Apr 20, 2012
Hello everyone. I've had my gTab since WOOT had it on sale awhile ago. First "real" tablet I've owned and I like it despite it's shortcomings. Anyway, 99% of what I use my gTab for is watching movies/tv shows (that I've ripped from my dvd collection) while I'm at work. I'm on call and I have a lot of downtime. I do NOT have wifi where I'm at so I do NOT use youtube or anything based off FLASH. I do however download some free apps from the amazon app store when I'm at home, but like I said, this tablet is pretty much movie watching only.

I only use DVDFab since I've bought the options I need and it works fantastic(I have handbrake and others but Fab has been the best imho). So I installed the 1.2 bootloader version of VEGAn_GE 7.1.0 last night with CWM, first time ever doing anything like that btw, and it all went fine. But my video's will NOT play. Either with the stock player or mVideoplayer. Both the stock player and mVideoplayer work just fine on the stock 1.2 based ROM that my gTab came with, from 4xxx to the last update, 5699 or something like that. After I put Vegan on it all my mpeg4's would not play. I went back to the stock ROM and it's all back to normal.

Since flashing a ROM is no big deal now that I"ve done it I'd love to use something different, and BETTER then the crappy TapnTap the gTab has. But I MUST be able to play my mpeg4's since that's the biggest thing I use my tab for. And I also MUST have the USB support since I use all kinds of 32gb usb flashdrives to store my movies on.

Since Vegan 7.1.0 does NOT play them, is there any ROM that doesn't have issue's with mpeg4 videos? I'll list the settings I use when making the mpeg4's so that might help anyone who knows. IPOD setting encodes will play just fine but they look horrible since they are low rez, low bitrate, etc.....they are mpeg4's so it's NOT the file type that VEGAn doesn't like, it's the settings of the encode.

My "default" mpeg4 encode settings:
848x480 resolution
3000kbps fixed bitrate
128bit DolbyPrologic2 audio
FastEncoding 1 pass

Every single mpeg4 I've made, and I'm talking over 5TB worth of movies/tv shows(every single mpeg4 is under 4gb so they work on FAT32 flashdrives) has never had any issue's playing with the stock ROM. I've encoded some at 3500kbps and the only thing different was they took a couple seconds longer to load up or resume from being paused. But they looked NO BETTER then 3000kbps so I just left 3000 as my default settings, and 848x480 as the resolution. Bitrates under 3000 often have pixelation during faster moving scenes. 2500 has worked "ok" but 3000 is the sweet spot for quality/performance/file size so that's what I use.

Is HARDWARE ACCELERATION the key thing I need to have in the ROM?
What ROM's have this, along with USB support? (i dont care about the small usb port for hooking it up to my computer, dont need it)