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[ROM][KANG][ENGLISH] MokeeOS Based ROM Beta2 Update1 for HTC Legend + ROM Upgrader (10/06/12)

Discussion in 'ROM Development' started by homi3kh, Jun 17, 2012.

  1. homi3kh

    homi3kh Member
    Thread Starter

    Oct 16, 2010
    CZ-Team MokeeOS Based ROM Beta2 Update1
    Changelog in page 2​

    Disable surface dithering and use 16bit transparency.
    SD card read is 128, so if you have a fast SD card, use app of your choice and change it to 2048-4096.
    Download RAM manager and use balance profile.
    * If you don't like the apps I had put in, just install other app that u preferred :)


    google, cyanogenmod, cz-team, xda-developers forums
    devil(cofface), zpccool(I'm yours), melvinchng
    all credit is to them.


    1.- Wipe data/reset factory
    2.- Wipe cache
    3.- Advanced -> wipe dalvik
    4.- Install the ROM (it takes a time)
    5.- Follow the wizard if applicable
    6.- Reboot
    7.- Enjoy

    * These steps work for me.
    ** Some a2sd scritps can cause bootloopings.
    *** Check the latest available radios for your Location

    Known Issues/Bugs:
    CPU Overclock in settings is not working also in CM settings is not available. (use your own app, like setCPU etc.)
    Call-in screen slide button messed up (fixing)

    Download Beta1
    Download Beta2

    Experimental Build:
    Beta2 Update1
    21MB only (11/06/12) fix camera, screenlock, new launcher
    no need to wipe anything just flash it right away.
    always do NANDROID before upgrading :) just in case.
    this is for who adventurous only, this will help me test my ROM upgrader. feedback is always appriciated.
    (enjoy guys! don't forget feedback.) :D


  2. homi3kh

    homi3kh Member
    Thread Starter

    Oct 16, 2010
    Changelog Beta2 Update1 (10/06/2012):
    - Introducing my ROM upgrader 1.2 ;)
    - Translated every bits of the launcher to English and its widgets (mostly :D)
    - Battery line new style in the center under the notification bar
    - Reverted back to Mokee dailer/contacts/sms apps (kinda ugly lol)
    - Now with new screen lock (enable it in laucher settings)
    - Delete TW memo,taskmanager,calculator, BatterySaver, xPlay, MokeeHelper(sometime this force close), Solid Explore (all this app can download from Play Store again :)
    - Refresh with Roboto fonts and ringtones from CM9
    - Enable Hardware acceleration by default

    Changelog Beta2 (06/06/2012):
    - Notification Settings now all in English
    - Notification torch button now work (Mokee Flashlight app included)
    - New launcher/dailer/contact/sms/calendar/music/explorer/ime apps
    * smoother and faster launcher
    * app drawer now has image viewer, video browser and music player built-in ;) so cool
    - Battery status line like MIUI (BatteryBar)
    - CPU overclocked on boot to 245Mhz-787Mhz ondemand
    - SD read head on boot to 2048 (Auto sd speed increase)
    - Added Google Play Music, LuckyPatcher, Battery Saver, Solid Explorer, SD-Booster
    - Flash Player supported
    - Bravia Engine added
    - HW Acceleration
    - Superuser entry fixed
    - TW Calculator, Memo, TaskManager added
    and many more I forgot to mentions >.<

    Todo list:
    - Calling slider button is messed up
    - CPU overclock in setting not work

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