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[ROM][GB27] Project X v3.1 [Team Rejectz]

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by bilgerryan, Aug 15, 2013.

  1. bilgerryan

    bilgerryan Android Enthusiast
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    This forum seemed lacking of ROMs, so here you go, my latest and greatest

    Team Rejectz Presents:

    XDA THREAD-http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2320041

    Knowledge is power, please read all 4 posts of the OP because this is where you will be referred if you ask something that is located here. Make it easier on yourself and everybody else and take the ten minutes to read and understand what you are doing so you don't brick. Check post #4 before asking a question.

    This is a GB27 DeOdex TouchWiz ROM with some theming like the S4 with all the goodies of the Xperia Z.

    -TBSGS4 GB27 base-here
    -Agat64's Source Kernel v1.4.2F-here- under/overclocking and undervolting supported
    -Frandom Module (part of kernel)
    -Highly Modified Xperia Z Laucher
    -Tons of Launcher Options
    +Home Screen and App Drawer basically any size grid you want
    +Any Image as Dock Background
    +Edit App Names and Icons Individually (Long Press/Edit)
    +Backup & Restore Setups (great for updates;))
    +Infinite Scrolling on Home Screens and App Drawer
    +Up to 11 Home Screens
    +Resize All Widgets
    +Scrolling Wallpaper
    +Screen Indicator at top or bottom
    +Hide Apps
    +Support for most icon packs on the Play Store and changing icons on the homescreen to anything
    -Sony Walkman app-Visualizer must be installed after boot, see post #4
    -Google Lyrics Walkman Extension
    -My Audio Mod with modified Viper4Android- CORTEX A9 W/ NEON is the correct driver for our device.
    -Bravia 2 Engine
    -Sony Xperia Z & Optimus G Ringtones
    -Sony Xperia Z & Optimus G Notifications
    -Sony Xperia Z Alarms
    -Sense Recent Apps
    -Security Patched Email-thanks tdunham
    -Audio FX Widget
    -Xperia T & Circle Grunge Icon Packs (Laucher Settings/Appearance/Icon Pack)
    -Xperia Z International Keyboard as default
    -SMS Enhancer- SMS Pop-Ups like on 4.2.2
    -erikalin's Stock App (a lot of stock stuff was removed)-here
    -AIO v4.4-here
    +CSC Tweaks- thanks kobridge
    +Lightning Effect Lock Screen (disable Ripple Effect in System Settings/Lock Screen/Lock Screen Options)
    +Status Bar Brightness Fix (notification area)
    +Edge Zoom for Browser and Email with Toggle
    +Custom Icons for AOSP Lockscreen
    +Lockscreen Torch Mod (enable in lock screen options, pressing home button on lockscreen turns on torch after enabled)
    +Direct Dial Shortcut in Favorites and Log Screen
    +No Screen Wake on Unplug
    +Dialer Search Fix
    +Exit Option for Stock Browser menu
    +Toggle for IME Keyboard Switcher
    -3Minit Settings included-thanks gharrington
    -Tabbed System Settings-Thanks tdunham and BigSplit
    -Google Style Framework
    -AutoHDR res overlay-Thanks Rizal Lovins
    -Sony Clock Widgets
    -Sony On/Off Tools
    -Sony Weather Widget
    -C Widget
    -Custom On/Off Toggles
    -Custom X Check Toggles
    -Modified SystemUI with Custom Semi Transparent Toggles and Custom Battery, Wifi, and Landscape (sideways) Signal Bars
    -ComaDose v2.1 baked in-thanks Goddly-here
    -Ported Nexus 7 Screen Transitions
    -Note 2 Gallery (SecGallery.apk)
    -Google Loading Spinners & Sliders
    -Black Vinyl Menu Backgrounds
    -Awesome Project X Wallpapers in the wallpaper picker by:
    -Ubuntu LockScreen-thanks Rotary Heart
    ****Note- when phone goes into deep sleep the TouchWiz lockscreen pops up first (Change it to "None" in Lock Screen Settings if using Ubuntu LockScreen)****
    -Modified Red Pandora app
    -MIUI File Explorer
    -Xposed Framework Installer (must enable first)
    -Xposed Modules- more in post #3
    **App Settings (per app DPI and more)
    **Disable Camera Alerts
    **Enable Call Recording
    **Blue Sense Battery
    **Greenify Experimental Features
    **Master Key Dual Fix- fixes two possible security vulnerabilities-thanks Tungstwenty-here
    -Sprint Phone Info removed-http://community.sprint.com/baw/message/558548#558548
    -Themed Digital Clock Widget
    -Holo Contacts Widget
    -Inverted Stock Calendar (Called S Planner now)
    -Floating Touch
    -Air Swiper
    -Paper Artist
    -Awesome Note HD
    -MX Video Player
    -SGS4 Themed Phone Dialer-Thanks g_ding84
    -S4 Dark Themed Calculator
    -Yahoo News Widget and Daemon
    -232 Fonts including Sony Sketch (System Settings/Display/Font Style)
    -DS Battery Saver
    -All the TouchWiz features you know and love (Motion, TW Email, TW Browser, TW Music Player, TW Messaging, TW Calendar, TW Calculator, TW Clock, etc.)
    -Blazing Fast and Efficient
    -Flash and find out what else


    First time on Jelly Bean TouchWiz? You MUST do a one-click Odin of TouchWiz 4.1.2 on your phone first to correctly partition it.-here

    NEWBIES, STOP AND READ THIS FIRST!!! http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=35539014#post35539014

    1. Download full ROM, verify MD5 checksum and copy to phone SD storage.

    2. Download and copy Jellybean X2 Format utility to SD storage: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2077277

    3. Install EL26 (Chris41G) kernel or EL29 Directboot kernel.
    They can be found here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1662295
    ( Look for: GB - Stock EL26 Repacked Kernel or GB - Direct Boot CWM )
    Note: For success, EL26 & EL29 kernels are recommended for flashing this rom!

    4. Reboot into recovery, flash JB X2 Format then the ROM. You may flash a JB modem at this point if you like (required to run JB), but no other mods until ROM has fully booted the first time. Clean flash only if you're not coming from a previous version of this ROM! (Don't even ask cuz I'll flip on you for not reading the OP, this is highly modified and will not mesh well with other TW ROMs or AOSP.)
    ***Note- EL29 cannot flash modems- however, you can always flash it after the ROM boots with the built-in recovery***

    5. Let ROM boot fully and settle for a couple of minutes during the initial boot. (It will take around 10 minutes)

    6. Setup, then try out the features and debloat to your liking. It's recommended for performance's sake.

    -g_ding84- for ROM base
    -Rizal Lovins-Sony Album & Movies & AutoHDR res overlay
    -ThilinaC-for original port of the Xperia Z Launcher
    -Ra3al- for all his work with the Xperia Z and help modifying the launcher
    -tdunham- AIO mod and everything else he does around here... Can you say magic?
    -gharrington- for 3Minit Framework
    -agat64- for source kernel
    -crawrj- for hacked hotspot
    -jdsingle76- testing/troubleshooting
    -Team AC!D- for audio mod help
    -Goddly-for ComaDose Tweaks and custom wallpapers
    -Team Rejectz- for all the support
    -erikalin-for her Stock app
    -Shadow_God-for the S2 Xperia Z boot animation and system ui
    -MiguelHogue-for custom wallpapers
    -DEF3NDER-for custom wallpapers
    -Stryke_the_Ork-custom wallpapers
    -jayhi74-custom wallpaper
    -manufan721- for some goodies in v2.5
    -stangdriver44- for the Missing Link mod
    -kobridge-for his tweaks and work with JB TouchWiz
    -Chad the Pathfinder
    -Many, Many Others who have helped me along the way
    -The E4GT community

    Known Issues:
    ~Settings menu gets cut off a little in Landscape mode

    If you like and/or appreciate/download my work please press the THANKS button, that's all I ask. No one likes a leech.

    GIF highlighting the features of this ROM-here
    While you're waiting for the ROM to download, check it out.
    *Please thank Erika!*

    Project X Hosting Site (v3.0+)-http://development.thinktankdesigns.org/bilgerryan/index.html

    Project X v3.1 OP:

    Older Releases
    Project X v3.0 OP:

    Project X v2.9 OP:

    Project X v2.8 OP and AIO v4.2 mods:

    Project X v2.7 OP:

    Project X v2.6 OP:

    Project X v2.5 OP:

    Project X v2.2 OP:

    Project X v2.1 OP:

    Project X v2.0 OP:

    Project X v1.3:


    Wanna buy me a drink?

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  2. bilgerryan

    bilgerryan Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Wow.... nothing... smh
  3. bbradf44

    bbradf44 Newbie

    For some reason 3.1 either boot loops or get stuck on the boot animation. Does this happen to some else?
  4. bilgerryan

    bilgerryan Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Did you check md5sum? What recovery are you using to flash?
  5. Also, how long do you wait before rebooting. I don't know about this rom, but the first boot on some roms seems to take 5 minutes.
  6. bbradf44

    bbradf44 Newbie

    Agats, same recovery I used for 2.7 up to 3.0. I clean flashed the first time the splash looped then i clean flashed again and got stuck on boot animation for about 15 min before I quit to a different rom.
  7. bilgerryan

    bilgerryan Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Use EL29

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