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[ROM] Number Two (#2) v3.0.1 {ZVE}

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by LDrifta, Apr 11, 2012.

  1. nuttmeg

    nuttmeg Extreme Android User

    Sending PM, i left the xml in there just in case.

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  2. Brasco716

    Brasco716 Well-Known Member

    dumb Q is the d/l in the OP for 2.6.1 down?
  3. NNW522

    NNW522 Lurker

    Cant seem to download the rom Drifta, think its broken link
  4. LDrifta

    LDrifta No Stranger 2 Danger
    Thread Starter

    soooo.... OP & Rom update :D
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  5. jahunt78

    jahunt78 Well-Known Member

    Waiting on it to download
  6. jahunt78

    jahunt78 Well-Known Member

    Yet again u have outdone yourself loving the new changes
  7. D0VeR

    D0VeR Android Enthusiast


    Have a major FC issue!


    New rom run excellent.

    As for FC issue.... I used a razor
  8. GTurn

    GTurn Android Enthusiast

    Downloading now. Thanks for finishing it before the world ends!
  9. fullbloodedmut

    fullbloodedmut Android Enthusiast

    on first page of rom#2 - is #2 2.6.2 the new and improved ,lil confused ,ive dwnlded one a few days bk and never was able to flash,so i was wondering if this the new (final) version 2.6.2 for now,we kno how ldrifta has sumthing up his sleeve lol, thanks guys,im on the nte.zip now and if 2.6.2 is updated and better,cant wait to try it out!!!!
  10. Bard

    Bard Android Expert

    I also use bunch of toggles (bright, wifi, mobile data, rotate, flash etc..) and
    actually I am working on right now to implement Lidroid's 14 toggle to Esteem.

    Lidroid's 14 toggle bar

    But sadly no luck so far T.T

    I've edited Statsusbarservice smali, compiled it and flashed to my phone numerous times but either I get regular status bar with 5 toggles or no status bar at all.
  11. jahunt78

    jahunt78 Well-Known Member

    Amazing how smooth this Rom is even with 60mb of ram left
  12. AwesomePie85

    AwesomePie85 Well-Known Member

    Wait can we flash the NTE update over 2.6.2? I thought when I originally DL it it was the 2.6.2 beta (or whatever you wanna call it). If it is a flash over thing, what exactly does it do?
  13. NNW522

    NNW522 Lurker

    At first I was wondering why this rom didn't come with over clocking, When I flashed my esteem this morning. You know what, it is so smooth at loading apps and has such a great general responsiveness, you don't need it!!! This will be the first time that I'm not going to worry about it, especially when I flash my wifes Esteem later on tonight. Did titanium restore and all my apps are behaving great, especially Facebook. No probs with the launcher, also nice and smooth like butter!!!


    Thanx LDrifta!!!!
  14. caguayote

    caguayote Member

    can any body put the link for the newest update #2
  15. playsat18

    playsat18 Member

    anyone know the name of that witgets
    is the time, weather and battery


    Attached Files:

  16. jahunt78

    jahunt78 Well-Known Member

    It's on the first page 2.6.2
  17. Chess101

    Chess101 Member

    Is the status bar supposed to be gray when a app or internet is opened? Not a big deal just wondering if maybe my flash went wrong or something either way 2.6.2 IS A BEAST!
  18. Nyrickan

    Nyrickan Well-Known Member

    Yes it transparent thats why it changes to gray
  19. LDrifta

    LDrifta No Stranger 2 Danger
    Thread Starter

    soooo.... hows the latest update running? :D
    reilus likes this.
  20. reilus

    reilus Android Enthusiast

    What a difference! I was about to give up on this phone and buy another, but I could not find one worth buying. I'm holding out for the optimus g. Now I can hold out until the price drops with this update.

    But, this rom is awesome! My stuff loads in timely manner AMD the delays are gone, mostly! This is the best version of number two! I like the new launcher more than adw and I'm sticking with it.

    Thank you for your hard work. This is the standard for the esteem! =)
    travioso likes this.
  21. gbiggie

    gbiggie La patience et le pardon

    Flashing after some dinner:thumbup:
  22. GTurn

    GTurn Android Enthusiast

    So far everything is working better than it has in a while. I'm luvin it.
  23. jahunt78

    jahunt78 Well-Known Member

    This Rom is awesome as I've said before and still so smooth a few days later loving it just trying to figure out y my wife's phone has an issue since putting her on NTE update when people call her they can't hear her very well and I can hear myself when I talk to her not sure if it's Rom related but happened she says after I flashed her phone
  24. D0VeR

    D0VeR Android Enthusiast

    Its a beautiful FriKen thing!

    You don't mind if I build off of it, do ya? :)

    Haha. Oops! Too late


    You said about 3 months ago ( back when you supposedly retired). That it was Build able.

    But I don't think think I'm sharing V 2 anyways :)

    Hahaha. Take that bitches!
    Happy Ogre day!!!

    J/K everyone
    Thanks for perfecting this from, she's running silky.

    Merry kwanza everybody!
  25. hazeleyeys69

    hazeleyeys69 Well-Known Member

    i take off my hat for you ldrifta,you earned all of our respect in the esteem community ,and with this rom you blew us away thank you very much

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