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Support ROM Manager wont back up

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ayooleemaa74, Feb 24, 2011.

  1. ayooleemaa74

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    Im am very new to this and i just rooted my phone with the superoneclick root.
    I downloaded rom manager busy box titanium back up and astro file.

    When i started rom manager i flashed clockwork mod rocovery and selected samsung vibrant.

    i then tried to back up current mod then it shows a pop up saying that it will be saved under the name given and then the only thing that happens is that it goes into recovery mode and only gives me the options of reboot reinstall packages clear cache format sd card. so i just select reboot.

    please tell me if i am doing something wrong? i want to use the bionix rom and i am still very new to this, i want to back up just in case. and the nandroid option wont show on the recovery mode either.

    should i use a different application. and also how does busy box work? i know that it was installed but i cannot find it on my app list? any other information that i should know would be very helpful as well :)




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