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ROM decision

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Funar, Feb 16, 2011.

  1. Funar

    Funar Newbie
    Thread Starter

    How do I decide with froyo rom to go with (upgrading from eclair)? I'd like for it to be functional of course. additionally, how should I backup my contacts, calendar and files so that I can put it back on the phone after I upgrade to froyo?

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  2. qbking77

    qbking77 Well-Known Member

    I use google to backup contacts and calendar. Files are on the sd card. apps I backup with mybackup pro or titanium backup. I highly recommend the midnight rom. Make sure to do lots of research.
  3. rounsy222

    rounsy222 Android Enthusiast

    Agree with midnight rom. Rock solid and dev is very active with it.
  4. yogi2000

    yogi2000 Well-Known Member

    yes, reading up is the best thing to do, and experimenting..... the first rom you flash might not be the one you keep. here is where you can check out the available roms for the Epic:

    Epic 4G Android Development - xda-developers
  5. Funar

    Funar Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I tried to install the rom using clockworkmod. (I tried midnight rom that is). It did not work. I am now stuck in clockworkmod recovery mode. I tried restoring from backup but it would always hang at 'Recovering cache... recovery'. Can someone please help? Also when I try to odin-connect to it, device manager says unknown device.
  6. SurrealOne

    SurrealOne Android Expert

  7. Funar

    Funar Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I made sure that the download mode was on before connect etc etc. I am using CWM Is it possible for me to reset the recovery mode to stock recovery from cwm's recov mode?
  8. rounsy222

    rounsy222 Android Enthusiast

    If you are having issues connecting to odin try a different cable. My original epic cable doesnt always work with odin so i have to drag out my old moment one and it works everytime. Lol the one thing from my moment that worked like it was suppose too!
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  9. pookahbot

    pookahbot Lurker

    I'm a new Epic user (upgraded from a Moment this weekend). I had rooted my Moment (mostly just to remove the apps I didn't want) and have been reading the forums today, trying to decided if I want to root my Epic. I have the Froyo update from Samsung (it was slow, but easy). The only real reason I'd want to root is to remove bloatware. Does installing a new ROM void the warrantee? Not sure if removing NFL and Nascar are worth that on a $500 phone!
  10. Sebnotic

    Sebnotic Newbie

    If I recall correctly, it does(Rooting in the first place does) BUT you can always get the apps back. You can use titanium backup to freeze the apps and/or delete them or SDX remover(Or whatever it's called). If you ever need them back, you can just odin stock froyo on your phone and all the stock apps will be there like nothing ever happen. So, by all means, you can. You'll have a method to get them back if needed. But why would you, really?

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