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[ROM][DeBlur/DeBloat] Live ROM conversion for MotoBlur Android Phones

Discussion in 'Motorola' started by Lokifish, Apr 20, 2012.

  1. Lokifish

    Lokifish Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Standard, you brick your phone it ain't my fault disclaimer..

    mostly Universal DeBlur-DeBloat Live ROM Conversion v1.0.8
    Most Stock/Locked/Rooted Android MotoBlur phones

    If you are afraid to unlock or bootstrap but want better performance from your Blurred phone then this is for you!

    There's something to be said for Moto's consistency with regards to Blur. Many current Blur APK's retain the same name and levels of integration across multiple devices. What this translates into is that a universal script with subsections for device/carrier specific files that can be used to deBlur the Android Moto line. So without further chatter, here's the "Something Special" I've been working on for ALL you locked Blurred Phone users.

    What this script does;
    Removes many elements of MotoBlur (see list below)
    Removes carrier bloat (currently major US carriers only)
    Moves removed apps to Removed_Apps folder
    Replaces BlurHome with ADW
    Duplicates the Blur look with preconfigured ADW backup files
    Frees up about 50MB of space in /system/app
    Free up about 60MB of RAM
    Replaces the stock build.prop with a tuned build.prop (currently Photon and Electrify only)
    Add Blur look toggles (Currently only available for Bionic (ALPHA), Photon and GSM RAZR)
    Retains already installed apps and user info (I still suggest you back up your stuff)

    build.prop Tweaks vs Stock;
    Dalvik increased
    Max events increased
    3G tweaks
    Ring delay tweaks
    Proximity on call tweaks
    WiFi scan tweaks
    Deep Sleep enabled
    Proxies zeroed out
    Camera/camcorder tweaks
    HW acceleration enable
    Stagefright tweaks

    *What Blur Widgets you loose;

    Toggle Widgets (4G Scan is retained and once we have notification toggles for odex builds you won't miss these)
    Bookmarks Widget
    Calendar Widget (broken)
    Quick Contacts Widget
    Date and Time Widget
    Messages Widget
    News Widget
    Pictureframe Plus Widget
    Social Location Widget
    Social Networking Widget
    Social Status Widget
    Weather Widget
    World Clock Widget

    *most of these widgets tend to go unused or are duplicated by apps and launchers like Launcher Pro, Facebook, Twitter and the like

    ATTENTION Atrix2 Users
    There is currently an issue with the Atrix2, ROM Toolbox and the script. Do not use the script unless you want to help troubleshoot it

    Officially Supported Phones/Carriers
    Requires custom build.prop or notification toggles to make this list.
    Code (Text):
    2. Toggles and build.prop;
    3. Atrix
    4. Bionic
    5. Droid X2
    6. Sprint Photon
    7. USCellular Electrify
    9. Toggles Only;
    10. GSM RAZR
    12. Custom build.prop Only;
    13. Charm no toggles
    14. Sprint XPRT no toggles
    Unofficial & Unverified Phones
    The script works on a ton of MotoBlur phones not on the "Official" list so give it a try and let us know!!!


    1. Root you phone
    2. Backup your apps and factory reset your phone (this reduces the chance of a soft brick)
    3. Copy the "1deblur_lite" folder to internal storage (or sdcard if you do not have internal storage, a.k.a /mnt/sdcard)
    4. Using the stock file browser go to the "1deblur_lite" folder and install RomToolbox
    5. Open RomToolbox/Root Browser and go to the /sdcard/1deblur_lite and open the folder for your device (if your device is not listed then open the "Generic" folder)
    6. Select lite_deblur.sh
    7. In the popup menu select "Run"
    8. Ignore all the "Force Close" errors
    9. Wait til you see "script was run successfully" in the background then pull battery and boot your phone. Pulling the battery before this will require you to SBF to stock
    10. In ADW Launcher settings select "Backup and Restore" and restore both setting and configuration
    11. Enjoy your deblurred and tuned phone

    Right Here

    Blur Removed List:
    Code (Text):
    1. AdService.apk
    2. AdService.odex
    3. BlurHome.apk (All phones using this version of Blur)
    4. BlurHome.odex
    5. BlurHome2.apk (All phones using this version of Blur)
    6. BlurHome2.odex
    7. BlurTasks.apk
    8. BlurTasks.odex
    9. BlurUpdater.apk
    10. BlurUpdater.odex
    11. BookmarksWidget.apk
    12. BookmarksWidget.odex
    13. BooksPhone.apk
    14. CalendarSync.apk
    15. CalendarSync.odex
    16. DataCollection.apk
    17. DataCollection.odex
    18. DataCollectorProvider.apk
    19. DataCollectorProvider.odex
    20. DataCollectorService.apk
    21. DataCollectorService.odex
    22. DLNA.apk
    23. DLNA.odex
    24. DlnaSystemService.apk
    25. DlnaSystemService.odex
    26. FriendFeed.apk
    27. FriendFeed.odex
    28. GlobalUnplug.apk
    29. GlobalUnplug.odex
    30. HelpCenter.apk
    31. HelpCenter.odex
    32. MediaSync.apk
    33. MediaSync.odex
    34. MotoPhonePortal.apk
    35. MotoPhonePortal.odex
    36. NewsWidget.apk
    37. NewsWidget.odex
    38. PhotoWidget.apk
    39. PhotoWidget.odex
    40. Protips.apk
    41. Protips.odex
    42. QuickContactWidget.apk
    43. QuickContactWidget.odex
    44. Quickoffice-Motorola.apk
    45. SocialMessaging.apk
    46. SocialMessaging.odex
    47. SocialShare.apk
    48. SocialShare.odex
    49. StatusWidget.apk
    50. StatusWidget.odex
    51. SuggestionsProvider.apk
    52. SuggestionsProvider.odex
    53. SuggestionsRuleCheckerCore.apk
    54. SuggestionsRuleCheckerCore.odex
    55. SuggestionsServiceScheduler.apk
    56. SuggestionsServiceScheduler.odex
    57. Swype.apk
    58. SystemUI.odex (Photon only..for now)
    59. ToggleWidgets.apk
    60. ToggleWidgets.odex
    61. UniversalInbox.apk
    62. UniversalInbox.odex
    63. WeatherWidget.apk
    64. WeatherWidget.odex
    65. WorldClockWidget.apk
    66. WorldClockWidget.odex
    67. W_Installer.apk
    Carrier Bloat Removed List
    Code (Text):
    1. #AT&T Bloat
    2. AT&T Family Maps
    3. ATT-P11_PROD.apk
    4. AT&T Maps
    5. ATT Radio
    6. ATT Hotspots
    8. #Sprint Bloat
    9. SprintMobileWallet
    10. SprintZone
    11. Sprint_Worldwide
    12. Sprint Radio
    13. Sprint Nascar
    14. Sprint Music
    15. Sprint TV
    16. Google Books
    17. Sprint Telenav
    18. Rich Location
    20. #TMobile Bloat
    22. #Verizon Bloat
    23. Amazon Music
    24. Blockbuster
    25. BlurUpdater_VZW.apk
    26. CityID
    27. Kindle
    28. MyVerizon
    29. Skype Mobile Live
    30. VCast
    32. #GSM RAZR
    33. Bejeweled
    When posting, please state model of phone and carrier.

    Notification toggles- Nottach, Rangerbry, pgriffinsc, DroidJunk, dima_sk8er, j4velin
    Fix permissions script- JRummy16 (I got lazy)
    Electrify and RAZR files- onslaught86

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  2. KOLIO

    KOLIO Guest

    Is WEBTOP/LAPDOCK still enabled after rooting & running this script?

    Same question for 4G WIMAX or LTE.
  3. Lokifish

    Lokifish Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Since v1.0.0 it's been DL'd about 2000 times and run on over 15 different Motorola devices . Except for the issues mentioned with the Atrix2 the only complaints I have received have been about wanting stock widgets back and not liking ADW. In short, this in no way affects dock functions except the you loose the clock.
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  4. Lokifish

    Lokifish Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    The new Imperium Site and links is up. Enjoy!
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  5. Adauth

    Adauth Android Expert

    Anyway I can switch to GO Launcher , instead of ADW. Also does this affect the lapdock?
    Also is this only for GSM razrs? No support for Verizon/CDMA razrs?

    *edit* model phone is stock U.S. Verizon model x1912 cdma razr.
  6. Lokifish

    Lokifish Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    You can install Go and it widgets. I personally don't use Go even though it's nice looking and here's why.

    Setup: Launcher (SMS widget & calendar widget used if provided by launcher or launcher plugin)

    As reported by OS monitor: Total memory (active + cached), processes and number of threads

    ADW (no widgets available)= 47MB, 1 process, 9 threads

    Go Launcher+SMS widget+calendar widget=142MB, 4 processes, 47 threads
    (Go Launcher doesn't have an SMS widget, instead it installs Go SMS Pro and uses GoSMS widget instead.)

    Launcher Pro Plus+SMS widget+calendar widget= 58MB, 1 process, 13 threads

    Nemus (no widgets available)= 51MB, 1 process, 11 threads

    Zeam (no widgets available)=43MB, 1 process, 9 threads

    Possible widget solutions?:
    Android Pro Widgets=32MB, 1 process, 10 threads (cost almost as much as Launcher Pro Plus to get theming options)

    Even though there are nicer looking/low memory usage/faster launchers out there You can see why my daily runs Launcher Pro paid version.

    The script will run on the CDMA RAZR according to user reports but does not have a custom tuned build.prop which can set things like data speed tweaks It also doesn't have custom notification toggles but instead uses a notification toggle app that I have themed. Seeing that your phone is not on the list be sure to use the "generic" version.
  7. Lokifish

    Lokifish Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

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