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Root [ROM][PORT][FINAL] MIUI 1.11.25-Triumph | 113011-2 (GB 2.3.7 based)

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by isaacj87, Oct 3, 2011.

  1. isaacj87

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    I am not responsible for any damages (bricking/phone ruining) occurred while flashing or using this ROM. By using this ROM, you understand that that I am not liable for any or all consequences of using this ROM. If you don't know what you're doing, DON'T TRY IT. Use at your own risk! ​

    SPECIAL NOTE (please read):
    These builds are NOT being built from source (only partially). I cannot account for what Xiaomi has done to the Android source. Also, this port is technically a port of a port (DesireS-CN --> DesireS-EN --> Triumph). I can only account for the changes I made personally. There are no records on what was changed up to this point from elsewhere. The fact that this ROM is closed-source has unnerved some people in the Android community (for good reason). These things are something to consider. I have yet to find anything malicious in MIUI (neither has anyone else in the Android community), but if it were me, I would be careful with my sensitive data.

    Also, since I don't have the source for this ROM, it's being worked on with a take-it-or-leave-it attitude. If I can manage to fix something, it'll get fix. Since it was originally in Chinese, some of the language translations will be strange. I'm using code from CM7, building said code, and cramming it into MIUI. Since MIUI and CM7 share a lot of the same code, this has been working fine so far. But remember: I can't stress how much I don't want complaints and bug reports (Github). This is mostly because most serious problems will go unfixed. This is the unfortunate situation we're in (MIUI being closed source). Whatever I can fix, I am more than willing to share it with you guys. :)

    I'd like to put up the the changes I've made to this ROM, but, basically, it would be useless. I used whatever tools I could find to decompile the various aspects and apply changes, but I wasn't able to save any of the decompiled stuff in any readable form. More importantly, I'm unaware of the licensing in MIUI. However, the changes to kernel I made will always be available. You can view those changes on my Github: http://github.com/ikarosdev

    Overall, everything has been working quite well and I hope your happy with the results. :)

    What works:

    • RIL/3G/1xRTT
    • Audio/Call recording
    • WIFI
    • USB Tethering
    • Bluetooh
    • Capacitive button keymapping
    • 2D/3D/EGL/GPU [see "Known issues" section below]
    • LED (dual-mode)
    • Capacitive button lights with PWM control
    • Screen rotate/orientation
    • E-compass
    • Touchscreen with multitouch/screen rotate capable
    • USB mounting
    • CRT screen off animation
    • Proximity sensor
    • Camera (front and rear) [see "Known issues" section below]
    • GPS
    • Ambient light sensor
    • HD 720P video recording/FFC video recording
    • MMS (send and receive; pictures or video)
    • MIUI Torch
    • Google Talk with video/voice chat
    • Wired headset
    • Haptic feedback on capacitive keys
    • Native WIFI tethering [see "Known issues" section below]

    What doesn't work

    • HDMI out/mirroring

    Known issues:

    • These builds, as mentioned, are not being built from source. As such, measures were taken to get everything working. Don't be surprised if you get a FC or eleven. Furthermore, these are developmental builds (i.e. not stable). Some of you may be able to live with it, some won't.
    • Since MIUI requires VMSPLIT3G, a new kernel was made to follow this requirement. As such, the memory allocation for the GPU was changed. Most lower-end games should not have any issues, but HD (higher-end) games are mostly unplayable as so many elements are missing.
    • While the FFC works, output during video calling and snapshots is not mirrored.
    • Native WIFI tethering seems to be picky about the devices it allows to connect. I had no problem tethering my Optimus V, but it wouldn't allow my Ubuntu laptop to see the hotspot.


    • I still owe a great deal to Tickerguy (https://github.com/tickerguy). His fixes for CM7 were (thankfully) applicable to MIUI. If it wasn't for his continued hard work on CM7, none of this would be possible. For this project, I thank him for his RIL fixes as well as his hard work on getting those damn camera libs opened! Oh, and GPS. Who could forget GPS?
    • I owe thanks to tjstyle for getting the ball rolling with the X6/Mi-410 port.
    • I also owe thanks to JollyRoger87 for piquing my interest on MIUI and getting me involved in this project.


    I wanted to give a big thanks to all who have supported me. Please visit my developer's area and see my stickied donation thread. It will be going up soon. When it's live, you can find the link here: http://androidforums.com/ikarosdev/442539-thank-you-donations.html


    I also have my own CWM port for the Triumph. Since I got everything working, it's been running like a champ. I've currently put this up for review to be included in ROM Manager. You can watch its progress here: http://github.com/koush/ROMManagerManifest/issues/311

    The keymapping in my recovery is:

    - Volume up/down to navigate
    - Menu to select
    - Back to go backwards



    NOTE: tjstyle's recovery ( will NOT work. You have to use a recovery for the Triumph.

    You must use a recovery with EXT4 capabilities. The one below should be just fine. If you're already using a recovery with such features, you don't have to change it.


    CWM-based Recovery v5.0.2.6: recovery-cwm-

    Code (Text):
    1. md5sum: 925353f6e6b671256300805c82678ebe


    CWM-based Recovery v4.0.1.5: recovery-cwm-

    Code (Text):
    1. md5sum: 42db96437e9a30c38f56a94bd40d6325



    MIUI-1.11.25-Triumph (113011-2): miuiandroid_Triumph-1.11.25-113011-2.zip

    Code (Text):
    1. md5sum: 9eb2eb04cb666a60c7a3fb46fcb4200a


    MIUI-1.11.4-Triumph (110911-3): miuiandroid_Triumph-1.11.4-110911-3.zip

    Code (Text):
    1. md5sum: 3c12fddb076512555c747bc395ad6336

    MIUI-1.10.28-Triumph (11032011-1): miuiandroid_Triumph-1.10.28-11032011-1.zip

    Code (Text):
    1. md5sum: f16703f1df5f96d93f6c162cd4d2f821

    NOTE: Always check md5sum! The versioning is the following: miuiandroid_Triumph-(MIUI VERSION)-(MMDDYY)-(REVISION). Check the "About Phone" section in settings to determine what build you're on.



    • Download the ROM package and place it in the main folder of your SDcard
    • Install my custom recovery (see other threads in this section on how)
    • Power off phone and boot into recovery mode
    • Choose "Wipe data/factory reset"
    • Navigate to "mounts and storage"
    • Choose "format /system"
    • Go back to main menu and choose "install zip from sdcard" then, "choose zip from sdcard"
    • Navigate to the ROM package and install it.
    • Once it finishes, go back to the main menu and reboot.

    First boot may take some time. Once you get to the MIUI boot splash, you're golden.

    NOTE: Any subsequent releases of MIUI will NOT require a data wipe. If, in the off-chance, a wipe is required, I will note it.

    NOTE: Do NOT flash the Gapps package used with Cyanogenmod.


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    Code (Text):
    2. [B]miuiandroid_Triumph-1.11.25-113011-2[/B]
    5. [LIST]
    6. [*]Final build.
    7. [*]New build of MIUI (their changelog is here: http://miuiandroid.com/2011/11/miui-rom-1-11-25-changelog/ )
    8. [*]MIUI Lockscreen 2.0.
    9. [*]Add native WIFI tether.
    10. [*]Begin re-working touchscreen driver.
    11. [/LIST]
    13. [B]miuiandroid_Triumph-1.11.4-110911-3[/B]
    16. [LIST]
    17. [*]New build of MIUI (their changelog is here: http://miuiandroid.com/2011/11/miui-1-11-4-changelog/ )
    18. [*]PRL is now grabbed from radio.
    19. [*]Fixed haptic feedback on capacitive keys.
    20. [*]Fixed broken camera shutter sound.
    21. [*]Pick up TG's kernel changes for light sensor.
    22. [/LIST]
    24. [B]miuiandroid_Triumph-1.10.28-11032011-1[/B]
    27. [LIST]
    28. [*]Picked up the last of TG's fixes for WIFI. This is a hopeful fix for the new battery drain issue.
    29. [*]Fixed "hidden SSID; can't connect" issue. This was a regression introduced when switching bases.
    30. [*]Removed MIUI boot sound. I got tired of hearing it. ;)
    31. [*]Removed frivolous apks (GSensorCalibration.apk and ECompassCalibration.apk). If you want these apps, I still have them available.
    32. [*]Re-add Google News and Weather app/widget (GenieWidget.apk).
    33. [*]Fixed some potential force closes.
    34. [*]Add memory management tweaks. (init.d script credit to tickerguy)
    35. [*]Add SDCARD read-ahead tweak. This increases the throughput of the SDCARD.
    36. [*]Fixed issue with Bluetooth forgetting previously paired devices.
    37. [/LIST]
    39. [B]miuiandroid_Triumph-1.10.28-10302011-7[/B]
    42. [LIST]
    43. [*]New build of MIUI based on 2.3.7 (their changelog is here: http://miuiandroid.com/2011/10/miui-1-10-28-changelog/ )
    44. [*]Fixed WIFI lockups when phone is sleeping (credits to Tickerguy).
    45. [*]More fixes for Proximity sensors (credits to Tickerguy).
    46. [*]Fixed native USB tethering.
    47. [*]Add MSS clamping.
    48. [*]Fixed original MIUI Torch app.
    49. [*]New bootsplash with sound (original MIUI/Mi-One bootsplash). When I switched over to the DS port, it was in there. I liked it, so I kept it.
    50. [*]Add blur effect on parts of the UI
    51. [*]Smaller ROM package. Uses less memory now.
    52. [*]Removed some things added by the MIUIandroid group. While this build is still based on a MIUIandroid port, I'm going for a more "pure" build of MIUI. This will include future builds as well.
    53. [/LIST]
    55. [B]miuiandroid_Triumph-1.10.14-10232011-2[/B]
    58. [LIST]
    59. [*]Fixed proximity sensor. Screen and/or keys no longer flash and blink during calls
    60. [*]Allow the ability to change the brightness on capacitive key lights
    61. [*]Replaced Cherry 2.3 sensor libs as the Froyo libs did not have good performance
    62. [/LIST]
    64. [B]miuiandroid_Triumph-1.10.14-10202011-1[/B]
    67. [LIST]
    68. [*]New build of MIUI (their changelog is here: http://miuiandroid.com/2011/10/miui-1-10-14-changelog/)
    69. [*]Fixed MMS. Sending and receiving are both working.
    70. [*]Fixed annoying "9999999" garbled text message issue.
    71. [*]Fixed data connection drop issue (random stale 3G connection). No more need for the toggle airplane mode trick.
    72. [*]Replaced Arial font with new Ice Cream Sandwich "Roboto" font.
    73. [*]"About phone" section now displays build version correctly.
    74. [*]Fixed default notification sounds not being set.
    75. [/LIST]
    77. [B]miuiandroid_Triumph-1.10.7-10132011-1[/B]
    80. [LIST]
    81. [*]Regression bug fix release. Wired headset was not being detected in 10122011-3 release. It is fixed in this build.
    82. [/LIST]
    84. [B]miuiandroid_Triumph-1.10.7-10122011-3[/B]
    87. [LIST]
    88. [*]New build of MIUI (their changelog is here: http://miuiandroid.com/2011/10/miui-1-10-8-changelog/)
    89. [*]New kernel with with 3 new governors (smartassv2, interactive, and minmax). New kernel also includes increased RAM (New total is around 345-350 MBs)
    90. [*]Gave more memory back to GPU in kernel
    91. [*]Fixed FFC (mostly). The only issue that remains is the image is not mirrored. Video recording is now possible with the FFC.
    92. [*]WIFI fix for lock-ups. This is on-going. I'm still looking for a better solution.
    93. [*]Fixed ambient light sensors (see tips to get the best results)
    94. [*]Fixed HD 720P recording with rear-camera
    95. [*]Fixed voicemail issue calling *86. Now dials the right number.
    96. [*]Removed MIUI Updater
    97. [*]Add Google's News and Weather app (Geniewidget.apk)
    98. [*]Add Torch app (see tips to get best results)
    99. [*]Decreased WIFI scan interval time
    100. [/LIST]
    102. [B]miuiandroid_Triumph-1.9.30-10032011-2[/B]
    105. [LIST]
    106. [*]Initial build
    107. [*]Ported Mi-410 MIUI port
    108. [*]New kernel with VMSPLIT3G
    109. [*]Fixed RIL/3G to work for Triumph
    110. [*]WIFI fixed on new kernel/build
    111. [*]Partial support for FFC (thanks Tickerguy)
    112. [/LIST]
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    MIUI Walkthrough

    For detailed information on MIUI, have a look at this article (credits to addictivetips!): The Complete Review Of MIUI ROM For Android [Walkthrough & Guide]


    MIUI Tips

    • If you find the launcher is slightly sluggish, go into launcher settings and turn OFF "Keep in memory" and "Hi-res graphics." I find that I need to cycle Hi-res to notice any change.
    • If you get those annoying 9999999 garbled messages like I do, simply block them by utilizing the Firewall. (thanks to dg61981 for the tip) [NOTE: This shouldn't be necessary anymore]
    • While the light sensor is fixed, I found certain options make it behave funny. To fix this, simply go to Settings --> "Display Settings" --> "Advanced mode" (under Brightness) and disable "Light sensor filter." After doing this, lock the screen or turn auto-brightness off and on to reset ALS.
    • Since build 1.10.7-10122011-3, Torch has been re-added. One cool feature is the ability to toggle Torch from the lockscreen. Simply press the Home key while on the lockscreen.
    • Pressing Menu and Volume Up simultaneously maxes the brightness until you change it. (thanks to FroyoShark for the tip)
    • Pressing Menu and Volume Down simultaneously takes a screenshot of the current screen. (thanks to FroyoShark for the tip)
    • I allowed for the capacitive key backlight to be dimmable, but I didn't set any default dimmed values (i.e. the keys are still at full brightness). If, however, you would like to dim the keys, you can set your own values in Settings --> "Display Settings" --> "Advanced Mode" --> "Edit other levels..."
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    Aw man, this is a tease.
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    Awesome! Can't wait to try it out!
  7. Mr_Coffee

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    Thanks Isaac!
    Another difficult choice to make?
    I am running a MIUI based CM7 theme and can't wait to go full fledged MIUI.
    Keep up the great work!
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    Didn't notice this thread on my last post :( but is the 3g/wifi working without the cut outs after sleeping?

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    LOL, what prompted that?
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    Thank you so much Isaac... I only problem is I am going to be Dowloading this on 3g while walking around campus lol
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    Too bad that Dropbox security hole isn't there any more. Then I could download it now ;-)
  12. RichieHD

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    Won't ask about Wifi tether since I honestly don't use it, but my question is regarding HDMI out. Is it possible to get it working? It is something I use daily and would hate to have to give that up.
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    If the current cwm is where the hell did this version that I'm using come from?
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    Well this is exciting, can't wait
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    That's the one from tickerguy...also from isaac's source...
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    At least we know the build will be made today... whether that's released today is up for debate. All I know is I'm excited for this.
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    woohoo! cant wait!
    this is big news and im lovin it!
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    Omg when is it going to be put upp. I cant wait!!!!!
  20. isaacj87

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    It's uploading as we speak. Check md5sums. Also, check this thread if you're new to MIUI. I'll add some simple explanations about it.

    EDIT: In regards to the CWM version. I just copied and pasted from my CM7 thread. The recovery listed should still work fine.
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    Sweeeeeeeet! Thank you so much isaac! This kicks ass! I'm excited
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    It's up, guys! Have at it! :)
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    thankyou so much for all you work isaac! we appreciate it alot! :D *bows at isaac's feet*
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