jon E, Josh B, Josh H, Kannon Y, Kevin M, klehman215, linearB, Luther P, marc12868, Matthew H, MediocreBadguy, Nicholas M, OverByter, PatrickD88, pillbug, Robert M, Sam H, sharp351, soundping, Susan B, thangfish, Tim S, Volker N, xploPR, Zach B

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  2. Whyzor

    Whyzor Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Build 2012-03-25

    Includes WhyKernel 03-25:
    - Enabled INPUT_GPIO in kernel config again to fix proximity sensor glitches.

    - Reverted to original libaudioalsa.so and liba2dp blobs to be safe & since there were no noticeable audio improvements in last build.
    - Default to 'dim' auto-brightness profile values by aricblunk

    Updates from Cyanogenmod 7:
    - Fixed EXIF data writing for camera
    - Fixed soft keyboard appearing on dialer sometimes
    - Show PIN entry even if lockscreen is disabled
    - Backported "disappearing SD media" fixes from CM9
    - Fixed ext4 image generation when size is exact multiple of block size
    - Fix cursor repeatedly moving back to beginning of To field in MMS app
    - Battery status can be shown in PatternUnlockScreen also
    - Added Max SMS length option
    - ADWLauncher: Added option to lock Action Buttons in main dock

    Build 2012-03-04

    Includes WhyKernel 03-04:
    - Updated KGSL Adreno 205 graphics drivers (12 -> 24 FPS in Nenamark2)
    - Ported genlock feature, needed by newer GPU drivers
    - Added ZRAM kernel support
    - More battery efficient LED notification blinks

    - Using newer audio & Adreno 205 driver blobs from non-MT FB0 devices on xda-forums
    - Added 250 ms delay to prevent accidentally swiping from screen to capacitive buttons
    - Reverted to older wifi.c in libhardware_legacy

    Updates from Cyanogenmod 7:
    - Updated File Manager app that's included
    - View contact by long press on dialpad T9 results
    - More efficient memcpy & strlen low-level functions
    - Other minor fixes & improvements.

    Build 2012-03-01

    WhyKernel 02-29:
    - Enabled AES & SHA256 encryption support for apps that need it.
    - Disabled INPUT_GPIO to get rid of unnecessary interrupt servicing.
    - Touchscreen should work with other FB0 devices again.

    - Fixed proximity sensor not turning screen back on during calls

    Updates from Cyanogenmod 7:
    - Landscape layouts for in-call screen
    - Fixed screen hang after dismissing a landscape alarm

    Build 2012-02-18

    WhyKernel 02-18:
    - Fixed occasional "event" wakelocks due to 2+ sensors active at the same time
    - More touchscreen optimizations, correct button layout for other FB0 devices
    - Fixed broken video from 02-16 build

    Other Changes
    - Using same sensors & graphics blobs as CM9.
    - Added /system/usr/bi041p.idc file for touchscreen calibrations

    Updates from Cyanogenmod 7:
    - "CM Settings - Input" now doesn't force close (only in last build)
    - Fixed side swiping notifications freezes (again)
    - Fixed freeze after rotating screen when off
    - Fixed stock gallery app improper image scaling
    - Improved scrolling cache
    - Fixed music widget transparency in landscape mode

    WhyKernel 02-08
    - Removed some BKLs in input processing.

    Build 2012-02-02
    (CM Settings - Input Force Closes in this build. It should keep settings from prev versions)

    Kernel Changes:
    - Proper fix for the leftover Wifi & BT wakelocks problem
    - Improved MMC/SDIO stability

    Updates from Cyanogenmod 7:
    - 'Blade' Ring Lockscreen style option available
    - Option to disable scrolling cache in performance settings
    - ADB over wireless feature built-in (missing 'adbd' on the MT)
    - Fixed FC on boot when lockscreen disabled
    - Fixed lockscreen alignment

    WhyKernel 01-31
    - Fixes wakelocks problem.

    Build 2012-01-26

    Updates from Cyanogenmod 7:
    - Fixed status bar swipe race (freezing) condition
    - Customizable Carrier Label in Settings
    - Bluetooth quickconnect option
    - ICS rotation & transition animations.
    - Option to lock volume keys in silent mode.
    - Automatically restart ADB if TCP port settings change.
    - Other minor fixes.

    Build 2012-01-21:

    Kernel changes:
    - Touchscreen interrupts have dedicated workqueues now for faster processing. Removed firmware update & other non-functional code.
    - Disabled Smartass & SavagedZen CPU governors. They were causing extra early_suspend processing, there are better governors available still.

    Other changes:
    - Bluetooth & Wifi can be enabled at the same time without 100% CPU utilization.

    Build 2012-01-14:

    Kernel changes:
    - Default to Interactive governor & SIO scheduler (similar performance as Noop, but will give priority to UI interruptions)
    - Light sensor will now report 1, 31, 61, 91, 121... values to improve average calculations for auto-backlight
    - Intentional wake_lock for when Bluetooth is powered on.
    - Disabled more debugging messages (cleanup devs!)

    Other changes:
    - Enabled AAC audio codec, videos will sound much clearer now. Also disabled continuous auto-focus hunting when recording (these small lenses have huge depth of field anyway)
    - Disabled gps.conf intermediate position reporting that gave false locations until locked (problem introduced in last build)
    - Updated gps.conf some more, not sure if this makes much of a difference on the MT.
    - Reduced hold_back_to_kill delay to 3 seconds for those impatient serial-killas out there.
    - Put RomManager back to try not to break anything, it can be removed after first boot up.

    Updates from Cyanogenmod 7:
    - NEW Ringlock Feature
    - NEW Bluetooth GPS dongle support
    - Disable Bootup animation now works
    - Other minor updates such as TLS-Auth for OpenVPN & call waiting tweak.

    Build 2012-01-07:

    Kernel changes:
    - Reverted back to the stock touchscreen driver code (used in TG's B.08 ROM) with my rewrite & optimization of isr_workqueue function. Should be more reliable and smoother.
    - New fix for MMC wake-lock that prevents deep sleep when screen is off.
    - Disabled debug mode/msgs in kernel.

    Other changes:
    - Disabled more debugging modes in DalvikVM, GPS, & kernel. Leaner & faster ROM overall.
    - Using gps.conf QUICKEST FIX V1.3 By RJLM, not sure if aGPS even works on the MT according to TG, but this won't hurt anything if it doesn't.

    Build 20111230:

    Kernel changes:
    - Based on TheOC v1.6.14 (changelog)

    Other changes:
    - Fix for sluggish accelerometer.
    - Extended time for "hold back button to kill app" to 4 seconds to prevent accidental kills
    - Disabled DEBUG mode & most messages.
    - Removed RomManager.apk from package

    Build 20111228:

    Cyanogen changes:
    - Dialpad: perform search when retrieving last dialed number

    Kernel changes:
    - Kernel based on TheOC Kernel v1.6.11 (changelog)
    ** Using original interactive governor algorithm with 20ms intervals & 95% threshold.
    ** Disabled some intermediate frequencies 184, 368, 652, 806, 921 Mhz, simplifies CPU scaling, Still have 61, 122, 245, 460, 576, 768, 1024, & the rest of OC)
    ** Disabled proximity sensor debug msgs.
    - My experimental kernel fix for the occasional "can't go into deep sleep mode until reboot" bug. This should improve battery life.
    - Interactive governor default instead of ondemand

    Build 20111223:

    First version.
  3. punkmaxx

    punkmaxx Android Enthusiast

    Good to see new development! Keep on Keepin' on, man!
    Sunny74 and daposaspo like this.
  4. marc12868

    marc12868 Android Expert

    Glad to see someone else in development :D I'm gonna install this once I get off work:D also is this with the default oddball version kernel of ocv1. 5 or not?
  5. thangfish

    thangfish Android Expert

    Hey Whyzor, cool that you decided to pick this up. Is it possible for you to use PARTIAL_WAKE_LOCK when bluetooth is connected (like I think TG did for wifi) to keep BT from disconnecting when the device goes to sleep. This appears to be the a solution.
    Thanks. I'm gonna check this out tomorrow.
  6. Whyzor

    Whyzor Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Not sure what you mean by oddball, I've been using v1.5 for a while now and it's pretty stable.

    I dont' want to over-promise anything, but will look into it. In the meantime keep on using the tasker app as a workaround :)

    UPDATE: Implemented fix in 01-14 build.
    Sunny74 likes this.
  7. agentc13

    agentc13 Daleks Über Alles

    In the first overclockable kernel made for the stock ROM (Umph kernel), the dev had to make a bit of a workaround for certain Triumphs. He labeled it oddball, hence the question. It was really just the difference of setting the default clock speeds for the "oddball phones".
  8. Whyzor

    Whyzor Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    I see, the defaults are not overclocked (running 245-1024 Mhz) and not undervolted, so it's running within OEM specs. Just gives the option to change those in CM settings or with an app like IncrediControl.
  9. djboi2011

    djboi2011 Well-Known Member

    awesome!... Whyzor would u provide more details on the new governors?
  10. TheBritton

    TheBritton Resident Galaxy Cat

    Awesome! I already have been using the Roboto font with the help of XDA forum and Font Changer app. It's nice to have it built into the ROM now.
    Also, kudos for the disabling of HDMI on startup and the ability to disable boot animation.

    So, does this mean we can actually undervolt below 800mv now?
  11. TheBritton

    TheBritton Resident Galaxy Cat

    I didn't notice any new governors mentioned. Only the tweaking of the Interactive governor for potential battery life savings :)

    Correct me if I'm wrong?

    EDIT: Other than the new governors in the TheOC Kernel when compared to governors in Tickerguy's CM7
    djboi2011 likes this.
  12. djboi2011

    djboi2011 Well-Known Member

    yea, that's what i meant, i never used TheOC Kernel before :)
  13. djboi2011

    djboi2011 Well-Known Member

    hehe nvmd!!..went over the thread for the kernel, got everything i needed from there :) guess i was just too lazy!
  14. TheBritton

    TheBritton Resident Galaxy Cat

    Is there a way to restore the standard CM7 launcher to replace ADW?
  15. Whyzor

    Whyzor Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    There's still no way to verify, but with my changes I can set it to 500 mV as minimum and it's still fine 122-1024 Mhz.

    ADW launcher comes default with CM7, If you google 'Launcher2.apk' and install it like a regular app (in /data partition), then clear the app cache settings to use the launcher2 by default, it should stick even when flashing newer CM7 builds in the future. That's how I'm doing it with Zeam launcher.
  16. frdmspoplr

    frdmspoplr Well-Known Member

    Sweet. This is pretty much what I'm using now but it's all built-in, so instead of flashing 3 zips I can now just flash 1. I'm assuming you'll be incorporating TheOC updates as they're released?

    Glad to see another developer step in and help fill the void left by TG and Isaac.
  17. soundping

    soundping Well-Known Member

    Donation made.

    Keep up the good work. :)
    Whyzor likes this.
  18. wokeupdead

    wokeupdead Lurker

    Thanks. New at this, just rooted Triumph, installed this ROM. Have a few growing pains. Like contacts and stuff, but wow on the function of this build.
    daposaspo likes this.
  19. TheBritton

    TheBritton Resident Galaxy Cat

    Oh okay. I just noticed the launched looked different than Tickerguy's. I tried to restore my home screen with Titanium Backup but it didn't work. So Launcher2.apk is what I need to install. Okay, I'll try it. Thanks so much! Great job on this!
  20. PerkinsII

    PerkinsII Android Enthusiast

    Good to see people are back working at it again :)
  21. TheBritton

    TheBritton Resident Galaxy Cat

    Whyzor, this is a flashable zip for the Launcher2.apk

    [MOD] [Universal] 02/26/11 CM7 GB Stock Launcher / CM7 GB Mod 3.0 - CyanogenMod Forum

    Do you think this will work with this ROM? :)
  22. TheBritton

    TheBritton Resident Galaxy Cat

    Okay, good to hear.

    Also, here is the most common CPU governors explained. Although, TheOC kernel has a few extra governors not mentioned here, this may help get you started: [Q] SetCPU governors (explained) - xda-developers
  23. Whyzor

    Whyzor Android Expert
    Thread Starter

  24. TheBritton

    TheBritton Resident Galaxy Cat

    Okay, thanks!! :)
    also one more question.. can I flash the battery icon modifications or will that overwrite changes you have written in the framework? I can live without them if so.
    I'm typing this using the reloaded ROM and I love it! Thanks!
  25. Whyzor

    Whyzor Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Doubt "flashing" anything that modifies the framework would work, unless the person who created it bases it off of this new framework. It's better if you want to learn to mod stuff, open up the framework & extract the icons or .xml files from it, then save it separately so you can apply it again (when a new build comes out). Google for ways to do that.
    TheBritton likes this.

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