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Very much new to the android world, so please take it easy with me.

I've been reading alot on this site and over at xda at rooting and rom flashing. I just recently got my Vibrant not too long ago, a longtime BB user so everything is new to me.

Have a couple of questions and hopefully it could ease my concerns on doing ROM flashing. I see plenty of current stable ROM's floating on here and over at xda. I've already rooted off stock 2.1, experiment with flashing Bionix R1 as a test. Actually did a restore from CWM and it end up bricking the phone. Odin back to stock, and as of yesterday upgraded to 2.2. Currently, I'm at 2.2 stock root and want to be able to do ROM flashing.

My concern is about the ROM's out now (Bionix V, Eugene's, to name a few). I'm getting confused about what OS I need to be in to be able to flash, 2.1 or 2.2? So, I'm at stock 2.2 rooted would I be able to do a ROM flash to Bionix V or do I need to downgrade back to 2.1 to do it? Also, are the 2.1 ROM's run it's course and every ROM currently out now on is 2.2? Just need some clarification so I know how to proceed. Thanks.


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I have the identical question. I rooted back in July when I first got my phone by fumbling thru it until it took. Then my phone was lightning fast. Now I have 2.2 stock and it is slow comapred to 2.1 rooted. I would love a step by step link to a root for the 2.2 root/lag fix. I need a list of programs I'll need, too. ( clockwork, superuser, etc.) As always, your help IS appreciated everyone!


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I hate to be that guy, but please... whatever you do, do not use OCLF. Ever. For anything. Please. Your phone will thank you. And with the time you save not fighting all the issues you will have with OCLF(especially on a modern ROM) you can take a trip from Redmond, or Renton, or Kirkland, or Bothel, or Shoreline, or wherever Seattle-ish means to you, down to first Ave and have a drink and meet some ladies showing off your sexy phone.


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okay, I've got listed when I flash CWR and listed in ROM manager, but I can not get the flash to take, using the manual way or CWM. I stayed up till 3 a.m. last night:(, still can't get it. It was not this hard with 2.1, I swear! I must be missing something basic. I would really appreciate a literal step-by-step to this using CWM, with NO steps skipped. Spell it out like I'm mentally 6, which given how tired I am doesn't feel too far off.


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Thank you. Unfortunetly, I now have bigger problems. Can not get phone to boot up at all. Best I can do is get it into download mode with the usb cable and remove battery, then push the volume keys, then put in battery. (brings up android robot shoveling wahtever that is...)
I downloaded ODin, but I must be doing something wrong. I don't get the load the .tar and .pit files. I don't even have a .tar files as an option. Now I'm getting worried. I've never f'd my phone up this badly.

it says Odin 3, but says version 1.30?


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Don't worry, as long as you can get to the download mode, you're fine. The good thing about the Vibrant is it is hard to brick.

This is the link to Odin 1.7
[TOOL] Odin3 v 1.70 - xda-developers

Here is the link for the .tar and .pit files
[ROM] OFFICIAL T-Mo Vibrant JFD ODIN/Nandroid Backup Images 7/29/10 (Tested/Working) - xda-developers

These 3 will get you back to stock 2.1 and you can retry again.

Just remember to give the phone 15 minutes to boot up the first time and reboot and give it another 15 minutes.


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I got it back to stock 2.1. THANK YOU! :D I will again try to get to 2.2 rooted and lag fixed, but I'll try to skip KIES this time. I think it stopped me from being able to use CWM correctly. ( would not flash roms )


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Finally got it to flash a new ROM. Simply Honey 2.5 is simply ass-kickingly fast and awesome. Robot voices and everything.(watch me geek out)
Thanks to every one who responded with help. I don't know why it wouldn't load others ROM's. Erased all previous( Bionix, Axura, etc.) ROMS, pretty much erased everything on the phone, then renamed the file to Update. Not sure I needed to, but it worked. Used the the finger boot, not CWM.
:D So stoked!

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You should consider skipping the step where you said you were going back to rooted 2.2 with lagfix. It is much easier to do everything from 2.1 people are all over the forums posting issues with rooting from 2.2. So if/when you ever odin back to stock go to stock 2.1 you can find the links in the bible on xda. Save you some headaches..