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Root [ROM] CTMod 3.80 (04/01/13)

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Bloodawn, Apr 29, 2012.

  1. Bloodawn

    Bloodawn Android Expert
    Thread Starter


    CTMod is a minimalist ROM designed for speed, stability and usability


    • Based on Sprint ZVC
    • Kernel: H426m
    • ClockworkMod Superuser
    • Busybox
    • adb enabled at boot
    • deodex'd, zipaligned, optimized and debloated
    • Fully themed
    • 13 widget Quickpanel
    • Swipe to clear for notifications
    • Extended Power Menu with Screenshot, Reboot, Fast Boot and Recovery
    • DSPManager and Torch ported from CM7
    • Downloadclutch
    • Adblock
    • and more

    Added apps:

    Installation will wipe all Data and Settings

    ➯ Copy the zip to your sdcard
    ➯ Boot into ClockworkMod
    ➯ Make a backup!
    ➯ Select "install zip from sdcard"
    ➯ Select the ROM.zip
    ➯ Select "yes"
    ➯ After its finished press back
    ➯ Select "reboot system now"


    (Boost) - CT3.80_LG855.zip
    Code (Text):
    1. [center]MD5sum: 407192edb80d64c0041d2213a4a140ec[/center]
    (Sprint) - CT3.80_LS855.zip
    Code (Text):
    1. [center]MD5sum: f67a5ae146dede2bf7e6fe5bc0dee5b7[/center]

    Code (Text):
    2. [B][SIZE="3"]Changelog:[/SIZE][/B]
    4. [B]04/01/13 Verson 3.80[/B]
    5. Fixed Bluetooth FC
    6. Fixed Camera bugs
    7. Fixed SystemUI bugs (so it works with UOT)
    8. Fixed CTSettings bugs
    9. Fixed phone locking up (was a kernel bug)
    10. Removed Voltage Control, Boat Browser, Stock Clock and SuperSU
    11. Added HKToolbox, Lightning Browser, MiClock and CWM Superuser
    12. Updated kernel to H426m
    13. Updated gapps (fixed YouTube issues)
    14. Updated File Explorer and QuickPic
    15. Updated Busybox
    16. Updated some of the theme
    17. Updated font
    18. New Settings layout
    19. New boot and shutdown animation
    20. Ported swipe to clear for notifications
    21. Ported Torch and DSPManager from CM7
    22. Ported animations from JB 4.2.2
    23. Cleaned build.prop and init scripts
    24. Performance and stability improvements
    26. [B]11/18/12 Verson 3.75[/B]
    27. Upgraded kernel to HYPER v3
    28. Fixed the phone freezing after being on for a couple days
    29. zRam can be enabled by editing S07HYPER in /system/init.d
    30. Removed flashlight widget since it doesn't work
    31. Redid the Power Menu and added Hot Boot
    32. Cleaned build.prop
    33. Cleaned init scripts
    34. Updated Play Store, Xperia, File Explorer and GooManager to newest versions
    35. Switched from Superuser to SuperSU
    36. Switched from Chrome to Boat Browser
    37. New loading bar
    38. New wallpaper
    39. New boot and shutdown animation
    40. New wifi icon
    41. New Settings layout
    43. [B]06/27/12 Verson 3.68[/B]
    44. Added HYPERKernel 2.0
    45. Added GooManger
    46. Added Voltage Control
    47. Updated Chrome (Based on the newest Maxthon. Faster. Force-closes are fixed. Redid some of the theme)
    48. Updated QuickPic to newest version
    49. Updated MIUI file Explorer to newest version
    50. Updated Xperia Launcher to newest version
    51. Corrected some text in contacts that was black when it was supposed to be white
    52. Changed some GPS stuff to hopefully help some people out
    54. [B]05/19/12 Verson 3.6.5[/B]
    55. Fixed MMS for Boost
    56. Fixed Bluetooth
    57. Fixed ram problems which should solve some lag
    58. Updated Chrome (cleaned it up. 1.5 MB smaller. Faster. Fixed crashing on some sites, downloading text color, everything goes to the Chrome folder on your sdcard now instead of Mxbrowser and some other changes)
    59. Fixed some bugs in the theme like the text color being black on some things when it should be white
    60. Fixed animation lag on stuff like the power menu
    61. Updated Quickpic, File Explorer and Xperia Launcher to newest version
    62. Added VoiceDialer.apk back
    63. Removed MIUI Music and added Music.apk back
    64. Added support for GooManager (all feature releases will be available through it)
    65. Some other stuff I don't remember
    67. [B]04/29/12 Verson 3.6[/B]
    68. Initial release for the Marquee


  2. Bloodawn

    Bloodawn Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    It will cause random applications to FC

    How to add removed apk's:

    ➯ Download this: RemovedApps.zip

    A lot of apps were removed in the rom, if its not in the above zip its either worthless, broke during the deodex or can be installed with the Market.

    You can either use adb, a root explorer or flash them through CWM by doing this:

    ➯ Download this: ApkInstaller.zip
    ➯ Open it using 7zip
    ➯ Drag and drop the apk's you need to the system/app folder in the zip
    ➯ Put ApkInstaller.zip on your sdcard
    ➯ Boot into CWM and flash it
    ➯ Thats it
  3. lMonsterl

    lMonsterl Android Expert

    Omg, omg. DOWNLOADING
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  4. Bionic Chronic

    Bionic Chronic Android Enthusiast

    This being my first smartphone. I am new to ROM's and what not.. So I do not man to sound disrespectful, I am just curious. What are the differences between the CTMod, CM7, and MB? Again just curious.. Trying to decide if I should switch..
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  5. Bloodawn

    Bloodawn Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    flash it and find out bro, if you don't like it all you gotta do is restore to a backup.
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  6. wetchckn

    wetchckn Newbie

    Nooo way!!! Aaahhh I moved from the Prevail to Marquee, this is a godsend!! I missed CT Mod, thank you so much! Will flash shortly!

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  7. mp3jeep

    mp3jeep Member

    Loaded the rom w/ hyper kernel, the phone is super snappy! No problems so far (sprint)
  8. imfm

    imfm Well-Known Member

    Damn that boots fast!
  9. Bloodawn

    Bloodawn Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    setting up a zip with some apk's I removed that can't be installed from the market in case anyone needs them.
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  10. cb526

    cb526 Member

    Great googly moogly. I love my Marquee. I NEVER thought I'd say that.
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  11. hurrilanche

    hurrilanche Member

    This is awesome! Flashing right now. Also Blood, not to change subjects on your thread,where can i get the .config for the kernel?its driving me insane!
  12. wetchckn

    wetchckn Newbie

    Wow .. not even five minutes in, already feels ten times better than before, even faster than what you made the Prevail. Thanks again!

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  13. phreak311

    phreak311 Well-Known Member

    Drop down toggle switches. I'm sold!
  14. phreak311

    phreak311 Well-Known Member

    Does this have wifi hotspot natively built in?
  15. ndno

    ndno Well-Known Member

    Awesome, can't wait to try this out. Was out the whole day helping a friend move.

    The marquee is getting some major love :)
  16. lMonsterl

    lMonsterl Android Expert

    Everything's been good on boost. Been running it for a few hours. Using 1.3Ghz kernel. Digging the lockscreen btw.

    Great work as always blood!

    Been using CT since it first came out. Its come a long way!
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  17. Capn069

    Capn069 Well-Known Member

    I have ran CT since it came out on the prevail. This phone just got a whole lot better. :)
  18. ndno

    ndno Well-Known Member

    If you download the LG 855 kernel source code, the configuration is actually this file:
    Before you build the kernel, you have to set up the configuration using this command:

    After you do that, you will see kernel/.config

    Of course, this assumes you have set up the cross compiler development.
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  19. Knoxville363

    Knoxville363 Well-Known Member

    Im going to DL tom......thanks blizzzzzzood
  20. rubble5dubble

    rubble5dubble Newbie

    I love this rom! It is super slick and the install and first boot were MAYBE five minutes together. However, I am not getting 3G. WiFi and voice work though.... Any ideas?

    I am on sprint with hyper kernel. I flashed the rom then the kernel all without restarting. Would that matter?
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  21. jmedno5891

    jmedno5891 Well-Known Member

    I believe you had to reboot in between flashes
  22. Saxön

    Saxön Well-Known Member

    I installed rom and kernal back to back before reboot and had no 3G.

    Reinstalled rom, rebooted, wiped cache, installed kernel, and had 3G.

    I tried 1.3Ghz kernal and it was screaming but after a bit it started getting jerky so I installed 1.2Ghz hyper modded kernel and it rocks!!!

    I have only noticed a few quirks so far:
    1) WiFi icon only shows when connected and not when turned on.
    2) GPS icon doesn't show at all.
    3) Bluetooth icon changes appearance but not color when connected ie: stays white (not sure if that's a CT thing or not).
    4) WiFi icon & signal icon strengths don't light up and are dark grey.

    Other than that the performance seems really zippy so far :)
    Nice work bud, you rock!!!
  23. Bloodawn

    Bloodawn Android Expert
    Thread Starter

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  24. Saxön

    Saxön Well-Known Member

    Gotcha, yeah I just turned it on, opened copilot, and the GPS icon popped up in white... :)
  25. septembersrain

    septembersrain 句_句 Smurfing Awesome

    I'm totally going to have to try this. I miss the widgets on the notification bar and really miss being able to get into CWM easily. The marquee is especially slow on getting into CWM, My fingers go numb from holding the buttons. >_>

    Too bad I have to work all day or I'd be playing with it right now. =/

    Mondays. Boo.

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