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[ROM]CyanogenMod 7.1.0 for Samsung Galaxy Pop/Mini GTS5570

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by yagya, Sep 12, 2011.

  1. yagya

    yagya Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    [Notice] Because of lack of time I am unable to update this thread. If you want to get latest update on Cyanogen Mod (as well as other custom rom) please visit http://yagyagaire.blogspot.com/search/label/Cyanogen%20Mod%207 link. Regards!

    UPDATE!!! November 17
    The most stable CM7.1.0 of all time is availabe and you can install it on your phone right away. Here is what you get more that previous versions:
    Code (Text):
    1. Many bugs fixed, almost none now.
    2. Tun and Cifs.ko are pre-compiled.
    3. No need to flash any patches except gapps and OC Kernels.

    SO what are you waiting: Follow these links to get strarted with the latest and best build of CM7 for Galaxy Mini/Pop GTS5570.
    Code (Text):
    1. [COLOR=Red]
    3. [B]Download and Flash CM7[/B]
    4. [URL="http://yagyagaire.blogspot.com/2011/11/download-and-flash-latest-cyanogen-mod.html"]Handy Informations: Download and Flash Latest Cyanogen Mod 7.1.0, update-cm-7.1.0-GalaxyMini-KANG-signed-17112011.zip, on Galaxy Mini/Pop[/URL]
    5. [B]
    6. Overclock your CM7[/B]
    7. [URL="http://yagyagaire.blogspot.com/2011/11/how-to-overclock-latest-cyanogen-mod-7.html"]Handy Informations: How to Overclock Latest Cyanogen Mod 7, update-cm-7.1.0-GalaxyMini-KANG-signed-17112011.zip[/URL]
    9. [/COLOR]


    UPDATE !!!
    November 15
    Try out this latest CM7 update-cm-7.1.0-GalaxyMini-KANG-signed-15112011.zip Released today... It has most bugs fixed so no need to flash any other patches or zips.


    add DarkTremor Add a2sdGUI Improve Wifi/Data signal Remove Random Bootanimation Remove AHB overclocking Kernel back to Default 600Mhz Improve integrated Tweaks into kernel Improve Sdcard read/write Optimized All Apks Improve Graphic Working : RIL (Phone & Data) 2D & 3D Acceleration Audio Camera * GPS Wifi Wifi Tether Bluetooth USB Mount SD Card Compcache Radio FM Not Working : USB Tether (use WiredTether) CPU Set from CM Setting (use No-Frills) * Camera: sometime have wrong orientation 13-11-2011:

    Improve Theme Androdian and Cyanbread Improve GPS signal add Random Bootanimation add bootsound add SFB net add CGroup Time Slack add 11 Governors ( see POLL ) add AHB overclocking upto 763Mhz ( to prevent failure booting ) Default 600Mhz, increase using No-Frills ( recommended ) integrated Tweaks into kernel add SIO ( default ), VR, BFQ, CFQ I/O Scheduler add Cifs and Tun module Optimized All Apks Improve Graphic Improve LDPI Layout Working : RIL (Phone & Data) 2D & 3D Acceleration Audio Camera * GPS Wifi Wifi Tether Bluetooth USB Mount SD Card Compcache Radio FM ** Not Working : USB Tether (use WiredTether) CPU Set from CM Setting (use No-Frills) * Camera: sometime have wrong orientation ** Use Spirit Radio FM

    View Original Thread at http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1344440

    Update !!!
    October 2, 2011
    Guyz, latest CM7 based on gingerbread 2.3.7 is out and its damn fast and stable. No need to flash any bug fixes. But we don't have over clocking kernels yet but they are due to come soon. (And who need OC anyway, while this one is so smooth and fast without them.) Do a nandroid backup and get started....:)

    Download Latest CM7 here:

    For more info on upgrading latest CM7 visit Handy Informations: Upgrade to Latest Cyanogenmod/Gingerbread 2.3.7 on Samsung Galaxy Mini GTS5570 :)

    Having Low Internal Memory Problem? Want to try Darktremor APPS2SD on Samsung Galaxy Mini? Read the article 'Partitioning SD Card and Installing Dark tremor APPS2SD Script' written by me.

    Update!!! Sep 12, 2011
    Latest release of cm7 with radio fix update-cm-7.1.0-RC1-tass-KANG-signed-21102011.zip
    (Note: OC Kernels doesn't work with this rom, we will need to wait till the developer uploads them, so don't try to flash them, don't forget to do nandroid backup before upgrading to latest revision of cm7.)

    Old Versions:
    update-cm-7.1.0-RC1-tass-KANG-signed.zip OR

    cm-7.1.0-RC1-oc748_audio_video.zip (Recommended, OC at 748MHz, audio_video bug fixed kernel)

    Also you will need to install it from the option 'install zip from sdcard' in ClockWorkMod Recovery and then selecting the downloaded zip file. If you don't have CWM recovery you can download here: tass-recovery-cwm.tar

    For more detailed info visit [DEV] [Samsung GT-S5570] [ROM & Kernel] Unofficial Cyanogenmod 7 - xda-developers

    All the best guyzz. This one is a great rom so you won't regret upgrading...:)

    You will have to install google apps manually as they don't come pre installed with cm7 see links below to download and install them.

    Useful Downloads Links for gts5570

    Useful threads for gts5570

    Useful articles/guides for gts5570

    View Screenshots: Handy Informations: Snapshots From My Galaxy Pop GTS5570 Running Cyanogenmod 7.

    [​IMG]Want to Know All About Samsung Galaxy Mini/Pop GTS5570 Smartphone?

    From Flashing Custom roms, Overclocking Roms, Rooting and many more. Simply follow this link and you will know everything you wanted to learn about your precious Galaxy Pop/Mini.

    All the best to upgrading users!!!:) P.S. Don't Forget to say thanks. Just press the THANKS button. :D


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  2. Netas3k

    Netas3k Well-Known Member

    First of all there is thread for that... Second with this thread you are just making a mess in this forum . Sorry but that's the truth. If someone needs it they will find it...
  3. akash619

    akash619 Newbie

    Dont be so rude, man.....I was waiting for this for sooooo long.....

    neways We should create a new thread containing all the roms for Galaxy Mini!
  4. dhruvbatra205

    dhruvbatra205 Well-Known Member

    i am still facing the same problem!
    the phone is hung with only android written on it since the past half an hour!
    what should i do?
  5. giri189

    giri189 Newbie

    It will be a great help if you put STEP-by-STEP instructions how to flash it, with images.

    P.S: For a noobs like me :p
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  6. yagya

    yagya Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Sorry dude!!! when i was creating a thread i did not see any suggestions for that were specific on installing cm7 especially on galalxy pop/mini. So, I thought I would create this thread so other might find it helpful/useful and they can alos enjoy cm7 in their device. Believe me cm7 is best rom for galaxy pop ever made.

    And from the replies to this you can see in this thread, we can figure out that there was a need of this thread...
  7. yagya

    yagya Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Sorry for this late reply.. But, what happened and how did you get to this problem.. What steps did you follow??

    You should do it as follow:

    Step 1:TO flash successfully you should first have gingerbread on your phone.
    Step 2: Then flash ClockWOrkMod recovery using odin one package option in download mode.
    Step 3:Then download the zip file copy it to sdcard and reboot to CWM recovery.
    Step 4: Wipe yor data and cache (recommended for clean & safe install)
    Step 5: In CWM choose option 'install zip from sd' then 'choose from sdcard' and select the zip file you downloaded.
    Step 6: Wait till it finishes, wipe data and cache and reboot every thing should be fine.

    If you are able to go to download mode try doing it from beginning i.e step 1. All the best...:)
    If you are still having problem you can pm me..
  8. yagya

    yagya Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

  9. yagya

    yagya Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Thanks !!! But, creating a new thread containing all roms is not a good idea as they will get mixed up and the users might get confuesd for the replies ...
    But, If you want we can start a new thread for Ando-id v3.2 if it doesn't exist already..:)
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  10. giri189

    giri189 Newbie

    Please put the screenshots of CM7 and also Please mention the Pros and Cons of CM7 as you have experienced because I need to decide whether CM7 is better than GB because I am risking my warranty :p

    Starting another thread for Andro-ID is not bad, thats why this forum was created :p To create more and more threads, to interact more and more :p To suck hell out of Android completely :D
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  11. dhruvbatra205

    dhruvbatra205 Well-Known Member

    I never wiped off my data. :|
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  12. yagya

    yagya Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I guess that's why you had that error.. Try doing it again and wipe data before and after installing cm7
  13. dhruvbatra205

    dhruvbatra205 Well-Known Member

    btw, what if i use another sd card?
  14. yagya

    yagya Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I guess screenshots will take some time. But, for pros and cons read carefully.
    It is Completely customizable, Pre-rooted, animations are the best part (they will attrack anyone who love design), UI is also improved, adw-launcher which can be customized to our perference, etc. can be overclocked or under clocked according to our choice making it blazing fast, i guess battery is also improved and best part it is made from android 2.3.5 which will take many months to hit/land on galaxy pop (esp in asia).
    FM Radio doesn't work (who cares for all the pros you get, you can listen it any time through your home radio)
    THere might be other small bugs/force closes (but haven't felt any till now)

    I can't tell all pros and cons since I haven't got time to use and inspect different aspects but I think it's only Radio that is not working other everythin is fine. Believe me once you install it you will never want to return back. So, just flash and see for yourself (the best way to know how something is, is to try it out). So, I suggest you go ahead and flash it and see for yourself. About your warranty it will be someday (probably after first year of shiping) so why not today.
  15. yagya

    yagya Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    what do you mean to tell? for what you use another sd card??
  16. dhruvbatra205

    dhruvbatra205 Well-Known Member

    sorry, mistook wiping data as to format my sd card! :|
    how do u wipe off your data?
  17. yagya

    yagya Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    On CWM recovery select the option 'wipe data partition/factory reset'.
    Remember wiping will delete all your apps and data so backup them before wiping your data.

    You can also do it from Settings>>Privacy>>Factory Data Reset
  18. dhruvbatra205

    dhruvbatra205 Well-Known Member

    Okay, thanks alot! :)
  19. dhruvbatra205

    dhruvbatra205 Well-Known Member

    But wait, that is done after installing the cm7 zip file?
  20. dhruvbatra205

    dhruvbatra205 Well-Known Member

    Please omit the above posts...
    ITS DONE!! :D
  21. yagya

    yagya Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Do it before and after install for fresh and safe upgrade....
  22. yagya

    yagya Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    wht do you mean?? which one to omit???
  23. dhruvbatra205

    dhruvbatra205 Well-Known Member

    this one! :)
  24. dhruvbatra205

    dhruvbatra205 Well-Known Member

    But where is the market? :O
  25. yagya

    yagya Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Here are few screenshots from my cyanogenmod 7 rom. THese are awesome. I used the pre-installed Screenshot app (accessible via power button) to take most of the screenshots...

    I've included them in a zip file and attached with this post. Does anyone know the way to insert image from computer in the post??

    Don't think about it guyz!! I guarantee you will love it so just update it right away!!!:)

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