Root [ROM] Nils' Business Sense - Leaked v3.26.605.1 based ROM


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I haven't tried this yet but it looks like a nice ROM. I've been using Uncommon Sense and love the lock screen in that ROM (which is lacking in this ROM). However this ROM is based on a whole new kernel and leak so I am tempted to try this out and see if I get better battery life than I do using Uncommon Sense.


Has anyone tried different Kernals with this rom?? Ive been running it a few days now works great after you add your favorite apps. quadrants run about where the stock rom runs but looking for a kernal with maybe a bit more battery life, but will work for wifi tether and as i use those quite a bit any ideas anyone ??? also really dont care if its blazing fast just good battery life and works well.. thanks


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I'm running 3.5 now, coming from 3.0. Everything seems good. Its actually faster and more responsive than I thought. I like the weather but can't stand how it won't update on its own. I always hace to refresh it, manually, even though I have it set to update on its own.