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Root [ROM] [EC07] Miunia

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by txwolf1980, Dec 7, 2011.

  1. txwolf1980

    txwolf1980 Android Enthusiast
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    Jun 2, 2011

    Jun 2, 2011
    Wherever my 18 wheels take me
    Miunia Beta-4 [EC07 ROM](Current Release: Beta-4stable) - xda-developers

    This is a link to the page for Pattielipp's Miunia ROM.

    He advises that you install this rom from a clean froyo install. To do so, follow the instructions on this thread.


    The purpose is different, but it will put you at stock froyo for this rom.

    This rom is extremely light, and heavily tweaked. It uses IMNUTS hacked stock kernel with several mods for performance. Unlike Nuckin's and Clean, this ROM is an Odin flash.
    Also, while advised to install this from stock froyo, it is not required, if you don't feel comfortable doing so. Installing over your current rom, and wiping dalvik will suffice.
    The only bug I have noticed, personally, is that my GPS based apps force close. But, that seems to be a rare occurance. Over all, users give this rom high reviews.

    One other note. Due to the fact that it is advised to do a clean install, you need to make sure your data (apps, contacts, and anything else you want to keep) is backed up, before you start the install process.

    Don't forget to hit his thanks button if you use this rom. Also, please post any kudos or bugs over here, as well as over there. That way other users know what you have experienced. Thank you.


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  2. pattielipp

    pattielipp Newbie
    Jul 20, 2010

    Jul 20, 2010
    Junior Operations Analyst
    Southern Md
    I would like to stick my nose in here.
    First, i would like to thank TX for this thread. I appreciate what he has done here.

    A little background for this rom.
    I created it with the intent to have a minimalistic rom that is fast, with no issues and that it just works. What i have managed to come up with is exactly that! I am always modifying it and updating it adding in features and tweeks, either added by myself or ported from Trailblazers mods.

    Our community may be small, but we are tight and help each other out. What we have is a group of people who put forth just as much as we take. We are all friendly and very helpful! :)
    Here is a picture of the most recent build.

    Code (Text):
    1. [U]What does Miunia have to offer you?[/U]
    2. Miunia is a minimalistic rom created for the sole purpose of speed and reliability; battery life and ease of use.
    3. Like any other rom, there is potential for issues, however this is built with stability in mind.
    5. So what has been done to make it what it is?
    7. [CODE][U]System Modifications[/U]
    8. Rebuilt off of new base
    9. kernel(imnuts)
    10. build.prop tweeks
    11. reboot options
    12. spare parts
    13. updated su binary/library
    14. updated busybox
    15. gps.conf
    16. fixed permissions
    17. sysctl scripts
    18. Zipaligned and batch optimized All APK’s
    19. Optimized .ogg files
    20. Modem/Radio updated to EC07
    21. Hacked Settings(trailblazer)
    23. [U]UI Tweeks[/U]
    24. aosp lock screen
    25. Accurate Battery Mod and themed icons(trailblazer)
    26. boot animation found with in data/media
    27. themed soft keys(trailblazer101)
    28. Zeam launcher
    29. Fancy widget for clock/weather(found in widgets when long pressing the screen)
    30. Removed the icon telling you 911gps is ALWAYS on. This always bugged me.
    31. Icons in the status bar have been moved around a bit.
    32. The usb icon in the status bar when connected has been flipped from horizontal
    33.  to vertical.
    34. Shutdown animation
    35. Themed Ticker, removed weather and history icon on main screen now it is only
    36. the date and time. (Thank you Trailblazer.. Although i couldn't get your
    37. script to work so i had to edit the xml my self then recompile...)
    38. New boot animation
    39. removed boot and shutdown sounds
    42. [U]Modified/Major Removed Apps[/U]
    43. removed swype along with lots of other bloat
    44. desk and car cradle
    45. Browser replaced with Dolphin browser(changed icon back to stock within the
    46. apk, i think it looks better on the eyes imo and not one force close after a day
    47. of internet searching and multiple tabs)
    48. Further debloat
    49. Wireless tether added
    50. Google Music
    51. Spare Parts
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