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ROM Manager

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by KrippyKreme, Sep 11, 2011.

  1. KrippyKreme

    KrippyKreme Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Is it worth paying for the app? Are there that many more Roms and features in the paid version vs. the free version?

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  2. seejoshplay

    seejoshplay Well-Known Member

    This app is super helpful for preventing mistakes while flashing. It automates some key actions, which is TOTALLY worth it to me. However, I am a noob.

    It will not prevent all mistakes, but it does some handy things, like prompt you to make a backup and clear the appropriate cashes.

    IMO, helpful.
  3. TheAtheistReverend

    TheAtheistReverend Anybody want a peanut?
    VIP Member

    The only thing I have run into that it doesn't do in the free version is check for rom updates. The way I see it, not every rom is supported and I can easily check for an update without it since I follow the threads I am interested in. So I wont be paying for the upgrade unless someone chimes in with a feature on the paid version I am not aware of that I like.
  4. AnonyROOT

    AnonyROOT Newbie

    Yeah the only main difference is you get some nightlies for like 2 or 3 Roms. Personally I don't wanna use a Rom till its as stable as can be for my phone. So the free rom manager does it for me.
  5. TheDroidLife

    TheDroidLife Newbie

    I dont like flashing roms through rom manager so i dont even use it. I would rather download the rom off the PC and put it on the sd card, verify the md5 via AFV, and wipe and flash manually. Weird thing is the one time i did try Rom manager, i downloaded the virtuos unity rom and flashed it through rom manager and when the phone rebooted, i had MIUI.. i even checked the download folder in Rom manager file on the sd card and it said virtous unity 1.3.1.zip.. so I deleted that file and flashed a new rom manually and uninstalled Rom manager.
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