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Root [ROM] Lithium Mod - Source built awesomeness! Themes galore!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by jrummy16, Jul 31, 2010.


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  1. jrummy16

    jrummy16 Member
    Thread Starter


    Download Lithium Mod:

    Lithium Mod V1.0.12 - Stock Theme

    Custom Themes [all themes are full roms]:

    Alternative Dark Theme [by: roberj] - screen shots
    Blueberry Flavored Froyo (Blue)[by: JRummy16] - screen shots
    Black N Bold [by: thebowers] - screen shots (coming soon)
    Daiquri Ice Flavored Froyo (Cyan) [by: JRummy16] - screen shots
    Droid X Theme [by: Fabulous/JRummy16] - screen shots
    Droid X Theme with Black Bar [by: JRummy16] - screen shots
    Gala Theme [by: hexzamatic] - screen shots
    Golden Elegance [by kookahdoo] - screen shots
    Key Lime Pie [by: JRummy16] - screen shots
    Insanely Clean Theme [by: Insanenemisis] - screen shots
    Nex Tang Theme [by: manup456] - screen shots
    Nex Theme [by: manup456] - screen shots
    Purple Passion [by: roberj/bgill] - screen shots
    Pink-Life Theme [by: JRummy16] - screen shots (coming soon)
    Strawberry Flavored Froyo (Red) [by: JRummy16] - screen shots
    Red Glass Theme [by: cuttalot/JRummy16/roberj] - screen shots


    -Built from source [JRummy]
    -FRG01B proprietary files & gapps [p3droid/cvpcs]
    -Fully zipaligned and deodexed & optimized
    -Bash shell and compiled Busybox 1.16.2
    -Absolute system app [canvs2321]
    -Lithium Mod custom settings [Billygalbreath/JRummy] (more to come)
    -Added Jrummy's all in one script (type allinone in terminal)
    -10% battery increments [CyanogenMod/JRummy]
    -Reboot and reboot recovery options [billygalbreath/CyanogenMod]
    -WyContacts for more customization [Wysie, port to Froyo by Sileht]
    -cyphone app for more customization/tweaks [cytown/CyanogenMod]
    -Full exchange support [cavillis]
    -Modified stock kernel for increased performance
    -Added 7 screens and 2D Launcher2 [JRummy/Insanenemisis]
    -270 degree rotation in Launcher2
    -Increased snap velocity and 3D fly in effect time for Launcher2
    -Added 16 custom wallpapers [JaeThemes/Prash]
    -Full MusicMod [Eliot Stocker]
    -Transparency in status bar [Xeudoxus]
    -Custom live wallpapers based on Chris Soyar's Sexied up lwp
    -Custom MagicSmoke & Music Visualization Live Wallpapers (themes only)
    -DeskClock style tweaks [Nathan Zachary]
    -Reduced ring delay & wifi scan time (battery savor)
    -Spare parts for nice tweaking
    -Disabled ads by default
    -Updated to FRG01B build.fingerprint

    Custom Scripts:

    allinone - Downloads/installs BootAni, Fonts, LWP's and extra apps. apps2sd, setcpu, zipalign, flash recovery, free memory, backup/restore, show/block ads, camera soud off, othe kewl stuffs.
    sysrw/mountsys - mounts system read/write
    sysro/unmountsys - mounts system read only
    rb - reboots device
    rr - reboots into recovery

    Clockwork Installation Instructions:

    -Update & backup any files you wish to restore, this will wipe /data
    -Place the ROM on the root of your sdcard
    -Reboot into recovery mode (hold the power and "x" button at the same time)
    -Wipe data/cache if desired/think is necessary
    -Install ZIP from sdcard
    -Choose ZIP from sdcard
    -Reboot and Enjoy!

    ***** ROM Reviews *****

    Review by vincentp
    Lithium Mod ROM Review

    Initial Setup and Boot
    As with any ROM, it's important to read the info and changelogs, specifically in this case because - unlike most ROM's - this one wipes your data partition. If you like installing new ROM's without a wipe, be prepared, you will lose your data, so make sure to do a Titanium backup first.

    The boot was generally quick for a new ROM. I don't put much stock in the initial boot time as a measurement factor since it only happens once, but for its part Lithium seemed faster than most on my phone. Most of my apps were restored through the Market. There are a few usual suspects that never restore regardless of the ROM, so I don't hold this against it. Titanium took care of those.

    Appearance and Performance
    I chose the Alternate Dark theme and I have to say, it's one of the nicest looking themes I've ever used on my Droid. I'm really going to miss it when I flash another ROM. It has a very classy black look with chrome accents, and themed all of the applications I would expect it to. The lock screen is absolutely awesome looking.

    Performance with the stock kernel is so-so. I used it long enough to determine that it was stable enough for everyday use. I did not encounter anything unusual with the stock kernel, but I quickly replaced it with a jdflg kernel after a bit of use.

    I would give the overall performance of this ROM a 4/5. It's not the fastest I've ever used, but it is definitely speedy, and a bit ahead of the pack. Transitions are very fluid and in normal use it's (mostly) hiccup free. Quadrant scores - for those who care - are what I would expect. I routinely scored in the 1400's - just a little bit lower than what I had pulled with Succulent Desire 7.0 and the same kernel.

    Features and Bugs
    Like other source-built ROM's, Lithium offers several nice usability features. These are things that I normally don't care for myself, but can be very handy. The power button includes the always useful "Reboot" and "Reboot into Recovery" options, which worked flawlessly for me.

    Included is an app that I am not familiar with, but found to be an extremely nice tool. "Absolute System" has options for app management, a built in file browser, live wallpaper and font changer, app2sd settings, and plenty more. The inclusion of it in the ROM by default exposed me to it for the first time and I really like it.

    Battery life is generally good. I haven't noticed drastically different battery life with many of the ROM's I've used lately. With the same SetCPU profiles and speeds they all generally perform pretty closely. I found that I had the same battery life I expect based on my usage, which is sufficient for using the phone through a long day without the need to charge.

    I have yet to experience any real bugs with this release. Lithium scores extremely high in both features and bugs in my book.

    Setup 3/5 - The required data wipe could be an annoyance.

    Appearance 5/5 - Alternate Dark is one of the best themes I've ever seen.

    Performance 4/5 - Above average, but not leader of the pack.

    Features and Bugs 5/5 - Long list of useful features and no bugs in my testing.

    Overall (Not an average) 5/5 - I have to give this one a perfect score. The only real annoyance was the data wipe - which didn't personally bother me since I would have done it regardless, and did. Bugs are non-existent, features are plentiful, performance is above average, and the Alt Dark theme (which I highly recommend) is absolutely gorgeous.
    I would love to keep this one around for a while.. but you know, I'm flash happy, so even the best won't do, and of course I need to keep the reviews going.


    Review by SoDroid
    Installation & Set up
    Not yet in Rom Manager, so I just downloaded the zip from JRummy


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  2. jrummy16

    jrummy16 Member
    Thread Starter

    Reserved for some cool stuff when I get back from the beach ;)
  3. gobirds895

    gobirds895 Well-Known Member

    This on ROM Manager?
  4. emdmao

    emdmao Android Enthusiast

    Oh man that alternative dark theme looks nice. Gonna load this up tonight
  5. stewart1champ

    stewart1champ Android Enthusiast

    Watermark'D Lithium out shortly.
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  6. ne0lyfeism

    ne0lyfeism Android Enthusiast

    Flashed this after wiping.. and it was a no-go for me. For starters, 3G disappeared.. and while I was able to sign into my gmail account, I couldn't use the *228 option to activate my phone..

    This thing looks awesome, so I'm a bit bummed that I can't give it a spin.. restoring back to SS 4.5 as we speak..
  7. stewart1champ

    stewart1champ Android Enthusiast

    Watermark'D Lithium is now out.
  8. Maniaryan

    Maniaryan Newbie

    just got the 928 droid all flashed and running smoothly. SWEET layout

    jrumm you've done it again
  9. stewart1champ

    stewart1champ Android Enthusiast

    LithiumMod has now been Watermark'D with this logo:


    Posted in Watermark'D original post.
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  10. vincentp

    vincentp Android Expert

    About to flash this with the alternate dark theme. It looks absolutely gorgeous.
  11. Rodeojones

    Rodeojones Android Enthusiast

    So far, this ROM is nice. Pretty snappy even with the stock kernel. I can't decide which theme to use (and now I have to add Watermark'd to my list of potential themes), so I'm trying out a few. I do have one issue. Right now I have the Alternate Dark theme on. I love the look. Very clean and simple. But Swype won't work properly. I restored all my apps and data using Titanium Backup as I've always done. Swype is there. When I go to use the virtual keyboard it's there as an option and the Swype keyboard comes up. But when I actually "swype" nothing happens. I see the little tracer line across the keyboard, but no words pop up. But it will allow me to type on it like the stock keyboard.

    Not having Swype will be a dealbreaker for me. I'm going to try another theme to see if the problem persists.
  12. droid_freak

    droid_freak Well-Known Member

    Swype no workie

    Swype tells me that the package I downloaded is for another platform and will work on a limited basis. Contact Swype for assistance.
  13. Rodeojones

    Rodeojones Android Enthusiast

    I just tried uninstalling/reinstalling Swype and I got the same message. I really need Swype to work, so for now I'm back to version 5.0.9.
  14. SoDroid

    SoDroid Android Enthusiast

    I am using the Watermark'd theme, and my swype does work. I deleted all instances of swype in data/app and sdcard/downloads (where the swypeinstaller downloads to), then followed the directions in the Swype email.

    Note: I did wipe before flashing.
  15. cruud

    cruud Well-Known Member

    Using Droid X theme. Pretty awesome, was having lots of troubles with different roms. This one is snappy, good looking. Willing to trade lack of features for stability and speed.
  16. FLroofpro

    FLroofpro Newbie

    Been running since it released yesterday. SMOOTH! Running the 928 theme with only the stock 800mhz kernel and it is a snappier than most of the roms I usually run with Chevy's ULV 1.1. No bugs or FCs yet. So far, looks like one of the best to date. Nice work Jrummy!

    Oh, almost forgot...that Absolute System app included is a gem!
  17. tfleming23

    tfleming23 Well-Known Member

    The link for Alternative Dark does not work
  18. Rodeojones

    Rodeojones Android Enthusiast

    You have to check out Black N Bold by thebowers. Although the OP says it's coming soon, the ROM is available if you click on the screen shot link (it will take you to the forum where he's posted the info and a download link is there). It's a fantastic looking ROM. I'm still having issues with Swype, but I might be willing to go without it just to keep this theme on my phone.
  19. Soultics

    Soultics Well-Known Member

    Flashed the Gala theme, I absolutely love this theme and have been looking forward to it. I've had a few reboots that I'm quite sad about, I of course did all the wiping, etc, etc. I'll see if it continues anymore today or tomorrow and try a reinstall. Anyone else seeing this the Gala Theme?
  20. JoeProcopio

    JoeProcopio Android Enthusiast

    setup wizard force closes after i sign in or if i skip signing in all together....this seems to happen a lot on your ROMs...CM roms seems to work fine...using clockwork, that is probably why, lol.

    wiping cache again....
  21. markc2

    markc2 Well-Known Member

    I've had Swype problems before with other roms, have you tried re-installing using their installer file? That has worked for me....

  22. tom108

    tom108 Android Expert

    Great Rom. it is running very smooth and has some good options.
  23. LRiley

    LRiley Lurker

    These are great been waiting on jrummy since source was released, are there going to be updated themed launcherpro for this??
  24. tenpin477

    tenpin477 Newbie

    Excellent Rom JRummy. I stuck with Kangerade for awhile but I flashed this today and Im loving it. Coming from Kangerade 5.0.9 I didn't wipe and the phone runs flawlessly.

    The Absolute System app is incredible. Great work
  25. tfleming23

    tfleming23 Well-Known Member

    This works great except for swype. I have reinstalled completely, including the installer yer it still does not work. If anyone finds a fix please let me know

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