ICS ROM (Test Edition)

Below Link has a simple installer and ICS ROM of orignal karbonn A15 i.e. w719, Installation is simple and straight. You can try it on A87 as the chipsets are same. But do all at your own risk. Follow the steps properly and you wont regret. Any queries post here or PM me I will help. All of this is done via Fastboot. Follow the fastboot method of A87 not A15 ok. No hotlinking or taging this link. It belongs to me so try at your risk. 50 - 75 % chances it will work, But RAM is an issue for me Dont know how it will react. So anyone willing to try can give it a shot.

Rollback if it doesnt work:
You can reflash CWM and desired ROM. Or reflash Stock recovery and try.

can you give me a correct link of how to flash via fastboot?
The link above explains everything in detail
For A87 fastboot, Powerdown mobile
Vol down + Power key (get it verified) is fastboot.
Once in fastboot, connect device and run the applicaiton in the link
Define the ROM path.
The rest will be done automatically.
It worked well on A15 so i nomore have A87, test it with caution