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[ROM] Lithium Mod - Source built awesomeness! Themes galore!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by jrummy16, Jul 31, 2010.


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  1. derek533

    derek533 Member

    This rom rocks. Been using it for a couple of days now (blue themed) and it is absolutely gorgeous to the eyes, and seems to be rock solid. I've had no stability issues or fc's at all.

    Just using the stock Lithium blue mod is all with the included kernel. Nothing fancy.

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  2. Saiyan_Prince

    Saiyan_Prince Member

    Blue themed launcher pro works with Lithium mod and blueberry flavored froyo
  3. SirVilhelm

    SirVilhelm Android Enthusiast

    Where did the DROID ringtone go? Can't find it after the update.
  4. SirVilhelm

    SirVilhelm Android Enthusiast

    Am I ******ed? Where is it?

    Found it
  5. SirVilhelm

    SirVilhelm Android Enthusiast

    Where can I find the font samples? I want to try a different font but I want to see what it looks like first
  6. SoDroid

    SoDroid Android Enthusiast

    Try this.
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  7. SoDroid

    SoDroid Android Enthusiast

    Any insight into where this kernel went would be awesome! I really want to use a jdlfg kernel but I can't get wifi to work on them. I've tried three different 'families' of of his kernels and get no wifi love.
  8. SirVilhelm

    SirVilhelm Android Enthusiast

    Anyone else having an issue with setcpu not remembering its settings? Everytime I reboot it goes back down to 800mhz from 1100
  9. DroidJnkie

    DroidJnkie Android Enthusiast

    I'm using the red glass theme, which I love, but for some reason my Handcent is acting up.

    whenever i send a text, it either gets stuck on the "sending" thing, as if it's not able to send, or it FC's on me when I send a message. It's very annoying because I'm not sure if I actually was successful in sending the text or not.

    Any solutions to this?? :thinking:
  10. Saiyan_Prince

    Saiyan_Prince Member

    Well, the problem is when. I went to go find the exact kernel I was using. It seemed to have disappeared. I haven't tried wifi tether yet.
  11. Saiyan_Prince

    Saiyan_Prince Member

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  12. YankeeDudeL

    YankeeDudeL Android Expert

    This marks the third time I've tried to review this ROM, but we've had plenty of inclement weather lately. Please forgive the lateness.

    Initial Setup:
    Booted up very quick, only took about a minute. Stock boot animation, but that can be changed (more on that later). Market synced up faster with this ROM than most of the others I've flashed, taking about 15 mins and installing the majority of them.

    You're not going to go round here, folks. With so many options to choose from, you're bound to find something that suits you. I chose the Golden Elegance theme because of how different it is, and I'm very glad I did. After finding a wallpaper and Weather Widget skin that blended well, I have perhaps the most visually appealing theme I've had on my Droid yet. All apps and widgets appear to have themed correctly.

    Another winner here, very fluid ROM. Stock kernel seemed capable of much of what you could ask it for, but of course, you'll want to flash whatever your trusty kernel is. I tested Jake's 1GHz and jdlfg's 1.2GHz, and they both performed pretty well. Jake's constantly gives me the lowest short benchmarks, getting as low as 159ms. Long was 550. jdlfg's did get close at 167, but gave me a 440 long bench. I was able to get a 1539 Quadrant on Jake's, but again could not get a bench at 1.2GHz with jdlfg's. Scaling down to 1.1GHz did give me a 1551, though.

    App and System Function:
    Most everything was in order, GPS and WiFi work fine, Market had no issues, etc. The only app issue I've found was Twitter, which wouldn't install either from the Market or from TiBu. I did find the battery life to be sub-par in comparison to some of the more trusted ROMs I've come to use, but it wasn't the worst I've played with, either. Also, it did run a lil hot, but only when pushing it.

    One key feature to point out is the Absolute System app, which gives you the options to manage files, live wallpapers, fonts, boot animations, apps, backup and restores, and apps2sd. It's a very hand app to have around, but it could be even better if you could apply scripts from there as well (like with Bugless Beast). That is by no means a knock on the ROM, as it offers more goodies than most other options.

    Another quality ROM option that a lot of people are going to enjoy. There's a healthy balance of speed and goodies that I believe most of us are looking for. Battery life isn't terrible, but could be improved in future builds. I highly recommend trying it out on your own Droid.

    4 out of 5 stars
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  13. SoDroid

    SoDroid Android Enthusiast

    Thanks Prince. I was afraid of that, I couldn't find it there either, hopefully he's working on the wifi issue.

    And by wifi, I mean I can't connect to any wireless internet, which sucks because I really like the performance with CM and his kernel.
  14. SoDroid

    SoDroid Android Enthusiast

    This happened to me when I had themed handcent. Delete it from system/app, reboot, download it from market. It won't be themed but it won't FC either.
  15. SoDroid

    SoDroid Android Enthusiast


    Can you post a pic of your Lithium screen? I'm curious to see what the gold theme looks like and how you set it up.
  16. YankeeDudeL

    YankeeDudeL Android Expert

    Sure can and here ya go, sir. Just a few of my screens with themed widgets. For the life of me I can't figure out why I can't take a screenshot of my pull-down notification bar. Also, there's screenshots next to the link for this theme.



    SoDroid likes this.
  17. Saiyan_Prince

    Saiyan_Prince Member

    Wifi works for me.

  18. I'm running EvoDroid - LithiumMod and I have the same issue with the call slider too. Other than that this would be a perfect ROM
  19. tfleming23

    tfleming23 Well-Known Member

    +1 - My kids love this

  20. yufice

    yufice Well-Known Member

    Love this ROM. I'm having the apparently popular bug of the offset answer/reject sliders. Is there a fix in the works?
  21. glitch32

    glitch32 Well-Known Member

    This is only my second ROM and I think it's amazing! It looks great, and is very fast with the stock kernel. Can I download just the other themes for this? Of course I'll do a search after posting this :)
    EDIT: It seems that all the themes are the full ROM too. Is there a way to change the theme after installing one of the theme'd roms? Also I want to thank everyone involved in making this ROM, I can't believe how awesome it is!
  22. athack

    athack Newbie

    hope to get some help with an issue.. been running lithium mod since it came out.. love it started getting some lag so i did a complete wipe and reinstalled everything is running super smooth now.. the only issue now is that when i try to get into the program menu ##PROGRAM it just places a call to that number didnt do that before i wiped??? using the 1ghz standard ker from jrummy lith mod...??? thank you
  23. Saiyan_Prince

    Saiyan_Prince Member

    Been having web browsing issues. It would just close out on me and goes back to my homescreen.
  24. jzbode

    jzbode Newbie

    i'm running BB0.4 right now with chevy's 1.2ghz kernal. Do I have to do anything special before i flash Lithium or will it automatically overwrite the kernal i have installed?
  25. SoDroid

    SoDroid Android Enthusiast

    Regarding kernels, you never have to wipe to flash a kernel, just flash the kernel. After you flash lithmod, you will have the lithmod kernel. Just flash whatever kernel you want after you've flashed lithmod.
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