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[ROM][GB][6.20.11]Das BAMF 2.1

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Trident, Jun 20, 2011.

  1. Trident

    Trident Android Expert
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    Das BAMF 2.1

    See more screenshots here!

    The das BAMF team is comprised of Trident, ThatDudeButch, Adrynalyne, and dsb9938. erishasnobattery had a HUGE hand in 2.1 as well. Thats not to minimize the many folks that actually contribute to this project. We thank you ALL! Every penny of your support is greatly appreciated. Extremely long hours go into development of this stuff, any and all support is appreciated! If you would like to aid in our relationship counseling and beer funds, please feel more than free!

    ThatDudeButch: Donate

    Adrynalyne: Donate

    Trident: Donate

    ROM Features
    • 2.01.605.0 alpha base
    • Debloated (this includes VZW framework, apps, games, libs, and permissions)
    • Tweaked filesystem
    • Fully zipaligned and deodexed
    • Imoseyon's 2.54test4 kernel
    • Google Car Home
    • Fully working Superuser application (thanks rmk40)
    • Busybox (version 1.19)
    • Kernel has init.d support, adb root, and USB debugging
    • Recent apps do not appear in notification bar (thanks rbox!)
    • Location reticle removed (thanks rbox!)
    • Accurate battery (credit ThatDudeButch)
    • Custom super quick transition animations (credit ThatDudeButch)
    • Custom Boot animation (credit to dsb9938 and gadget!)
    • Some minor build.prop tweaks
    • Rebot options in power menu (credit to aiccucs, ported by ThatDudeButch)
    • Working HTC Setup Wizard (credit to aiccucs)
    • Teeter
    • Wake on press of volume keys
    • Automatic brightness fixed
    • Google Docs
    • Sense 3.0 MMS application (credit to seo)
    • Sense 3.0 lockscreen with working themes and buttons (credit to seo and erishasnobattery)
    • Sense 3.0 Weather (credit to seo and erishasnobattery)
    • Sense 3.0 Weather wallpaper (credit to seo and erishasnobattery)
    • Sense 3.0 Phone modifications (credit to seo and erishasnobattery)
    • Sense 3.0 Weather lockscreen (credit to seo and erishasnobattery)
    • Gingerbread menu glow
    • Gingerbread crt animations (credit to mike1986 and chingy51o)
    • Custom bamf boot animation by gadget!
    • 5-wide app drawer
    • Nuked carrier text and shrunken header in pulldown
    • New shutdown animation
    • Splash of Red Skin from Berzerker
    • Imoseyon's test4 kernel
    • Working USB mass storage
    • Netflix application and support added (credit to rmk)
    • HTCsense.com support
    • HTC Task Manager (from Doubleshot dump)
    • Working HTC Hub wallpapers
    • Working HTC Hub scenes
    • Setup Wizard allows wifi setup
    • Dropbear SSHD and client from CM
    • Bash shell
    • Nano editor
    • Das BAMF Toolkit (Trident)

    Das BAMF Toolkit Features
    • CPU Settings (configure min/max frequency; governor)
    • Includes Spare Parts
    • Includes Terminal Emulator
    • LTE Settings (toggle 4G, etc)
    • Configure I/O scheduler
    • Mount system
    • Mount system at boot
    • Block or show ads
    • Enable or disable boot sound
    • Enable or disable boot animation
    • Enable or disable sense lockscreen
    • Enable or disable clock in status bar
    • Clear cache
    • Clear dalvik cache
    • Clear battery statistics
    • Fix permissions
    • Enable uber quadrant
    • Remove system applications
    • Backup and restore applications
    • Configure Apps to SD
    • Set dalvik VM heap size
    • Zipalign applicaions
    • Download and install custom fonts
    • Download and install custom boot animations
    • Download and flash custom splash screens
    • Much more coming soon!

    Screenshots of the Das BAMF Toolkit can be found here!

    Important Notes
    • This is a leaked GB RUU, it has bugs, all we can do is try our best to squash them! Flash at your own risk.
    • Want a smooth camera? Overclock to 1.4ghz. This is the trick others are using to make the camera smooth in their rom.
    • Setup wizard may see from HTC hub crashes. This is normal and will stop once setup is complete.
    • Browser crashing? Install Flash.
    • Having random reboots right after flash? This is "normal" for this leak, it will subside after a minute or two.
    • This ROM REQUIRES Gingerbread radios. If you have already flashed them, great. If not, see here.
    • Das BAMF is on Rom Stats! Check out the statistics here!

    Code (Text):
    2. [B]2.1[/B]
    3. [LIST]
    4. [*]HUGE update to the Das BAMF Toolkit
    5. [*]Included Rom Stats application
    6. [*]Includes patch which fixes the gallery icons
    7. [*]Updated Netflix to latest version
    8. [*]Removed Quick Office
    9. [/LIST]
    11. [B]2.0-5[/B]
    12. [LIST]
    13. [*]Netflix app and support added, credit to rmk. Yes, weather still works.
    14. [*]Toolkit updated.
    15. [*]Updated Sense 3.0 camera, and support libs and files. Credit to seo.
    16. [*]Updated Sense 3.0 elements, credit to seo.
    17. [*]Imoseyon's 2.54test4 kernel.
    18. [*]HTCsense.com support added.
    19. [*]Build.prop modifications and tweaks.
    20. [*]HTC Task Manager added from Doubleshot dump.
    21. [*]Working HTC Hub wallpapers.
    22. [*]Working HTC Hub scenes.
    23. [*]Filesystem tweaks are back.
    24. [*]Splash of Red skin from Berzerker updated.
    25. [*]Setup wizard to allow wifi setup.
    26. [*]Updated Maps.
    27. [*]Updated Titanium Backup.
    28. [*]Updated Street view.
    29. [*]Updated Google Docs.
    30. [*]LIGHT themeing of Rosie to resemble Sense3 Rosie.
    31. [*]Dropbear SSHD and client from CM.
    32. [*]Bash shell.
    33. [*]Nano editor.
    34. [/LIST]
    36. [B]2.0[/B]
    37. [LIST]
    38. [*]2.01.605.0 alpha base
    39. [*]Debloated, which includes vzw framework, apps, games, libs, and permissions.
    40. [*]Tweaked filesystem.
    41. [*]Zipaligned (just once, not every boot, sorry), and deodexed. Odex and deodex perform the same after the first boot, when deodex roms get....odexed. This is merely to save space in /system and make tweaking easier.
    42. [*]Added Google Car Home, removed HTC car app.
    43. [*]Removed Stocks widget, and app. Google has better apps for this anyway.
    44. [*]Superuser is fixed with rmk40's version, woot woot!
    45. [*]Our own busybox, version 1.19.
    46. [*]Kernel has init.d support, as well as adb root, and usb debugging enabled on every boot (even from a wipe).
    47. [*]No recent apps on notification bar, thanks rbox!
    48. [*]Location reticle deleted, thanks rbox!
    49. [*]Accurate battery and custom super quick transition animations, credit ThatDudeButch.
    50. [*]Latest maps
    51. [*]6 bar signal mod, thanks rbox! (Doesn't work quite right yet, so back at 4).
    52. [*]Custom Boot animation, credit to dsb9938 and gadget!
    53. [*]Some minor build.prop tweaks
    54. [*]Rebot options, including hot restart, credit to aiccucs, ported by ThatDudeButch.
    55. [*]Working HTC Setup wizard, credit to aiccucs.
    56. [*]Teeter.
    57. [*]Volume keys wake phone.
    58. [*]Automatic brightness fixed with my own custom values. Seems to work even better on Gingerbread.
    59. [*]Google Docs app instead of Quick Office app.
    60. [*]Fixed apn issue with framework.
    61. [*]Sense 3.0 MMS app, credit to seo.
    62. [*]Sense 3.0 lockscreen app with working themes and buttons, credit to seo and erishasnobattery.
    63. [*]Sense 3.0 weather, credit to seo and erishasnobattery.
    64. [*]Sense 3.0 weather wallpaper, credit to seo and erishasnobattery.
    65. [*]Sense 3.0 Phone modifications, credit to seo and erishasnobattery.
    66. [*]Sense 3.0 weather unlock, credit to seo and erishasnobattery.
    67. [*]Gingerbread menu glow is enabled.
    68. [*]Gingerbread crt animations are enabled, credit to mike1986. and his DHD framework I ported it from, and chingy51o for his windowmanagerservice.smali (this fixed the accelerometer lock ups).
    69. [*]Custom bamf boot animation by gadget!
    70. [*]Two ported themes for Sense 2.1 by gadget!
    71. [*]5-wide app drawer.
    72. [*]Nuked carrier text and shrunk header in pulldown.
    73. [*]New shutdown animation.
    74. [*]Splash of Red Skin from Berzerker.
    75. [*]Imoseyon's test4 kernel. Seems to work pretty well now. Also noticed its been set to run at 1ghz again. This means camera works
    76. [*]PCSCII.apk that works with Imoseyon's kernel (test4), credit to chingy51o. This means working USB mass storage mounting
    77. [*]BAMF toolkit.
    78. [/LIST]
    • Adrynalyne
    • ThatDudeButch
    • Trident
    • Erishasnobattery
    • jcase
    • Team AndIRC
    • Liquid
    • DSB9938
    • ZHP Pilot
    • Gadget!
    • Dr_Drache
    • Our BAMF IRC Testers
    • All BAMF Users


    Das BAMF NTE 2.1
    Mirror 1
    MD5SUM: bf2a0758f73afdeddae69d04691ae9c0

    [BETA] Das BAMF NTE 2.0-5
    MD5SUM: 042a01c2570b0e0ef5c6e5b6add209c7

    [BETA] Das BAMF NTE 2.0-4.01
    MD5SUM: 17E228D0ACEF284388BF2C1B18B24905

    [BETA] Das BAMF NTE 2.0-4
    MD5SUM: F78BAA5C36B70259312192F607C94B53

    [BETA] Das BAMF NTE 2.0-3
    MD5SUM: EAD963DBB3DF90BCD81F63213F907C68

    [BETA] Das BAMF NTE 2.0-2
    MD5SUM: 1BBDFFD4802FCDAA0C277A1BBB6525B5

    [BETA] Das BAMF NTE 2.0
    MD5SUM: BC035B7D056CABE384599629C3DF7F37

    Patches (flash in recovery)

    Normal transitions

    Disable wake on volume keys

    4 column app drawer for Rosie

    Sense 3.0 camera

    Stock transitions with accurate battery

    Recent Apps, BAMF style

    Sense 2.1 Camera



  2. AllyWonders

    AllyWonders Member

    Awesome ROM .... nice work you have put out the bamf team ... from the lg ally to the TB thanks a lot trident
  3. Boltaholic

    Boltaholic Member

    Thank you so much, guys. You all are so awesome.
    Right now I have a noob question as I am newly rooted. I see this is a NTE ROM. Now can I use a theme like the urban theme with this? What other themes can I use?
  4. digdug1

    digdug1 Android Expert

    Thanks trident for posting this here!

    What is the difference between this and bamf pr4?
  5. scotty85

    scotty85 Extreme Android User

    Looks like this is 2.1 with 3.0 elements,while the other is sense 3.0.

    Tho,exactly what those differences are,I couldn't say :p
  6. hattoja

    hattoja Lurker

    as soon as i switch from GB back to froyo..this comes out :D
  7. solo65impala

    solo65impala Well-Known Member

    My new tbolt needs to get here asap! Can't wait to try this.
  8. Fecious

    Fecious Newbie

    I gotta say, this is an amazing rom and it's getting better with every update. If you're on the fence on whether or not to make the switch to GB, let me be your voice of reason, just flash the damn thing. If you install everything correctly you will have very few issues, and will absolutely love the performance of this rom. I use it as my "daily driver" and I will continue to do so as long as there are updates being made.
  9. AllyWonders

    AllyWonders Member

    anyone having random reboot issues afterwards?
  10. CTM

    CTM Member

    So I need to flash a new kernel for the camera to work?
  11. Fecious

    Fecious Newbie

    The only time my phone was giving me reboots, was when I was on a froyo rom, with a froyo radio. As soon as I switched to GB, no more reboots.
  12. Fecious

    Fecious Newbie

    I thinkyou only have to overclock it to 1.4 for the camera to work smoothly. I've never had a problem with my camera, but I also am using the latest 'lean' kernel from Imoseyon. Try going into Bamf toolkit and changing the cpu speed rather than flashing to a whole new kernel.
  13. gregnice37

    gregnice37 Member

    Bryan, I know I told you already, but the new toolkit is f*ing amazing dude. Not only is the UI so much nicer, the new download section is so easy to use and works great. In a matter of two minutes, I was able to change the font and now boot animations, awesome stuff.:D
    Trident likes this.
  14. RockyCJC

    RockyCJC Lurker

    I am able to log into the Sirius XM app but I am unable to load a channel. I keep getting a network connection error but I have no problems connecting anything else to 3G. Anyone else having issues with this app on the new bamf 2.1.
  15. solo65impala

    solo65impala Well-Known Member

    I'm having the same issue, but that app always seems to have problems on my Thunderbolt, regardless of which rom I'm running. Might be because Sirius doesn't seem to support these apps too much, i.e. keep them updated frequently.
  16. project.in.process

    project.in.process Well-Known Member

    anyone hear anything if the "download" section with boot animations & sorts will be updated or flashable via patch so that we have other boot animations that we can easily pick/apply?
  17. CyberPitz

    CyberPitz Android Enthusiast

    I reboot probably around 5 times a day. I just take it, because I freaking love this rom. Currently running it at 1.92 ghz. So fast.
  18. SecondShot

    SecondShot Android Enthusiast

    I was lazy on the first flash and just flashed over 2.05 and had several reboots and a few other minor issues. Sucked it up and did the full wipe, No issues and the ROM is super smooth and the new das bamf toolkit is ridiculously easy to manage. Changing fonts and splash screens were seemless. Since I am almost blind, having the ability to increase the font size was great.

    Worth flashing IMO if you are on the fence. Pretty work DB team!
  19. scotty85

    scotty85 Extreme Android User


    do you still have reboots if you run your processor at less breakneck speeks? ;)

    give it a whole day at 1.4 ghz aND see if its any better
  20. CyberPitz

    CyberPitz Android Enthusiast

    I don't know if I wanna test that!! :p

    /Grumble: I'll post my findings tomorrow ;)

    *EDIT* As if the gods are angry, I'm stuck rebooting constantly... I went into recovery, made a backup. Rebooted phone. Everything comes up...I get the usual FC on a couple apps. Seems right around the time SetCPU kicks in, the phone just reboots.

    Back to the drawing board!!

    *EDIT2* I guess it just felt like rebooting 5 times...because now it's done. /KnockOnWood
  21. HalfFrozen

    HalfFrozen Android Enthusiast

    Getting my TB tomorrow.

    Is that BOTTOM RIGHT screen cap stock in the FIRST POST(OP)? Or do I need to DL something else besides this ROM?

    Because that clock if sucking fexy!
  22. jaydroid88

    jaydroid88 Member

    Which radio do we use for this ROM? Can someone link me to the direct download for it, can't find it. Also hows the battery life on this one compared to Das BAMF 1.6? Thanks!
  23. SecondShot

    SecondShot Android Enthusiast

    This is the one i have installed for this ROM, but you have to be very careful and read all the warnings when flashing radio firmware. I recommend searching Scotty's thread on this subject ... it is a good read. There are some very specific warnings and guidance that are a must to follow. Use at your own risk...

    [Radio] [Leak] Official MR2 Radio, - xda-developers

    Good Luck.

    PS Battery life is very good...and certainly comparable to 1.6/7/8
  24. jaydroid88

    jaydroid88 Member

    Can you link me to Scotty's thread please... I should just flash the MR2 radio, then install this ROM via clockwork and be fine right? Thanks!
  25. jaydroid88

    jaydroid88 Member

    As soon as it booted up, I had no notification bar or anything that showed an LTE signal, call reception, batter, time ect... How do I get this back?

    EDIT: Nvm, I re flashed it and its there now..

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