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Root [ROM] GreenRom Inc gingerbread(beta)

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by treken, Jun 24, 2011.

  1. treken

    treken Lurker
    Thread Starter
    May 14, 2011

    Before we begin let's set some things straight:

    1. This is a beta and is under testing

    2. As the post implys, this is CM based(CM7)

    3. This is a work in progress

    4. This is built, changed, and improved from community response(we need your help!!)

    5. This is managed regulary, afa the incredible, by Treken since he has the HTC Inc(This doesn't negate the fact that whole GRP dev team is working on this project to improve it constantly)

    We have been hard at work over at the Green Rom Project. Thanks to the dev team, we have managed to establish our github and have begun deving our rom.

    Themeing has begun, but allot is needing to be themed. It has been cm based for now and is optimized for better performance during compilation process.

    Our goal is to build a stable, efficient, fast, and gorgeous rom for others to enjoy, while learning and teaching others how to develope the android system.

    Our site is geared specifically to cater to the noob or even intermediate developer that just wants to learn and have fun doing it, because developing is supposed to be fun otherwise why do it!

    Special thanks the following for making this rom possible:

    CM for Cm7!! As well as all of his work
    Android Forums for this site
    Stoute for our site!! :)
    JBird for all his work and establishing the GRP GitHub
    LivLogik for his outstanding graphical work with boot animations
    DLamber for his work at GRP
    Treken for GRP Inc development
    Verizon for providing a solid network

    =========> squished-GRP-presents-CyanogenMod-7-synced-06072011-signed.zip <==========

    GAPPS: http://download460.mediafire.com/91f...307-signed.zip

    change log(stock GRP ROM):

    *added grp theme "Greenie" theme chooser apk

    *custom boot animation

    *optimized for better performace

    *Now available in Rom Manager!!!

    known issues: none

    GRP Stripped: GreenRom_Lite.zip

    GRP stripped change log:

    *removed all theme.apks except system ui apk

    *removed the following apps:
    -ADW Launcher
    -Android Terminal
    -Development apk
    -DownloadProvider apk
    -Email apk
    -stock IME keyboard

    Things added:

    -themed notification bar
    -Custom icons
    -Custom protips

    Known Issues: none

    for help go to GreenRom Project

    Screenshots(GRP Inc "stripped"):

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]



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