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[ROM] Mobster Rom HD/Lite - 031513

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Mobstergunz, Jun 14, 2012.

  1. Mobstergunz

    Mobstergunz Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Mobster Rom HD/Lite

    by Mobstergunz

    Rom Features:
    Android Version 4.0.4
    Sense Version 3.6
    Project Mobster
    Google Now
    HD Audio
    Sound Boosted
    Odexed for Speed
    Custom AOSP Theme
    Nexus 7 Boot Animation
    Android 4.2 Keyboard
    Android 4.2 Gmail
    AOSP JB browser
    Adobe Flash Player
    Sony Bravia Engine
    Sony Clearbass Engine
    Sony xLoud Engine
    Beats Audio
    Dolby Mobile
    Dimmed Capacitive Buttons
    Data / Streaming Tweaks
    Performance Tweaks
    Battery Tweaks
    Ram Tweaks
    4G Tweaks
    True Dual-Core
    Updated Adreno Libs
    GPU / EGL / 3D Tweaks
    Camera/Camcorder/FFC Tweaks
    Video Player Tweaks
    HD/Screen Off YouTube
    and Many More :)

    Installation Instructions:
    -Must be S-OFF

    1 Backup
    2 Wipe Cache and Dalvik Cache
    3 Wipe all Partitions Except SD Card
    4 Install Mobster Rom HD/Lite
    5 Reboot
    6 Enjoy


    HD DL Link - Mobster Rom HD 031513.zip - 444 MB

    HD Lite DL Link - Mobster Rom HD Lite 031513.zip - 352 MB

    -Screenshots of Older Release
    Mobster Rom HD (Sense):

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Mobster Rom HD Lite (Senseless):

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]



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  2. Mobstergunz

    Mobstergunz Android Expert
    Thread Starter


    HD/Lite 03/15/2013 build

    • Enhancments from 2.95 OTA
    • Removed Swap Space Due to Performance Issues
    HD/Lite 03/09/2013 build

    • Performance Increase
    • Fixed 3G Icon Issue
    • Added 150 MB Swap Space to Internal Memory

    HD/Lite (01/28)

    • New Custom Launcher w/ wallpapers (Lite only)
    • Clean up Code / Bug Fixes
    • Update/Add Apps
    • Performance Increase
    • No More Visual Artifacts
    • HD YouTube with Screen-Off Playback

    HD and HD Lite (12/29)

    • Updated to match Unlocked Potential 12/28/12
    • Updated Apps
    • Updated Theme
    • YouTube bug should be fixed

    V4 and V4 Lite (12/05)

    • 12/07 - Fixed Diailer Bug
    • Complete Re-Build
    • Based on Unlocked Potential

    V3 and V3 Lite (11/09)

    • Performance Boost
    • Faster/Better Streaming Performance
    • Self Cleaning, Optimizing, and Defragging
    • Updated Apps (Except SuperSu due to issues)
    • New Mobster Picked Wallpapers
    • Android 4.2 Keyboard and Gmail
    • V3 Lite Extras - Lite Version only
    • Perfectly Senseless - Lite Version only

    v2.76 (10/15)

    • Fixed Voicemail App Issues

    v2.75 (10/14)
    -Fresh Install a.k.a Full Wipe is recommended

    • Cleaned up a bit
    • Rom Structure Changes
    • Disabled Sense Shutdown
    • Changed Wallpapers
    • Tweaked Theme
    • Rosie Tweaks
    • Added 5 Min Display Timeout
    • Switched to Dark YouTube
    • New Boot Animation w/Sound
    • Removed Google+
    • Integrated FlashPlayer into Rom
    • Moved HoloLauncher HD to Mods Section out of Rom

    v2.57 (10/12)

    • Google Now Tweaks
    • Default Settings Tweaks
    • Performance Update

    v2.52 (10/12)
    -Checking "Force GPU rendering" in
    Developer options may give you a performance boost

    • Update to Android 4.0.4
    • Revert Clock to AOSP
    • Revert to Dark Google Talk
    • Friend Stream Facebook Fix
    • Performance Update

    v2.5 (10/07)/(10/08)
    -Fresh Install a.k.a Full Wipe is recommended

    • 10/08 - Minor Modifications
    • Bug Fixes
    • Many Additions
    • Complete Re-Make
    • Performance Update

    v2.4 (10/01)

    • New Installation Script
    • Added FM Radio
    • SRS Tweaks
    • Performance update
    • Update to Sprint 2.89 OTA

    v2.37 (09/29)

    • Fixed Wifi Router
    • Fixed Graphical Errors
    • Themed Holo Launcher HD Icons

    v2.36 (09/26)

    • Tweaked Theme some more

    v2.35 (09/25)

    • Fixed HTC Wallpapers
    • Fixed Rosie Bugs
    • Fixed Misc Bugs
    • Added Hidden Settings
    • Tweaked Theme
    • Updated Launcher
    • Updated Browser

    v2.3 (09/20)

    • System Wide Beats Audio Options Selectable through Settings
      - Will not work with AOSP Settings Mod

    v2.27 (09/20)

    • Changed to Inverted Google Now

    v2.25 (09/14)

    • Re-Added Sense Settings
    • Re-Added AOSP Settings Mod
    • 4G Tweaks

    v2.2 (09/12)

    v2.12 (09/01)

    • SystemUI.apk tweaks
    • New AOSP Settings Integreated
    • Fully Integrated Google Now
    • Sense 4.1 Performance Tweaks
    • Updated Modules

    v2.1 (08/31)

    • Improvements to existing Mods
    • New Mod AOSP Settings
    • Added Dark Themed AOSP Calculator and Calender
    • Performance Update

    v2.05 (08/26)

    • Slight Volume Boost
    • Updated Adreno Libs
    • Fixed LoudSpeaker Bug
    • Added New Shutdown Animation

    v2.0.2 (08/26)

    • Fixed MMS Problems
    • Added 1% Battery Mod

    v2.0.1 (08/24)

    • Fixed Voice Search FC's

    v2.0 (08/23)

    • Complete Re-Design
    • Features Power Kernel
    • JB Project Butter + JB Enhancements

    v1.4 (08/14)

    • Rom Re-Built
    • Performance Update

    v1.3.1 (08/12)

    • Hopefully Fixed Random Reboots
    • Changed Default Max CPU Clock to 1.2Ghz
    • Moved Following Apps to Data Partition:
      - Awesome BEATS
      - HTC FM Radio
      - Leedroid Tweaks
      - Hidden Menus
      - File Manager

    v1.3 (08/10)

    • Increased Stability / Performance
    • Replaced DSP Manager with Awesome Beats v3

    v1.2 (08/08)

    • Fixed Kernel Related bugs
    • Added optional ICS MotoBlur Theme
    • Added optional ICS Timescape Theme

    v1.1.2 (08/05)

    • Hid Personalize app from app drawer
      - Only accessible from Settings now
    • Fixed Ringtone bug
    • Trimmed Rom down to 256MB

    v1.1.1 (08/03)

    • Fixed Livewallpapers and Personalize
    • Re-added LeeDroid Tweaks app
      - Warning not every Tweak works Since Most of Sense was removed
    • Made kernel into Boot.img so S-ON users can fastboot flash

    v1.1 (08/02)

    • Mostly Senseless
    • Modified Theme
    • Removed LeeDroid Tweaks app
    • Removed DolbyMobile App
    • Improvements to Existing Mods

    v1.0.9 (08/02)

    • Trimmed Rom down to 269MB
    • Anthrax Kernel RLS 03.0.0
    • Sound Boost
    • Improvements to Existing Mods
    • Updated Apps
    • New File Explorer
    • Newly Themed Music App

    v1.0.8 (07/30)

    • Trimmed Rom down to 300MB
    • Odexed for Speed Boost and lasting Performance

    v1.0.7.1 (07/26)

    • Trimmed Rom down to 315MB
    • fixed FC Issue

    v1.0.7 (07/22)

    • Trimmed Rom down to 328MB
    • Update Theme
    • New Boot Animation
    • Added Leedroid Tweaks
    • Added Beats Notification
    • Opens Links with their apps
    • Added Power Kernel
    • New Stock ICS Launcher replaced Apex

    v1.0.6 (06/20)

    • Hopefully fixed some battery icon issues
    • Readded Visual Voicemail
    • Removed Recent Apps from Statusbar


    • Added Beats Audio to Video Player
    • HTC Surround 5.1 no longer Requires Headphones
    • Audio Quality Tweaks
    • Camera Quality Tweaks
    • Panorama
    • Front Cam 720p Video Recording
    • Even More Performance Tweaks

    v1.0.4.1 [Nandroid] (06/18) - removed

    • New Install Method
    • Same as v1.0.4.1 Flashable Zip
    • Recommended for TWRP 1.1.1
    • Guaranteed error free install

    v1.0.4.1 (06/17)

    • Added Invisible Location OFF
    • Hopefully Fixed Install Issues
    • Do Not Factory Reset!

    v1.0.4 (06/17)

    • Added Rosie.apk.bak
    • Added 1% battery mod

    v1.0.3 (06/16)

    • Removed Sense Browser and added AOSP Browser
    • Unthemed HTC Dialer - Looks better then themed version
    • Added Beats Audio and Dolby Mobile

    v1.0.2 (06/15)

    • Fixed Button Lights issue caused by Dual-Core Mod

    v1.0.1 (06/15)

    • Added Dual-Core Mod
    • Added More GPU Tweaks

    v1.0 (06/14)

    • Rom Released!
    - Earlier Changes


    Sprint MMS Patch - MRHD Sprint MMS Patch.zip - 5.96 MB

    AOSP Settings - MRV ASOP Settings.zip - 3.17 MB


    1. Error Installing / Stuck at HTC Screen

    - This Rom will install Best in 4Ext

    - A Fresh Install Solves most problems

    - make sure to follow given instructions

    2. If your S-ON

    - S-ON users can Flash with 4Ext and the Smart Flash feature enabled

    3. Connections

    - After flashing the Rom Connections like "Mobile Network" might be off and you'll need to turn them back on

    - Google Not Syncing? Go to "Settings>Accounts and Sync" and enable syncing options

    4. Lockscreen before phone call

    - A great workaround is to set your lockscreen as "None" in security settings then Download/Use Holo Locker from the Play Store
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  3. Subzer0

    Subzer0 Android Enthusiast

    Whoa! Thanks Mobster! Glad to see you working on the EVO now. I admired all your work on the Triumph and am looking forward to everything you do here.
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  4. Mobstergunz

    Mobstergunz Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Thanks i hope you guys enjoy the Rom :)
  5. johnny424

    johnny424 Android Expert

    i tried to flash your rom but install aborted in 4ext..looks pretty cool though
  6. Prey521

    Prey521 Android Enthusiast

    Sweet! Loved your work on the Triumph, this one should be gooooooood! :)
  7. Mobstergunz

    Mobstergunz Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    I haven't tried to flash this through 4ext i can tell you that it flashes perfectly in TWRP
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  8. thebryceee

    thebryceee Android Expert

    Happened to me too. Hopefully someone can figure it out soon.
  9. Mobstergunz

    Mobstergunz Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    maybe someone else can explain why since ive never heard of this 4ext recovery.....
  10. johnny424

    johnny424 Android Expert

    truthfully i have been having bad luck with 4ext..your rom plus every evo3d rom i have tried flashing gives me a bootloop..

    edit..your rom didnt loop..just aborted..wanted to correct myself
  11. Mobstergunz

    Mobstergunz Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    From what ive read i don't see how 4ext is better then S-OFF w/ TWRP....

    I just hold Volume down and Power then click Recovery and BAM!!!! im in TWRP ready to flash whatever i need lol no fastboot or adb

    I think you should switch to this ;)
  12. thebryceee

    thebryceee Android Expert

    Well, with 4EXT, we don't need adb or fastboot either plus you don't need s-off to flash kernels.
  13. Prey521

    Prey521 Android Enthusiast

    So with S-On, do we flash the kernel AFTER flashing the ROM?

    Also, couldn't we just use Flash Image GUI to flash the kernel?

  14. Mobstergunz

    Mobstergunz Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    I think S-ON won't allow you to flash any boot.img for security reasons..... there is a method to install kernels (boot.img) with S-ON try asking jerofld or jmz im sure they know more about HTC phones since im a noob at HTC unlocking too :p
  15. thebryceee

    thebryceee Android Expert

    When you go in the 4EXT app, there's an option to flash boot image

  16. johnny424

    johnny424 Android Expert

    okay so i successfully flashed jmz's rom and the anthrax kernel..so its working i guess..

    i think being s-on still is screwing something up..im not sure..

    has anyone s-on been able to flash any 3d roms with trwp?
  17. Prey521

    Prey521 Android Enthusiast


    Also, I'm currently running the Jmz VM Shooter 2012-05-30 ROM......can I assume that this ROM can be safely flashed over that one since their base is the same? Thanks
  18. Prey521

    Prey521 Android Enthusiast

    After I flashed the Anthrax Kernel, I was no longer able to to connect to my PC via USB :thinking:
  19. johnny424

    johnny424 Android Expert

    me too..no 3d no netflix and cant get pc to see phone..i wanted to flash it with mobsters rom but seems like im having a bit of bad luck today lol
  20. Prey521

    Prey521 Android Enthusiast

    I'm flashing Release 5 of the kernel to see if that works before I flash Mob's ROM.
  21. thebryceee

    thebryceee Android Expert

    What's the md5 on this?
  22. Prey521

    Prey521 Android Enthusiast

    I was also not able to reboot the phone anymore without performing a battery pull.
  23. Prey521

    Prey521 Android Enthusiast

    Anthrax Kernel release 5 didn't work. Phone boots, but WIFI will not turn on.
  24. GTWolf

    GTWolf Member

    Dang mobs, thought you'd be taking a little break. Not complaining, nice work.
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  25. DAN040790

    DAN040790 Member

    I've tested em. With htcleak, USB mounting and 3D is broken. Also another thing. With this kernel, DO NOT power off or reboot the phone. It will break the ROM completely. I mean who doesn't power off or reboot their phone? I just advise not even using it until that issue gets fixed one way or another. As for revision 5 of the kernel, try plugging your phone in. Everything will look and run normal except for the fact that you can't even charge your phone anymore.

    You have to literally wipe AND format everything or else Wifi won't work with it. I made the same mistake.

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