Root ROM Devs: Would you please provide MD5 hashes so users can verify their downloads?


Too many users have issues when trying to install alternate ROMs that are remedied by just simply downloading a new copy of the ROM.

An MD5 (or SHA-1, etc.) Hash that is easily verifiable would solve this problem.

Any ROM devs willing to start the ball rolling?


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ditto to this, help us save time and save us from bad downloads

I for one like the surprises...I think it spruces things up! :)

Seriously, I didn't know this was an issue. I've never had a bad download (that I'm aware of anyway). Do a lot of users see these problems?


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I've had it happen a few times. It's not so much a problem for me as it is for newer rooters who don't realize it can cause problems. I've definitely seen and posted in some threads in which it seems that a bad download could have caused the problems, but it's almost impossible to track that down if there's no verification going on. If newer users were encouraged to verify an MD5 hash before installing a ROM, it could avoid a lot of potential issues and questions.

Right now, since it's not a best practice, we don't really think about it.


I dont see this as a very big issue. A rom wont even install if a download is bad. I also dont think many users will actually check the md5. Most dont when flashing sbf files even and thats far more important.


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Most dont when flashing sbf files even and thats far more important.

yeah thats really not smart.

Tho I've definitely run into cases where a simple re-download and flash has fixed problems. Positive of course that I didn't screw anything up procedure wise.

Also nothing like downloading, wiping and then going to hit install zip, and it failing. Sucks if you aren't near a computer to mount he sdcard. Reload the backup, boot, download again, boot to recovery, wipe various partitions, try again.