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[ROM] CTMod 3.80 (04/01/13)

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Bloodawn, Apr 29, 2012.

  1. soanes

    soanes Newbie

    will this work on the prevail???

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  2. zimlokks

    zimlokks Android Expert

    no! the prevail has its own thread :)
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  3. ken347b

    ken347b Lurker

    i called sprint they said they cant replace it cause i dont have insurance and lg said it will take about a month to send it to them have it fixed and sent back. so i bought a htc evo 4g off ebay im still hoping to fix the marquee as a spare though any ideas?
  4. wetbiker7

    wetbiker7 Extreme Android User

    Go ahead and send it to LG if it's still under warranty. Whoever told you a month lied to you. The normal turn around for a phone work order is about 2 weeks. I had to send mine in to have the motherboard replaced and It was gone aprox. 2 weeks. All you've gotta do is make sure it's under warranty and start a work order with LG. They'll give you the return auth. (RA), address to ship to and all. Just send it in and wait.

    You might as well since you've already bought a new phone. ;)
  5. bestrooted

    bestrooted Well-Known Member

    I did the same thing and LG replaced the flash memory on my phone and reloaded the operating system. 2 weeks. They keep it maximum 7 days after it's in the repair department
  6. ken347b

    ken347b Lurker

    if i do this will they realise the fact i had ctmod installed on it before it got hard bricked?
  7. bestrooted

    bestrooted Well-Known Member

    I had CT installed when I sent mine. It's worth a try. If they don't they will send it back
  8. ken347b

    ken347b Lurker

    ill def try it than once i get my new phone. i gotta admit i loved my marquee but i am excited for the evo
  9. wetbiker7

    wetbiker7 Extreme Android User

    I had MIUI on mine when I sent it in. They fixed it with no questions asked.
  10. lMonsterl

    lMonsterl Android Expert

    Just stopping in to say hi old friends
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  11. wetbiker7

    wetbiker7 Extreme Android User

    Yo!! What's up buddy? Good to see ya back in here. :D
  12. Sir_Cusfreak

    Sir_Cusfreak Newbie

    Hi guys.

    OK so I've been using CTMod on a Prevail for a while now.
    First off - Thanks, Blooddawn, I have loved the ROM. No denying that phone is a POS, though. But CTMod is great.
    Now, I'm thinking to go get a different phone, and since I see there's a CTMod for the Marquee, I'm thinking I might go pick one up. I saw it on sale at $100 today.

    So, I have a question:
    Does this have a function like the KoumaMod did on the Prevail, to use a partition of SD card like it's RAM? I used KoumaMod to trick this POS into thinking it had 2gig RAM and it ran much better. I don't see anything listed like that, but after just reading the description in the OP and skimming through the thread, I don't know what all features are in all the things listed there...If I can OC a bit, and have more RAM like the Prevail did, then it looks like this might be an OK phone...course the guy convinced me the prevail would be too, and it's not. the only reason I didnt go back and beat him with it was because I found CTMod and that runs great. Saint Blooddawn, saving lives through good works :D

    If not, I don't know what I'll buy. Looking at the Venice too but there's no ROM or anything for it and I hate Bloat and OS limits, etc...so idk. The way boost stock phones come, it's like they think we're chumps. So I don't know which is better, a Venice out of the box or a Marquee with CTMod, or something else entirely. If anyone has any advice I'd love to hear it, if not just knowing this will help me in my research.

    Thanks in advance.
  13. Phrant1c

    Phrant1c Android Enthusiast

    No there is no kernel mod for the marquee. However I also came from a prevail and I can tell you the. Marquee had plenty of ram for what it can do, as well as a much bigger internal drive so no need for app2sd or sd-ext.

    You can use the hk toolbox blood has included to control your Governor, scheduler, and oc. You can also enable zram and some other goodies in the toolbox to help boost it's performance.

    Look at the marquee like kia. Not the best car on the market for sure, but for the price you really can't complain.

    Ps the marquee also has a great screen compared to the prevail. But be prepared to mother@#*! your battery a few times.

    If you're sticking with boost, check out the galaxy s2. Samsungs are pretty hard to brick
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  14. bennettg

    bennettg Newbie

    hi. i flashed the rom and its great. it doesnt have play store. what version of gapps from goo.im should i download and flash or am i missing play store somewhere?
  15. Bloodawn

    Bloodawn Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    it has the play store. if its not showing up go to settings > accounts and sign in then you should be able to access it in the app drawer.
  16. Sir_Cusfreak

    Sir_Cusfreak Newbie

    Bought the Marquee today. Amazon had it at 110, so I called Best buy and had them match the price, then used all my best buy rewards from the last year, and got it shipped for next to nothing.
    Can't wait till it gets here and I can throw CTMod on it...and just throw the prevail :)

    Thanks again everyone.
  17. svz235

    svz235 Android Enthusiast

    I always wonder.............. since CT Mod has the roaming menu on booth boost and sprint, does it really roam on boost or is it just there?
  18. Guppeh

    Guppeh Lurker

    I ended up getting a pair of the 3500mAH extended batteries off eBay, plus an offline "desktop" charger; the difference is quite noticeable. Plus, when I forget to charge my phone overnight it takes only a minute to swap out for a fresh battery, and pop the old one on the charger.
  19. Tito23p

    Tito23p Well-Known Member

    Those batteries makes this beauty looks fat LOL
  20. awfulnumber

    awfulnumber Lurker

    A little troubleshooting help please? I had my alarm set (miClock that comes with the rom) for real freaking early. Now when I open the alarm to change the alarm time (or do anything with it, really), I get the force close message and am not able to do anything clock-related. Unfortunately... my alarm still goes off everyday at 5:30, and I would love to change that. Any suggestions? Already tried rebooting with no change. You guys are the best, and my sleepy self puts my trust in you.
  21. sirandroid

    sirandroid Member

    You can try clearing the app data for miClock (via settings, manage apps) and even from recovery wipe the cache and dalvik cache.
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  22. awfulnumber

    awfulnumber Lurker

    Clearing the data cured it. Thank you! Now off to bed...
  23. Sir_Cusfreak

    Sir_Cusfreak Newbie

    OK, so, got my Marquee today. Had it shipped to the office. For my lunch break, I opened the box, activated, rooted, added Rom Manager/CWM, and flashed CTMod. Done in a breeze. Sync'd the contacts from my old phone through gmail, added a couple apps, and the entire process of upgrading phone - from opening box to the silly little touches of finishing theme install and boot animation replacement (when I got home) all probably took a grand total of >2hrs. Quick and painless, because of everyone here and the great info I found scouring these threads over the few days of shipping time. THANKS EVERYONE - but especially thanks to Blood and all devs who put hours in on this. It is much appreciated.
  24. wetbiker7

    wetbiker7 Extreme Android User

    Welcome to the club! :D Nice to see a new face around here.
  25. zimlokks

    zimlokks Android Expert

    omg like the avatar?! lol xD

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