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[ROM] IAP's Rebirth.v1.0.RC1 Pre-Release

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by earthboundiap, Sep 19, 2011.

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    Sick of the same old roms... Force close... Terrible Battery life... Well then Rebirth is for you. Created for daily use to be graphicaly stunning, intuitive, and stylish... Cutting edge technology...

    I used to have to run home after an 8 hour work day and charge the battery on my phone for fear I would run out half way throught the night, now I can go almost 36 hours with no background apps running... This even amazed me. How did we do it you ask ? Damn, I'm not sure... Just pure messing around with code, I can't tell you exactly which modification made the difference, I'm guessing it is a collaberation of them all. Personally I thought the mods that I had made to the code were going to mess something up. You know terrible signal, gps, or something of the sort, but after 2 weeks of running it on at least 4 phones that I know of we have not had a single complaint about signal, gps, or anything except for the 3 bugs mentioned below. And let me tell you me and david have put this rom to the test. I even flashed from every rom I could find (EC05, EG22, EH06, EH17), used it with every modem and it still worked flawlessly. Some of the modems were a little janky but overall I found that EC05 modem and EH17 were the least sketchy with Rebirth. I'm rockin Rebirth with EH17 right now and even out in the sticks in Arcadia, FL I get better signal and Gps locks in seconds with more satellites than ever. If you are looking for stability though I would suggest using EC05 modem with this rom.

    Well with all of that said, TRY IT OUT. Let us know what you think, and notify us of any other bugs you might run into. We feel we have made significant progress and your input is key in making further progress with this rom. This is why we have done a pre-release of Rebirth.

    .:Independent Android Project Website:.[/URL]
    1. use the link above to head over to the IAP website.
    2. Click IAP Android Atom icon in the news tab or in the downloads section of the IAP website in the IAP apps tab.
    3. Install the IAP app on your phone
    4. load the iap app.
    5. Proceed to the Download tab to download "Rebirth".
    6. boot into clockwork recovery at least wipe cache and dalvik 3x
    (prefered method includes 3x data wipe if you use this method be sure to back up your data/apps in some way or another)
    7. install Rebirth.v1.0.RC1 with clockwork, reboot after install and enjoy...

    We are so excited about rebirth that we have decided to release an early release candidate RC1. There are only 3 bugs that we know of so far an working to fix...

    1. Lockscreen Landscape (lockscreen all jacked up in landscape)
    2. Landscape app drawer not resizing (missing a row of apps at the bottom in landscape).
    3. 4 tab lockscreen (already have a fix on the way we just need to figure out the landscape app drawer bug and we will package it up as an update).

    Any further bugs should be reported in the forum on the iap website or with the iap app, thank you.

    We can also be found on Facebook, Independent Android Project[/URL]

    .:Thanks Section:.
    Rodderik (Genocide Kernel Source and general help)
    Maddogins (a couple of mods)
    Chris41G (his work has helped me out tremendously though I'm not sure he knows it)
    Fr4gg0r (tw launcher 4.5)
    HexKil (being a super tester and puttin the software to the test)
    All of the loyal IAP/Superheroes fans out there.



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