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ROM: CyanogenMod 6.1.0-RC1

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Spaniard85, Oct 28, 2010.

  1. Spaniard85

    Spaniard85 Member
    Thread Starter

    Looks like Cyanogen is at it again! 6.1 looks to bring a ton of new features and speed improvements. I'd give it a whirl, but I just set up CM 6.0 with Incognito yesterday. Everything sounds pretty enticing, though, so I may just bite the bullet and run it with no theme just to see how it goes!

    CyanogenMod 6.1.0 Release Candidates | CyanogenMod


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  2. virtus

    virtus Well-Known Member

    It's not out for the droid yet is it? I don't see it in ROM Manager and someone at the cm forums said they are still working out a few bugs. Shouldn't be long...
  3. Spaniard85

    Spaniard85 Member
    Thread Starter

    Crap. You're right. I didn't notice that, but hopefully it'll be there soon.
  4. virtus

    virtus Well-Known Member

    If anyone is interested in 6.1 RC1, keep in mind that it's still experimental (hence the "RC1"). If you can't wait for it, you might want to check out the latest nightly build (which is also experimental) at the CM forums. Right now build 160 is the newest and it's pretty much RC1.
  5. Eristotle

    Eristotle Member

    I tried build 160 and it broke my wireless. Loaded build 159 on top of it w/o wiping and its running smooth.
  6. virtus

    virtus Well-Known Member

    RC1 for the droid is up here:

    Index of /motorola/sholes

    Koush said he accidentally typed RC0, so the "update-cm-6.1.0-RC0-Droid-signed.zip" is the one you want. Keep in mind this is the Release Candidate, not a final build.
  7. Spaniard85

    Spaniard85 Member
    Thread Starter

    Sweet, good looking out dude. Downloading now, will probably install shortly thereafter.
  8. Bunsen Honeydew

    Bunsen Honeydew Android Enthusiast

    This did not like my droid at all. Alot of stuttering, then won't go past the M logo on the next reboot. Apps disappearing, and others losing widgets even though they are installed. Some of the new features were pretty sweet.
  9. gallandof

    gallandof Android Expert

    what are some of the camera changes? thats one part of the droid that doesnt seem to improve from stock to rooted
  10. virtus

    virtus Well-Known Member

    Standard CM upgrade rules apply... have you wiped data and cache? Stuttering is common after the first boot while all the apps that were wiped are reinstalled. Once everything is reinstalled it should run very smooth... but this is a RC candidate.

    I should add that it's been running great for about 5 hours now. I did not wipe my data since I am coming from a nightly build.
  11. virtus

    virtus Well-Known Member

    I rarely use the camera, so I'm not sure what's new. There has been a lot of talk at the CM forums about improvements involving autofocusing. There appears to be a new overlay bar with flash, gps, shutter, zoom, and brightness options. This may have already existed, but I never noticed it before.
  12. Bunsen Honeydew

    Bunsen Honeydew Android Enthusiast

    I am not new to CM, and as such installed it correctly.

    Kousch has a fix posted to the stuck on M issue posted on rom manager in the market. He says to flash SPR then back to CWM. This took care of this issue for me. I have also read that going back to an older gapps helps with the missing apps. I am having better luck after flashing back to CM6, updating all apps, then installing RC1 w/o a wipe. It is better, but there are still apps missing.
  13. emdmao

    emdmao Android Enthusiast

    sweet jesus, huge speed improvements. Just installed through ROM Manager download, will update more later.
  14. SirVilhelm

    SirVilhelm Android Enthusiast

  15. Spaniard85

    Spaniard85 Member
    Thread Starter

    Installed, haven't attempted to reinstall apps with My Backup Pro yet. I have noticed that it looks like my notifications icons were leftover from the Incognito theme I was using on CM6.0. And yes, I did wipe data and cache.
  16. bose301s

    bose301s Well-Known Member

  17. jhuntdog

    jhuntdog Lurker

    Definitely. I am unable to download, find in market, restore with Titanium some apps, eg, Twitter, tweetdeck, etc. Other than this, the CM 6.1 RC1 runs very fast and smooth.
  18. Chriscgb6

    Chriscgb6 Newbie

    The solution others have used to fix the missing apps issue is to flash an older version of google apps add-on.
  19. slosh

    slosh Well-Known Member

    Does this come with the FM radio or not for the droid1
  20. joe3681

    joe3681 Newbie

    RC3 is running GREAT for me! All the apps I use daily (including myverizon work fine)

    No Slosh, no FM radio...
  21. Bunsen Honeydew

    Bunsen Honeydew Android Enthusiast

    Loving me the 6.1RC2.
  22. mihalich

    mihalich Android Enthusiast

    Is bluetooth fully functional in RC3? RC1 and RC2 has serious bluetooth issues.

  23. Eristotle

    Eristotle Member

    I think he mistyped and meant to say RC2. There is no 6.1 RC3 afaik. There was RC0, RC1 (which has been since pulled from the d'l server) and now RC2.
  24. monsterenergy22

    monsterenergy22 Android Enthusiast

    Latest version: 6.1.0-Droid-RC3 - 10/31/2010

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