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[ROM] More PB&J... | Droid Incredible

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by adrynalyne, Aug 3, 2010.

  1. adrynalyne

    adrynalyne Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Not from source, but now that I have a kernel to use, I plan on getting my sh*t together and start downloading the source.

    Until then, here is something.

    Why spend the time removing the crapware and applying fixes when its already done for you.

    This is nothing special. It doesn’t have a fancy name like SkyFroyo, Refrozen, or whatever. The build.prop doesn’t say by “insert name”.
    This is just a rom I use for myself that I thought others may, or may not, enjoy. This rom has NOT been heavily tested.

    There is not a question as to whether you should wipe before installing, just dooooooo it.

    OTA leak must be installed prior to this rom if you want working camera and camcorder.

    Changes from stock leaked Froyo version 2:

    Market fixed!

    Stock messaging app from Cyanogenmod. All credit to Cyanogen and team.
    Stock Email.
    Stock Car Mode.
    Stock lockscreen.
    Stock Music app.
    Stock Calendar.
    Launcher Pro is now the standard launcher.
    Removed all the HTC Sense I could without errors. Only a few things remain (Dialer, Contacts, Weather, HTC Keyboard, gallery).
    Removed Google Maps, can be reinstalled from Market.
    Removed Flikr.
    Removed lame Verizon drivers prompt when connected via USB.
    Removed visual voice mail and all icons associated with it (including voicemail icon in app drawer).
    Removed backup assistant (do not try to setup from setup wizard!).
    Removed 3g hotspot (Included working wifi tether app).
    Removed skype.
    Removed my Verizon app.
    Removed city ID properly.
    Wake on trackball added.
    Removed amazon mp3.
    Busybox installed.
    Wifi tether working (ad-hoc only).
    Superuser 2.2.2 installed.
    Hulu ready (check hulu_install folder on sdcard).


    Stock News and Weather widget:

    HTC Flashlight app:

    HTC calendar app(UPDATED):

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  2. bonfire62

    bonfire62 Newbie

    Can't wait man! Looks awesome!
  3. adrynalyne

    adrynalyne Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Link is live. Please send me bug reports via here and I will resolve them as I can.
  4. Dsoto87

    Dsoto87 Well-Known Member

    Just wondering, whats the difference between this and the last pb@j rom besides being deodexed?
  5. adrynalyne

    adrynalyne Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Newer build. Its built off the most recent leak (as of this posting). It also does not include Flash. This can be downloaded from the market, or the modded version under the hulu_install folder on your sdcard can be used to watch Hulu.
  6. bonfire62

    bonfire62 Newbie

    Hey man when I download the link it only shows up at a like 12kb file
  7. necosino

    necosino Android Expert

    Delete and redownload. It should be 126MB

    I found one bug, and it's pretty major.. I'm at work and can't download it right now :thinking:

    PLEASE NOTE: The above is a JOKE... My problem is that 4shared is blocked at work, so it's a bug for me... There's nothing necessarily wrong with the ROM. Smirk a little, download, and enjoy!
  8. adrynalyne

    adrynalyne Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Ah hell.

    How about I fax a sick note in :D
  9. bonfire62

    bonfire62 Newbie

    That worked, going now. Thanks man
  10. cheifkeiff

    cheifkeiff Newbie

    Just started downloading should I wait to flash?

    Ps: I'm another old omnia flashaholic itching to try out of your roms! Thanks for the hard work!
  11. adrynalyne

    adrynalyne Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Why wait? Did I miss something?
  12. cheifkeiff

    cheifkeiff Newbie

    Nm lol I thought you found a bug in the rom I feel ******ed.
  13. Squintz82

    Squintz82 Well-Known Member

    So, is there a bug in this rom or not?
  14. adrynalyne

    adrynalyne Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Hehe, that was necosino's joke :D None that I know of as of yet.
    Squintz82 likes this.
  15. contagous

    contagous Android Expert

    lol see what you've started necosino ROFL lol

    Nice work Adrynadlyne
  16. gabetron

    gabetron Newbie

    quick question: What if I have all my numbers stored on back up assistant? I kept forgetting to save them to my gmail. How would I do it with this rom since the app is removed? Reinstall it?
  17. cheifkeiff

    cheifkeiff Newbie

    Hey I'm back after flashing (I'm at work downloaded straight to phone :) seems to be running great Pandora and all have not found a bug yet! Will report back after playing some more.
  18. adrynalyne

    adrynalyne Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    I am too lazy to check, but doesnt the BA site have a way to download your contacts in .csv format? Then you could import them into your google account from the website.

    Theoretically :D
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  19. happytang

    happytang Newbie

    Hi Ad,

    Is there a performance increase with this one? Or just those app fixes.

    I do know that this includes the good ol' keyboard hide function on the keyboard by default.
  20. adrynalyne

    adrynalyne Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    It feels about the same as the last build did. I wouldn't expect magic to happen with it. I've not spent a lot of time with it though.
  21. opes

    opes Member

    Anyone seeing an issue with setCPU? Its maxing me at 528. I didnt have this problem with the orginal vanilla rom, I dont know if that makes a difference or not.
  22. opes

    opes Member

    Nevermind. My noob skills are weak. When you start setcpu for the first time, you have to select nexus 1
  23. adrynalyne

    adrynalyne Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Autodetect would be better.
  24. gabetron

    gabetron Newbie

    You are correct! Thanks again! :D
  25. Weazol

    Weazol Android Enthusiast

    which one is better this or the evo port?

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