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[ROM][DE-BLUR] (Unlocked) Imperium Initiative v1.0.5 (198_7 & Webtop+ 1.3)

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Lokifish, Apr 22, 2012.

  1. Lokifish

    Lokifish Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Currently Hosted on an Epic 4G running Imperium Mobile Server ROM
    Imperium Initiative v.1.0.5
    Martian Imperium Advanced Research Authorized Release

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Full ROM Download Links v1.0.5 (613MB)

    Begin transmission:

    The Martian Imperium has seen fit to allow the release of a non-weaponized version of the Imperium Initiative ROM for Terran MoPho users. The enhancements are as follows;

    • Based on jokersax's Skinnyrev2-test3.5 and UbunTop v1.3
    • Webtop+ "Stealth Mode"
    • Almost all moto-blur and Google apps have been removed (additional 20MB savings over skinny)
    • 1.3GHz Overclock (jokersax 1.3 kernel)
    • Tuned to provide best performance at stock clocks
    • build.prop edits for even greater performance over Skinny complete v1
    • Custom themed Launcher Pro
    • Maxthon replaces stock browser
    • Raindrop Mod
    • Sprint Proxies zero'd out
    • Frees up over 90MB of RAM vs Stock Proof Is Right Here
    • Imperium standard issue Imperium Red Theme
    • Imperium standard issue bootanimation containing ROM, Developer and credits info
    • Imperium standard issue boot sound
    • Imperium standard issue default wallpaper

    Further enhancements to follow in future releases;

    • Additional removal of moto-blur
    • Kernel tweaks and enhancements
    • Additional build.prop and script tweaks/edits
    • Further WebTop+ optimizations
    • Full themeing

    :End Transmission

    Always perform a backup then flash via recovery.
    Flash via recovery
    Download and extract the UT-WTswitch.zip to internal storage (directory structure must be as follows /sdcard/UT-WTswitch/*files*)
    Start Webtop then reboot into recovery and flash menupatch in the UT-WTswitch folder

    *To switch modes follow the instructions in the UT-WTswitch folder

    Removed vs Stock List:
    Code (Text):
    2. Total number of files  = 84
    3. Size = 65.6 MB
    5. AdService.apk
    6. BlurAlarmClock.apk
    7. BlurCalendar.apk
    8. BlurCalendarProvider.apk
    9. BlurChooser.apk
    10. BlurEmail.apk
    11. BlurEmailEngine.apk
    12. BlurHome.apk
    13. BlurSNMessagingEngine.apk
    14. BlurTasks.apk
    15. BlurUpdater.apk
    16. blur_flickr.apk
    17. blur_lastfm.apk
    18. blur_linkedin.apk
    19. blur_myspace.apk
    20. blur_orkut.apk
    21. blur_photobucket.apk
    22. blur_picasa.apk
    23. blur_skyrock.apk
    24. blur_windowslivehotmail.apk
    25. blur_youtube.apk
    26. BookmarksWidget.apk
    27. CalendarSync.apk
    28. Conversations.apk
    29. DataCollection.apk
    30. DataCollectorProvider.apk
    31. DataCollectorService.apk
    32. DeviceStatistics.apk
    33. DLNA.apk
    34. DlnaSystemService.apk
    35. DownloadProviderUi.apk
    36. FakeBlurXmppApp.apk
    37. FriendFeed.apk
    38. GlobalUnplug.apk
    39. Gmail.apk
    40. HelpCenter.apk
    41. HTMLViewer.apk
    42. InPocketService.apk
    43. KpiLogger.apk
    44. LiveWallpapers.apk
    45. MagicSmokeWallpapers.apk
    46. Maps.apk
    47. MediaSync.apk
    48. MessagesWidget.apk
    49. Messaging.apk
    50. MotHstcmd.apk
    51. MotoPhonePortal.apk
    52. MSExchangeService.apk
    53. NewsWidget.apk
    54. PhotoWidget.apk
    55. Protips.apk
    56. QuickContactWidget.apk
    57. Quickoffice-Motorola.apk
    58. QuickSms.apk
    59. SocialMessaging.apk
    60. SocialShare.apk
    61. SprintMobileWallet.apk
    62. SprintZone.apk
    63. Sprint_InstallerNC.apk
    64. Sprint_Worldwide.apk
    65. StatusWidget.apk
    66. StickyNoteWidget.apk
    67. Street.apk
    68. SuggestionsProvider.apk
    69. SuggestionsRuleCheckerCore.apk
    70. SuggestionsServiceScheduler.apk
    71. Swype.apk
    72. Talk2.apk
    73. ToggleWidgets.apk
    74. UniversalInbox.apk
    75. Upgrader.apk
    76. VisualizationWallpapers.apk
    77. VoiceReadoutService.apk
    78. VSuiteApp.apk
    79. vtt-sprint.apk
    80. WeatherWidget.apk
    81. WimaxScanWidget.apk
    82. WmdrmDla.apk
    83. WmdrmWebpush.apk
    84. WorkContacts.apk
    85. WorldClockWidget.apk
    86. W_Installer.apk
    87. YahooContacts.apk
    88. YouTube.apk
    Katzchen Studios, shabbypenguin, the2dcour, romracer, joxersax, faux, zeppelinrox, kennethpenn, MedicStuder, KTT16, gojimi, 400757 and backhead92. If I missed you, let me know and I'll add you.

    Attached Files:

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  2. Lokifish

    Lokifish Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Change Log:
    *BETA* (Locked) Imperium Initiative v1.0.3 added

    • No custom kernel
    • No updater support
    • No webtop+

    (UnLocked) Imperium Initiative v1.0.4
    • VTLLauncher
    • Stagefright fixes
    • Additional build.prop tweaks to improve performance
    • Replaced dhd.ko (wifi)
    • Sprint VVM
    • FB and Twitter service added

    (UnLocked) Imperium Initiative v1.0.3
    • Ram usage down to 139MB
    • Total APK count 130 (this includes system required apk's)
    • Only blur remaining is Camera, Contacts, Dialer, Gallery, Music and required blur services
    • Calendar fixed (replaced with AOSP calendar)
    • Verified BT transfers working with zip and image files
    • Replaced blur clock with AOSP clock

    (UnLocked) Imperium Initiative v1.0.2
    • Even more build prop tweaks and tuning
    • NEW ROM UPDATER!!! (thanks elegos) Now you can always have the latest updates and full releases. With the updater you can also check change logs, wipe cache/data , backup/restore you phone and boot into recovery.
    • Nebtop removed due to market issues

    (UnLocked) Imperium Initiative v1.0.1
    • Hidden 4G icon (seeing we don't have 4G there's no reason for it to show up)
    • Camera Fixed
    • Raindrop Mod Added

    (UnLocked) Imperium Initiative v1.0
    • Initial Release

    When reporting issues please give the following info:
    Photon OR Electrify
    ROM version
    Detailed description of the issue
    Changes you have made and steps taken

    Current and past known bugs and feature requests;

    blurry camera fixed
    calender "4ghi" fixed
    4G icon fixed
    browser FC's fixed
    Bluetooth file transfer fixed
    youtube fc's fixed
    dialer/contacts fc's fixed
    webtop doesn't start unable to duplicate outside of normal stock webtop issues and should be posted in the webtop+/Ubuntop thread
    stuck on "contacting network" unable to duplicate outside of known stock bugs
    webtop not filling screen unable to duplicate outside of known stock webtop bugs and should be posted in the webtop+/Ubuntop thread
    facebook contacts not syncing fixed
    WiFi disconnects driver/802.11N issue moving to 2.3.5 should fix this
    Lapdock 500/WebTop issues driver/deviceID issue, do not have a Lapdock 500 to test and fix
    select multiple sms for deletion the installed AOSP/CM7 MoPho sms app does not support this feature
    VTL Launcher missing my bad. will be fixed in update

    Feature Requests:
    ROM in updater public repo list meh
    dbm instead of signal bars will consider it
    Imperium Initiative for locked (in BETA)
    Proper Electrify support will consider it but do not like to release anything I can't personally test (don't own an Electrify)
    MD5's for zips keep forgetting about it, will fix it
    Google desk clock motoclock has been replaced with google clock
    Droid RAZR blur will consider it but this open a whole new can of worms and I don't like worms in my ROM's. It makes the phone taste funny
    "raindrop detection" MOD added
    Lapdock500 support will consider it but will need to sell off my dev mopho and Evo Desktop PC to afford it
    Facebook contacts sync fixed

    Enjoy and support those that make our electronics better by hitting the thanks button, voting on the thread or submitting to portal. Donations help too [​IMG]
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  3. IzzyDez

    IzzyDez Newbie

    will this work with a locked photon w/ bootstrap??
  4. Lokifish

    Lokifish Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    1.0.4 will not work with bootstrap. I did have a bootstrap version of 1.0.3 but I seemed to have lost it in the change up of file hosts and my archived copy has lost itself on my computer (well Photon & lapdock & EXT Drive). If I find it I'll let you know. I also working on a new release but no ETA.

    Unless you have to have 4G, unlocking will give you a much better performing ROM with 1.0.4. and you get Ubuntop/Webtop+.
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  5. Lokifish

    Lokifish Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

  6. JINKE

    JINKE Lurker

    search something...
  7. JINKE

    JINKE Lurker

    Sir...is it work on MB853 ? or do you have a ROM for MB853?
    I have a Photon 4G(MB853),I'm from China.....help me!
  8. Lokifish

    Lokifish Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I am not sure if it will work as it is based on the Sprint version. If you could get me a Stock Rooted ROM for the MB853 I will build one for you.
  9. JINKE

    JINKE Lurker

    Stock Rooted ROM ? what's your E-mail add ?
    My phone: Photon Electrify(MB853)
    android version:2.3.5
    Sys version:45.1.190.MB853.usc.en.us
    Baseband version: n_01.11.00s.xj

    I have "one key root" ZIP file for Photon,and my Phone was Rooted...
    but can not Unlock it...that's the problem.

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