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[ROM] Dirty Unicorns 5.1.1 {HAMMERHEAD} (4/26/15)

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by NYCHitman1, Dec 16, 2013.


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  1. Brian706

    Brian706 I like turtles!

    Is this a hangouts function or a keyboard function? Could be an issue with a specific keyboard.

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  2. Biaviian

    Biaviian Android Enthusiast

    I was using PA the full package (latest version) and on the newest hangouts. Every version of hangouts did it for me. It was so bad that the microphone was almost unusable so I went full stock for now. I have very few apps installed and they are all mainstream apps so I can't imagine it's that. I always do a clean flash, including wiping the SD card. I am just wondering if it could be the GAPPs package.
  3. NYCHitman1

    NYCHitman1 Gun for Hire
    Thread Starter

    Very well could be since some of the gapps packages replace the AOSP keyboard with the Google keyboard. However, that varies based on what you're flashing (obviously). I've never had this issue though. I use PA Nano gapps regularly.
  4. For some reason I can't sync my gmail calendars with the calendar app. When I go to select what to sync under my account, calendar isn't one of them. When I go and open up the calendar app, it asks me to log in, then says that it can't communicate with the servers. Anyone else having this issue?
  5. Hook

    Hook Ever since DU... ;-)

    Which Gapps are you using. That's what should determine whether calenda is one of your sync options, not the ROM. I have it, although I don't use Google calendar at all.
  6. Biaviian

    Biaviian Android Enthusiast

    I did another full clean wipe (including locked and unlocked the bootloader) and used the DU gapps. We'll see how it holds up over time.
  7. NYCHitman1

    NYCHitman1 Gun for Hire
    Thread Starter

    New stable can be found in OP! Enjoy!
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  8. xdrc45

    xdrc45 Android Enthusiast

    Saweet!! :party:
    Downloading and flashing immediately!
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  9. Brian706

    Brian706 I like turtles!

    Holy new features, Batman!
  10. lennydude

    lennydude Android Expert

    I must be doing something wrong?
    I can not disable the camera shutter clicking sound when I take a picture. I have disabled it in the sound menu but when I take a pic it makes a shutter clicking noise. Even after a reboot.

    Any ideas?

    BTW....I haven't been able to do this on many different builds. I am on the latest 8.0 build now.
  11. Biaviian

    Biaviian Android Enthusiast

    Well not 24 hours later I get another crash, the first time using the speech to text feature. It is the AOSP keyboard from the DU GAPPs and the Google Voice Keyboard.

    Do they not work well together?
  12. Biaviian

    Biaviian Android Enthusiast

    I am in the same boat.
  13. Brian706

    Brian706 I like turtles!

    I'm not 100% sure because I almost always have my phone on vibrate bit I can't test at the moment.

    I was under the impression that the shutter sound still functions normally with that unchecked. IE: makes a sound when the sound is on and won't make a sound on vibrate or silent.

    I think that the setting removes the forced sound that you get even when the phone is silent.

    If this is the case, you may have to just completely remove the sound file from the phone if you don't want to hear it when the ring volumes are turned up. I'm not sure how simple this is though as I don't know if it's baked into something that you can't remove or of it is its own file.
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  14. Biaviian

    Biaviian Android Enthusiast

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  15. I'm using the Banks standard gapps that was available from the download center. I'm going to reflash with the newest stable one and try a different gapps. Does the DU apps only come with the play store or does it have the extra stuff?
  16. lennydude

    lennydude Android Expert

  17. Brian706

    Brian706 I like turtles!

    I always use the PA stock gapps package. I'm not sure what all they include in that package. I imagine its minimal though as I know Josh personally uses pa micro gapps.

    If you're looking for all the goodies I'd go with the pa stock package. It has everything that would come stock.
  18. At first I thought the full gapps package was the only way to go since I didn't realize that you could download everything else from the play store, but since I've tried the minimal packages its worked quite nicely.

    The latest update seemed to have fixed my calendar issue, but not my battery is getting slaughtered. Not sure if its an issue with the rom, or something running in the background I don't know about.
  19. Incakola

    Incakola Android Enthusiast

    Edit: fixed it. Google location consent xposed module was giving me fc.
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  20. vtroid5

    vtroid5 Well-Known Member

    Is there a tweak to autohide and/or remove the status bar? I don't seem to see one under the status bar tweak menu.
  21. Brian706

    Brian706 I like turtles!

    You can use the expanded desktop quick toggle to hide the status bar and nav bar. Swipe from top or bottom to show them.
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  22. lennydude

    lennydude Android Expert

    Hiding the status bar and lower keys is very easy indeed. It is called an expanded desktop.
    Follow these easy directions and you will have a full view without the status bar or lower keys. They can be easily used by following the directions.
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  23. xdrc45

    xdrc45 Android Enthusiast

    That's interesting... Not sure if it makes a difference but I'm using the DU TBO Gapps and when I go into "/Settings/sound/" and uncheck the "Shutter Sound" check box it completely disables the camera shutter sound.
    If I then recheck the box then the shutter sound is active again... Un-check the shutter sound check box and the sound is then disabled again.
    I'm on the latest DU official 8.0 build as well.
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  24. lennydude

    lennydude Android Expert

    Hmmmmm that is interesting. I am using the exact same Gapps you are and the tick under sound settings does nothing even after reboot.. One thing of note is , I am using the 7/30 version of the Gapps. Not really sure if that makes a difference? Which version do you use?
    BTW............I downloaded the Camera Sound Settings APP from the play store as Biaviian recommended and it works 100%.
  25. Hook

    Hook Ever since DU... ;-)

    Settings works fine for me with DU 8.0 and TBO Gapps from 9/20 (about to flash 9/28).

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