Root ROM Manager update/download issue


I've got a rooted LG Optimus T, which I'm pretty happy with. I opened ROM Manager yesterday to do a backup, and got a popup stating that I needed to update the app. It then took me to Google Play, I downloaded the update, and got an error message when the phone tried to install it, with a message that I needed to uninstall ROM Manager and reinstall it.

Silly me. I did that. Cleared cache, forgot to delete updates, and uninstalled ROM Manager. Now, I can't install the new one from the market, or from ClockworkMod's webpage. Also, I seem to have lost my data network. The phone is fine, but no internet.

I know better than to do a factory reset (the horror), but I'm not sure what to do now. My inclination is to restore to an older backup from my sd card - but how do I get there without ROM Manager?

Any assistance is awesome! I love these forums - I used the All Things Root stickie to root my phone, and it was great.