Help rom manager in app purchase


ok i know this is a root app but not so much a root question. i downloaded rom manager a while ago and bought touch recovery in app. then i went completely back to stock to upgrade to 4.2 now that cm is out with 10.1 i flashed that over and went to re-install touch recovery and it says i have to pay for it again :( i bought it for the ease of flashing it. this isnt relieving me of my headache. i contacted Koushik Doutta (on G+)or whatever his name it (the creator of cwm) and haven't heard back yet. any one know how to restore my in app purchase or am i sol? i have the receipt from the play store.


Dr. Feelgood
I've always personally recommended to stay away from apps to do recovery functions, but thats neither here nor there.

If you email the dev (i wouldnt go through g+) they should set you up again