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Rom-[KrakenOS12 info-report]

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by NENORRA, Mar 10, 2019.


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    bien he qui sho :) se tenia planeado subir KrakenOS hoy 10/03/2019 pero no arrancaba se solusion hace unas horas haci que asta mañana se subira-

    KrakenOS12-base-OmniRom 5.1.1

    KrakenOS12-base-Resurrecsion-remix 5.1.1

    KrakenOS12 aguas-negras

    asta mañana tendras reporte de bugs, apps que se eliminaron de todo en general y-

    KrakenOS13 se sigue trabajando el tema de rotasion deja de funsionar pero tiene una mini solusion
    el wifi parese hir bien pero no se esta del todo seguro debido ha mi red inestable

    grasias por leer asta aca




    well I had what sho :) had planned to go up KrakenOS today 10/03/2019 but did not start solusion a few hours ago until this morning it will rise- KrakenOS12-base-OmniRom 5.1.1 KrakenOS12-base-Resurrecsion-remix 5.1.1 KrakenOS12 aguas-negras Until tomorrow you will have bug reports, apps that were eliminated from everything in general and- KrakenOS13 is still working the theme of rotasion stops working but has a mini solusion the wifi parese hir well but it is not entirely safe due to my unstable network grasias for reading here

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