Root ROM Manager backup question


After having just rooted my phone (with Revolutionary) I went to make a backup of the stock ROM before playing around with it. I downloaded ROM Manager and it didn't recognize that I already had clockwork recovery (via revolutionary), so I went and told it to flash it.. it went ok. then i scrolled down and clicked on back up a named the file.. when i clicked ok my phone rebooted.. and now it's stuck on the htc load screen... is this the part where i need to be patient or freak out?


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Pull your battery, reboot into recovery manually, in recovery make a backup then reboot, once rebooted uninstall ROM manager


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I'm halfway there... i pulled the battery and rebooted.. then i went into ROM manager and told it to reboot me in recovery mode.. backup from there is in progress now.


i'll be back. :rolleyes: