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[ROM] Jmz VM Shooter 2012-05-30

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by jmz, May 30, 2012.

  1. jmz

    jmz Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I belive it to be a radio issue. Check out the can't send text messages thread in main evo v 4g forum. A lot of users are having that issue


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  2. Subzer0

    Subzer0 Android Enthusiast

    Thanks for the fast response jmz! It's devs like you that keep me hungry for more and more for this phone!
  3. Snake X

    Snake X Android Expert

    lol, im just glad we have devs period... Me coming from the warp we had around 5 devs at absolute most and even at that only 2-4 roms maybe 5 at most so all the support for this is a blessing. We were barely able to get CM7 mostly (wifi/3g didnt work) let alone CM9 (well we did but only thing it pretty much did is boot) and CWM (Thans to Hroark13 for all three!). So hats off to you jmz I appreciate your work :) and all other devs who support this phone as well
  4. Prey521

    Prey521 Android Enthusiast

    Just jumped on this ROM after building up the courage to go with the Rooting/ROM'n process....coming from a Triumph which was braindead easy to do, it took me a few days to muster the courage LOL!

  5. DAN040790

    DAN040790 Member

    Don't worry, I was just making sure is all. I didn't know it was based off the RUU, I thought it might have been based off the other ROM. I believe you though, I don't even have to check there. I agree, a PM would have been better than posting that on here so I'm sorry for that. I didn't even think of PMing at the time. I was kinda tired and it was like 3 AM? Anyways though, great job and great ROM. I use this one over 'D3rp' now.
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  6. Prey521

    Prey521 Android Enthusiast

    Is there a list of the system apps that can be safely removed? I've gone through with Titanium and wiped out some of the obvious ones that I wouldn't use like Watch, Mail, Google Play, some Widgets, etc, but there's a boat load of others and was wondering if anyone maintained a list. There was one for the Triumph so am hoping that a similar one exists for this, thanks!
  7. Kahroo

    Kahroo Android Expert

    When you say:
    If you are s-on you will need to extract kernel from zip and fastboot flash boot boot.img

    Does that mean all I have to do is just flash boot.img?

    Also what happens if I try to flash this zip with S-On?
  8. chadyboy81

    chadyboy81 Well-Known Member

  9. jreink01

    jreink01 Android Expert

    I would like to flash your rom. I am rooted but did noting else, so I take it, my phone is s-on then. I'm not that technically proficient so any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Flash in recovery
    If you are s-on you will need to extract kernel from zip and fastboot flash boot boot.img

    I can't just flash this rom then?? I have to extract the kernal? What exactly is a kernal and how do I do that? And what do you mean by fastbooting, and whats the boot.img?? Sorry, but I am trying to learn this stuff. If there is a step by step instructions you could guide me to, or if you could take the time to explain what steps to take, I would be greatly appreciative.
  10. jmz

    jmz Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    A kernal is Commodore's 8bit os. A kernel is linux/androids way of interfacing hardware with the interface you interact with. In the Rom it is the boot.IMG. I don't have a link to instructions on setting up fastboot and everything. But if you are rooted. You can just flash this and ignore the kernel stuff
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  11. metal571

    metal571 Android Enthusiast

    Get 4EXT, the free version app will install the recovery for you and you'll be set there. Then factory data reset, wipe dalvik, and wipe system. Then install ZIP. 4EXT takes care of the boot.img itself automatically upon reboot before the ROM loads as long as you enable it to support S-ON when you install the recovery from the app.
  12. Piznick64

    Piznick64 Android Enthusiast

    The link doesn't work anymore...
  13. jmz

    jmz Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Yeah it got lost when goo went down. So if anyone has it can they upload it so I can repost it? I got this phone again so I plan no doing some massive updates to this thing.
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  14. peter counias

    peter counias Android Enthusiast

    I'd like a copy of this Rom to check out if anyone has it.
  15. peter counias

    peter counias Android Enthusiast

    I ask about this Rom because I'd like to try jmz New oc kernel on it
  16. nerdmastax

    nerdmastax Well-Known Member

    i took a look and just have your stock deodex
  17. nerdmastax

    nerdmastax Well-Known Member


    did anyone find a copy? or know the md5 to search for it
  18. josborne6

    josborne6 Well-Known Member

    Any mods to the boot animation/sound or camera sound on this one? Thanks
  19. josborne6

    josborne6 Well-Known Member

    Is this rom still available
  20. josborne6

    josborne6 Well-Known Member

    I looked for it on the VMRoms site but this one wasn't listed. Does anyone have it that they can upload? Thanks.
  21. jreink01

    jreink01 Android Expert

    Does anyone know if this is the most recent update to this rom?? On the first page, it doesnt look like it was updated since may. I thought I read something a while back that jmz is continuing this over at xda. If this is true, does anyone know where the thread is over there, I looked over there but wasnt able to find it. Also, does anyone know if there are other cm10 roms out there that I would be able to install. I am s-off. If there is, where would I be able to find them??

  22. Prinny

    Prinny Resident Linux Nutcase

    Sorry to revive an old thread here, but this is a question for Jmz.

    I know you moved all your work to goo.im. However I went to fix the link for this one, and it was not there. Just inquiring if you still have it? If so, I will gladly fix the link for you.

  23. jmz

    jmz Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Well during the whole HTC lawyer fiasco I had a server issue. No they weren't related. Lol. I tried to revive as many files as I could but I think this was one of those casualties. So unless someone has a copy laying around its gone
  24. Prinny

    Prinny Resident Linux Nutcase

    Alright, I kind of figured that happened. Just figured I'd ask. Oh, I did edit your stock odexed/deodexed post to link to the goo.im roms. Just so you don't have to do it.
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  25. punkmaxx

    punkmaxx Android Enthusiast

    Ive got a copy of this ROM archived along with every version of every other ROM ever made for the evo 3D - VM variant. If that's not insane, im not sure what is....
    I'm Uploading it now.........64%.........100% Yay!

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